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ZEUS Poll: H.S.T.--Politics of British Columbia-- Valkyrie II
  Mar 23, 2010

Question #1
The British Columbia Legislature will soon ‘sit’ to vote on the matter of the Harmonized Sales Tax (“H.S.T.”). Currently, there are three (3) options available to the public: Bring legislation in support of the H.S.T.; Vote down the H.S.T.; Rip up the H.S.T. and negotiate with Ottawa for more money. Which of the following response choices offered-- BEST depicts your direction to the BC Legislature as an “eligible voter” in the Province of British Columbia?
Vote in the HST Tax    8.3 %
Vote down the HST Tax    65.1 %
Rip up the current HST deal and demand more money from Ottawa    26.6 %
Undecided    2.8 %
A massive (90%) – nine out of ten “eligible voters” (1,265 respondents) in the province do not want the HST ‘voted in’—in the province of British Columbia--- according to this ZEUS poll.
These ZEUS polling numbers through ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) “The most accurate pollster in the World” – reflect: Scant – paltry—pathetic—pooped out—pipe dream-- support for (Gordon Campbell’s HST tax grab). Less than one in ten “eligible voters” supports it – a clear message to an undeniably dishonest Premier-- Gordon Campbell-- and his equally duplicitous B.C. Liberal government caucus (should they support the vote to enable the HST) THAT ‘-British Columbians want this ill-gotten and unethical political deal done away with’—.
From this woman respondent aged (50) to ZEUS-- “I’m sick of looking at my bills and seeing more taxes—I’m sick of it.”
Former B.C. Social Credit Premier Bill Vander Zalm Leader of the Anti-HST Brigade (“AHSTB”) in the province-- has until June 2010 to collect through properly authorized agents of “AHSTB” (watch for sudden tax reassessments)—10% of signatures from voters in every riding in the province in the most recent provincial election in May 2009 – a daunting task particularly in those more remote ‘death per day’ ridings in British Columbia-- where nearly one in three potential voters reside in unincorporated areas. (Will we see “Captain Fantastic” Bill Vander Zalm on a Snowmobile in the Eastern Kootenays collecting anti-HST signatures? ---now that’s a picture worth seeing)
(Also search Scott Reid MP BC Polls at – “The Shot –heard- Round Canada”).
Beyond the overall outcomes-we had many anecdotal comments that were interesting—one that stands out as relevant was a woman aged (57) residing in ‘the lower mainland’ of British Columbia who mused “Well they (government) need the money—they are going to try every means to get more money-- and they will eventually get it---so-o-o //Vote it down”. Pardon?
Message to Gordon Campbell from BC middle-aged woman/younger woman/woman of all ages are saying—“Hey -hey good-bye”—
A Glen Robbins -BC Conservative campaign will serve in part as a tribute to women. (There are many very bright very competent women who would make outstanding candidates for public office—but many of these woman—who actually oppose affirmative measures relating to nomination of party candidates—do so—not because they don’t believe they would be “great at the job”- it is a utilitarian decision—women fundamentally see their role in the community as the lynchpin to a successful community—and along with families—are the absolute backbone of the province’s success).
I mean if Buzz Aldrin (Jr.) isn’t a macho image—then who is? He’s on Dancing with the Stars now.
I’d like to direct “A Christmas Carol” (Charles Dickens) – a play—where premier Gordon Campbell plays Ebenezer Scrooge—Jenny Kwan plays his wife—who he leaves for fame and fortune—she stays to help the poor, the dying and the destitute—AND ironically I want former Vancouver mayoral candidate Jim Green (the last name is used only residually as a metaphor in this context) as the ghost of Christmas Present---and-naturally- glen p robbins as the ghost of Christmas future.
I see a future in the province where woman become the dominant political players. This is good thing. Women get off the pot and get the compromises worked out so the machine can keep rolling. No reasonable person can deny this is true.
There has been a lot in the news about financial flim flams from individuals as well as the recent pathetic ‘cave-in’ of global markets requiring government/tax payer intervention-- like a tiny baby requires its mother’s milk to survive—life in and life out.
“Has the allure of the market mechanism to many participating citizens- been diminished as a consequence of the recent global recession?”
It is well known and wide spread. “Campbell Lies” about (the pre-election May 09 Budget) and the H.S.T. (following the election)—are Killers of politicians—these ‘Lies’ involve the people’s scarce resources—//most people accept the (often) vast meanderings of politicians from their stated principles and are very patient about this//—(No place in the World fills in the political cracks and crevices like the United States political system)—but it becomes an almost shameful lack of conscience to actually believe you can get away with this type of deception on financial matters of government—particularly when the malfeasance surrounds a general election. People are used to shows about public stars and paparazzi is a lifestyle choice on the Internet (Oh yea we’re all watching television on our computers!)—and in our consciousness—but for some woman this has historical roots in soap operas including “Coronation Street”-as scripts for life (pre Lottery and Oprah) and decades of being marginally but constantly slighted by many of us ‘male counterparts’.
It shouldn’t have happened this way—but it did---Our Women’s performance at Vancouver 2010 was spectacular—the female demographic is THUS on the hunt—they aren’t just single moms or feminists or any brand—they are woman and the Olympics is over and they were great—they want action in this province. (In politics “action” equals money). Money for health, money for excellence in education from K-12 and post secondary—money for programs where women are in distress—and most of all money for communities---that moms stitch together for dads to play in.
After Gordon Campbell, a man will not have an easy time winning a provincial election in the Province of British Columbia.
The Word of Campbell’s betrayal to British Columbia’s voters has spread far enough and deep enough into the city streets—suburbs and outlying rural and Island regions of the province. “The Time Has Come Today” (Chambers Brothers)—the 2010 Olympics busted us loose from our harness of great ambition (and low expectation// “Canada’s Societal Incongruence” (CSI-Canada)—and made regular people believe what they knew inside—its our place—we carry the load—and we like to celebrate who we think we are—who we are?-- Basically --hard working and (“crazy”) “lovable” “intelligent” and “humble”-“ buffoons”// “Tramps Shining” (Richard Harris)—British Columbians (and Canadians) don’t really take themselves too seriously—they just “pretend they do from time to time”--but most British Columbians (and Canadians) play economic life “pretty close to the vest-- on financial matters”—they “don’t have much choice”—AND if they “Can’t trust ‘you’ (sic) with money” and ‘you’ impose a tax like the HST-- without any proper notice at or about the same time ‘you’ “come looking for their vote”—/following a recession that the people made it through not with much help from the government—‘you’ have produced a recipe for political suicide—and that is what lays before Gordon Campbell and his BC Liberal Team—right now—political suicide over the H.S.T.
The first coup d’état by a writer residing in a democratic society—specifically the “Taking of British Columbia” a novel written by David Mitchell (There’s a nice fit for BC Conservatives post glen p robbins era) (without the authors permission yet) with Glen Robbins. The envelope for World Entrepreneur of the next economic strata—glen p robbins. (This Year of our Lord, 2010). (End advertisement here).
Fuse my World class Carbon Exchange set for Surrey British Columbia, $$$ for Abbotsford airport//Increase fees at YVR// “a provincial fee” waved for schools and such—and my intention to ‘nationalize’ energy in the Province of British Columbia---makes politicians from all over the World sit up and take NOTICE.
Another thing—publishers that don’t charge and reasonably collect a fee for your newspapers and the filler advertising---will be charged a TAX on that advertising over and above any existing (or not existing taxes) predicated on recycling percentages--//Add that value in B.C.’s International Trade Agreements—
Unless we can get the World Carbon Exchange in place.
Every shale oil and other environmentally harsh industries will have some ‘splainin’ to do—and will come to the World class Carbon Exchange set for Surrey, British Columbia---for absolution and a great deal of financial reconciliation. Why not use of that money you have made and work with us to create something that we all will benefit from? I see it—you see it—let’s do it!
What will our spectacular ‘Obama Presidency’ polls be ‘valued at’ in art auctions in fifty years? Or would I donate them to Simon Fraser University’s art museum? How will history of the Internet manifest in high end intellectual properties in the future economy? Will the United States Smithsonian Institute want them?
The saga of a Saanich, B.C. boy raised in a family of seven brothers and sisters---in a log cabin near a lake—running lead block for Barack// “Obama’s held up near his own 20 yard line—wait -- Obama breaks lose—he’s to the 40—he’s gone—(Chris Berman here) He’s going All The Way” -------------- //’-now set to bring new improved government to British Columbia.
Of younger respondents (aged 20-30) a noticeable number (51%) supported response choice “Rip up the current HST deal and demand more money from Ottawa” (many provincial BC Greens support this choice). Only (06) respondents from this age group supported response choice “Vote in the HST”.
Younger people in British Columbia want more money from Ottawa—whether this demand is HST driven or not--//. Stephen Harper is going to walk into many of them with ‘babies’ over the next few years. Glen Robbins—will be holding many babies during the next general election in British Columbians -- “I love babies and doggies” crooned the Vancouver Vaudevillian supporter.
Will B.C. political heroine and activist for the poor—Jenny Kwan leave her position as NDP Caucus Chair to run as COPE’s candidate in the next City of Vancouver mayoral election—and/or will she be at Glen Robbins side as he commences his ‘old media’ run for Leader of the BC Conservatives?
I’ve met Jenny Kwan/shook hands with her/spoke with her—great karma—or at least my sense of what that word means (old Glen’s English (good) karma: kindness, sincerity and generosity).
(61%) of woman respondents in the (20-30) aged group supported more money from Ottawa. This is undoubtedly an Economic and Greater Environmental issue (see: Kellie Robbins on “Virtue Ethics”).
Can Glen Robbins take one half of the BC Green vote along with New Democrats, BC Liberals—Independents and fringe party support for himself?—that is the $6,000,000,000 question.
This one is for Angus’s – senior and junior—“Should Canada tie --it’s dollar to the United States dollar-- now that President Obama has brought in a health care bill in the United States similar in principle to Canada’s Health Care Act?”
This ZEUS poll on HST support in the Province of British Columbia strongly suggests that with BC ‘voters’ Premier Campbell and his BC Liberal government has completely lost the moral authority to govern. Political science says that if this HST ‘enabling legislation’ is voted in—the Province of British Columbia will de facto --like an Executive Order from ZEUS—mean that Campbell must step down—and permit his party members in the Legislature to vote their individual and collective conscience on the HST. To permit the enabling legislation for the H.S.T. to pass with a “Yes” is political disaster (whether reported as that or not).
Each day that passes after a “Yes HST vote” will bring the province of British Columbia into further and further disrepute and all people, businesses, institutes of higher learning, and government ministries and agencies in British Columbia, Canada, the United States of America and around the Globe who follow will spread The Word hither and yon—and the goodwill of our Olympic ‘purchase’ will become just political ‘shit’ in our hands. As summer nears and the sun is hot --so too will this ‘shit’ in our hands—until it turns to dust and returns to the earth.
Chris Delaney, head organizer of the anti-HST vote predicted at the BC Conservative AGM of spring 2009 that ‘This HST isn’t going to help Stephen Harper any’—and Mr. Delaney could be right (see
The average age of respondents who want to ‘vote in’ the H.S.T. is (62), while the average age of those who want to ‘vote it out’ is (54). The average age of those who support BC Conservative Glen Robbins position to rip up the deal and demand more money is (42)*. (Leader and party support/age will be released in the days following this poll).
A ZEUS random telephone survey of 1,265 respondents throughout the province of British Columbia between March 15-22, 2010. Final numbers adjusted for actual population demographics in the province as to gender only. Age was not provided by respondents in (24%) of Interviews. Margin of error (from total poll) including for Total size of survey sample and other averaging techniques 2.75% 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence.
Interviews occurred in the following regions cities and towns in the Province of British Columbia including: Port Alberni, Tofino, Fort St. James, Vanderhoof, Central Saanich, Langford, Equimalt, Victoria, Sooke, Quesnel, Castlegar, Nakusp, Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon, Revelstoke, Salmon Arm, Courtenay, Duncan, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Prince George, McBride, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley Township, Langley, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, New Westminster, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Surrey, Vancouver, West Vancouver, White Rock, Terrace, Trail, Nanaimo, Fort St. John, Whistler, Barriere, Kamloops, and Merritt.

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