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A Letter from ZEUS Canadian Ambassador-- Glen P. Robbins to U.S. Secretary of State – Hillary Clinton
  Apr 01, 2010

First of all, may I say—you look marvellous. (Reference: William Crystal)
Second of all – I agree with your decision to discuss a number of sensitive matters during your visit to Canada as this relates to G8 and G20 future talks.
Canada is scheduled to leave Afghanistan at or about the same time as the United States has indicated it would reduce troops (following a recent surge) (2011). My polling company has revealed American citizens are far more positive in their perception of the United States foreign policy in Iraq now, and more recent – equal U.S. approval of military successes in Afghanistan.
We agree Canada has immense political and moral capital invested in Afghanistan.
Your comments are fair. My answer to you is that Canada’s military operations will cease in 2011 as planned.
My company is going to ask Canadians if we should extend, or move to a second phase of Canadian aid and assistance, involving our personnel taking a more passive military role and instead working to help bring more aid, infrastructure – education and human rights to Afghanistan.
Madame Secretary—I also agree that we need to be clear about women and reproductive rights, particularly as this relates to the upcoming world summits. The politics of your comments unfortunately were misconstrued in some media – in that it may have made Canada appear to be unsympathetic to women’s reproductive rights—when the opposite is the truth.
(A hard nosed conservative in Canada – would be a right wing liberal in your country--).
You were actually referring to third world countries like Africa --- a continent where in some countries mothers, daughters; young girls are raped – day in and day out. Medically safe abortions must be available to these women. The reality is that in these countries – political statements of power are made through acts of sexual violence against the women of the enemy.
It is difficult for people living in wonderful countries like Canada and the United States to fathom the degradation of women in some of these countries—the violence and the abuse.
On this – I am with you all the way.
However, and I say this with utmost respect Madame Secretary---as deplorable as it is—I believe Canada has been more sensitive and empathetic (historically) to aboriginal peoples than the United States.
Lastly, I would ask you Madame Secretary – does the United States government accept Canada’s right to exercise sovereignty over our northern regions and arctic territory?
Glen P Robbins

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