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glen p robbins: Poll in Poco -- Coast Meridian Overpass -- Should Coquitlam City pays it's fair share?
  Mar 16, 2010

100 respondents from the city of Port Coquitlam March 13-15, 2010. Margin of error 9.79%, 18 times out of 20 @ 90% confidence.

Question #1
The Coast Meridian Overpass has been completed in Port Coquitlam at a cost of 130 million. This overpass will be utilized by many Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam residents, particularly those Coquitlam residents from Burke Mountain, Coquitlam. Coquitlam residents, homeowners and developers will be using the Coast Meridian overpass daily--In your Opinion should the City of Coquitlam contribute to the total cost of the Coast Meridian Overpass? (100 respondents--the one half amounts relate to respondents who wanted to utilize the offer to distribute response over more than one choice which have then been averaged to nearest one half or whole)
Yes    67.5 %
No    15 %
Undecided/Other    17.5 %
This glen p robbins 'quickie' poll of 100 Port Coquitlam residents between March 13-15, 2010 (see response condition under question #1), reveals a large majority (82%) of 'decided' Port Coquitlam resident/respondents who --are of the opinion that the City of Coquitlam ought to contribute to the cost of the overpass.
Many of those respondents who answered "Yes" were noticeably firm in their response choice.
Very few of the minority who responded "No" were as firm.
This poll provides some insight into the awareness of citizens in Port Coquitlam with respect to the construction (and cost) of Coast Meridian Overpass which crosses over Lougheed Highway and enables vehicles to access the Mary Hill Bypass.
The city of Coquitlam has an odd physical configuration relative to Port Coquitlam, particularly at the point of construction of the Coast Meridian Overpass. The 10,000 residential homes being developed in controversial Burke Mountain, Coquitlam, (see: search Burke Mountain) BC are located at the top of Coast Meridian road.
This new Coquitlam development as well as other Coquitlam residents in the area will very likely be utilizing the Coast Meridian Overpass 'daily' as suggested in the question--but not contributing to the cost--and Port Coquitlam residents 'get it' and a conspicuous majority of them don't like it.
The cost of the Coast Meridian Overpass ($130 million) was paid by one-third (40 million +) by Port Coquitlam city hall collection of development charges. Like in provincial and federal governments there is scant information provided by cities and municipalities as to which developers providing what quantity of cash by way of developers charges to respective cities and municipalities. Have the developers of Burke Mountain also contributed development charges to Port Coquitlam--or are they free riding the Coast Meridian Overpass?
The standard of accountability at any level of government in British Columbia is well known by most citizens to be pathetic and worse. Secrets--secrets and often lies and accusations of corruption.
Indeed, our polling suggests that most Coquitlam residents don't have any confidence in their city hall---(don't believe the nonsense printed in the local newspapers-who are friends with politicians- on this subject).
There does not appear from this poll (a poll is a 'counting of heads'--not a designation provided by media or other organizations relating to sample size) to be any more confidence in Coquitlam city council and administration coming from Port Coquitlam respondents in this --glen p robbins poll-- as this relates to the cost of the Coast Meridian Overpass --located in the City of Port Coquitlam.
Thousands of readers interested in our ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) polls on Best Places to Live in Greater Vancouver--will be drilling down on this and other excellent polls which inform us of the truth of the public's opinion-and-not the slew of paid for shit coming from the mainstream.

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