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ZEUS -Around the World POLL - Her Majesty, the Queen of England vs. Tiger Woods; Gilles Duceppe; Bill Vander Zalm; and The POPE
featuring: glen p robbins on vocals with Thugs and Brains  Apr 09, 2010

Question #1
Elizabeth, Queen of England is coming to Canada. Do you look forward to her visit?
Yes    45 %
No    22 %
Undecided and other    33 %
Question #2
The Conservative government of Canada wants to speed up refugee applications to enter Canada. Do you support this?
Yes    31 %
No    41 %
Undecided and other    28 %
Question #3
Gilles Duceppe is the leader the Bloc Quebecois Party, a federal political party operating in Ottawa, Ontario with members only from the province of Quebec. Quebec has never signed Canada's Constitution. Do you support Gilles Duceppe's proposed plan to separate Quebec from Canada?
Yes    36 %
No    32 %
Undecided and other    32 %
Question #4
Which of the following political leaders and party -- from the choices offered -- would you be most likely to support if an election were held in the province of British Columbia today?*
Carole James and BC NDP    38 %
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    27.5 %
Bill Vander Zalm and BC Conservatives    25 %
Jane Stark and BC Greens    09 %
Undecided/I don't Know/other    27 %
Question #5
Will you be signing the Fight HST Petition when canvassers arrive at your door requesting your signature in support?
Yes    67 %
No    19 %
Undecided and other    14 %
Question #6
Lawyers in the United Kingdom are asking the High Court in England for an Order authorizing the arrest of the Pope when he visits England--based on an International law which these lawyers assert would make the Pope legally responsible for ‘overlooking’ hundreds of cases of pedophilia by Catholic priests throughout the World. (From Canadian Press and Toronto Star). Do you support the arrest of the Pope-- in England this summer?
Yes    22 %
No    38 %
Undecided    40 %
Question #7
In your opinion should the $800 million the BC Liberal government took from I.C.B.C. premium payer surpluses be used to finance the retractable roof at BC Place for $500 million -- the new casino, hotels, or other development in downtown Vancouver?
Yes    08 %
No    73 %
Undecided    19 %
Question #8
Entertainment Question: Are you likely to pay attention to Tiger Woods professional golf comeback at the prestigious Master’s tournament this week?
Yes    23 %
No    56 %
Undecided    21 %
For Question #1
Popularity relates to the high standard of Her Majesty’s personal brand which includes her elegance and dignity. Not perceived as political, but instead as long serving, experienced, and hard working. Victoria will likely be the site of the largest -- most grand Tea Party of all time. Mr. Vander Zalm-‘I’ve always liked the Dutch people’-- "One lump or two?"
My dad, Douglas Robbins was in the navy in the North Atlantic during World War II. My father met my mother when he arrived home to Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the end of the war.
When I was very little-my mother Rita would take me to the Legion in downtown Victoria, B.C. She and her friends would have tea—I liked tea as well—all of the women at the Legion paid great attention to me—all positive. I always enjoyed looking at the pictures of British Monarchy.
I’m a Conservative mostly because I love to see great things that last—despite ups and downs—like life-- (family, marriage etc.), and our natural environment.
Thanks specifically to the Royal Canadian Legion in Port Moody, British Columbia for helping funding so many community and school programs. “Veterans getting it done when others refuse to help”.
Average age of all respondents (52) – average age of “Yes” (47).
For Question #2
Misinterpreted policy of Conservative MP Jason Kenney -- froths up respondent mistrust of immigration in Canada, lack of confidence in process, supported by further cynicism in justice system and other federal system--the process which Mr. Kenney is precisely trying to fix -- is (mis)perceived as attempt to expedite ALL refugees when "the economy is just rebounding" when what it actually aims to do is ensure that 'so many' refugees are not waiting around IN Canada for up to ten years. The proposed New Refugee Process (NRP) is alleged to effectively streamline applicants who are more likely to deserve the legitimate outcome of status of a refugee. Opponents believe the process undermines equality by essentially profiling and pre-judging an applicant (origin of country etc.) Libertarians suggest it is a nervous government --reminding everyone it has everything under control.
I believe Kenney may have something desirable here – I’m not sure he has the same current to float this boat again at this time—should go grass roots here (includes colleges and universities)—and be apolitical as possible about it—explain the virtues and the possible drawbacks (perceived or otherwise)—it’s an important issue—and Kenny is a politician who knows his subject matter and this subject pretty clearly – so let’s do this.
Average age of “Yes” (42)
From Question #3
This is not an angry majority of support for Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc Quebecois -- the range of response anecdote is what you might expect. Why not? - To -"They (Quebec) go --and there's no more money"- To: “Maybe BC would be better off (separating from Canada) –did you ever think about that” The "No" response is "There's no point to this -- when the economy is just rebounding” to "Quebec is part of Canada" to "That would be a shame".
Let’s be honest – Gilles is looking to Gentleman Jesus in British Columbia—the respondent trends for “Yes” in this question, and “No” to refugees in Question #2 are comparable.
Average age of “Yes” (50)
Question #4
This ZEUS poll shakes the fabric of BC establishment politics – hooking The Fight HST leader, former BC Social Credit Premier Bill Vander Zalm to the BC Conservatives-// has changed everything –//- throw out the old play book --- Game On!
Carole James and BC NDP are off 10-15% from a recent ZEUS poll; while the BC Liberal government is down (25%) and obviously looking for life support-desperate for INDO-Stallone Kash Heed---to get his handsome face on the T.V. screen—along with ‘Clooney like-- looks of Bill Vander Zalm (younger Zalm) ---this is the end product of a double triple—apple ripple hangover post 2010 Olympics. The public is pissed and politicians (in government particularly) are going to start to give them all a beating. In British Columbia---the public is all ready thinking the economy is going to turn around – tomorrow-- and when Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper stand up to take credit for it—the riot will start—
The People of Quebec – particularly very bright politicians like Gilles Duceppe understand we are all acting in our best interests//politics makes strange bedfellows /--- Jane Sterk and BC Greens are a distance 4th place – under 10%. The People of British Columbia and glen p robbins say British Columbia will beat Quebec on energy-----can we check offshore under a British Columbia banner—to see what we have to better leverage our alternative choices? Very sound negotiating strategy---
Bill Vander Zalm has been premier before – is known by many British Columbians—who aren’t happy with government – in BC – (or anywhere else). Bill is backing a battle for consumers – the average Joe – the average age supporting ‘him’ is (54) and the average age of respondents in this ZEUS poll is (52). (“I’ve always kind of liked Bill”)- (first name). More important than the instant “once in a lifetime” connection an issue can make for a politician—support will continue to swell not diminish in The Zalm’s quest for redemption for himself and for the rest of us/for allowing Gordon Campbell to lie to us/again—and quite frankly The Zalm is the exact right tool in the tool box at this time in the Province of British Columbia. Plain and simple—that’s how Bill Vander Zalm dishes it.
--Giving tirelessly to charities, particularly the Roman Catholic Church. A stellar fellow---successful in business—decent—father—grandfather --- and just ‘pop to the tits’ with the depths of charisma—now more mature—the people are happy to welcome Bill back – “If anyone can do it—he will”. (Pollster response -Anecdotes don’t often bring on cheerleaders in my money-maker—but that spirit of comment (Fight HST) along with data pattern and ultimately outcome—reveals that a lot is happening quickly in the political culture of British Columbia).
Another way of saying it is: – “B.C. Pope—Bill Vander Zalm.” (An immense fable by glen p robbins).
I suspect voters are really feeling they NOW have a choice/its instant gratification like the Olympics became ‘Like being the womb I suspect’ (interpreted as “Isn’t this the life?”)—few VZ – BCC fans even questioned the fact that “Bill” was not in fact the leader of the BC Conservatives – it’s like the B.C. Public is saying ‘Bill—win this H.S.T. Fight—and we’ll crown YOU premier (again).’ That doesn’t happen all the time! The BC Liberals are going down fast – no matter what happens with the HST – however if Vander Zalm can pull off the impossible – BC’s Houdini—Vander Cromwell.
Except or unless—Handsome Stallonian Kash Heed – will beauty triumph over race—let’s certainly so---Go Canada Go.
Watch out for minority government in Britain—or will mom in labour homes – move to Conservatives?
This ZEUS poll – loaded with red meat (Tofu) – tells me the province is in a quiet loco – not motive –‘crazy’. If I’m Campbell – I’d go straight to Peter Brown and Bruce Allen –‘I’m going to need support on a $50 million deposit on a Led Zeppelin –Eric Clapton --series of rock concerts—to be held in Vancouver B.C’ – the real estate market has taken off like a rocket – our ROBBINS Best Places to Live in Vancouver—(out soon) won’t contradict the opinion in the province---- (why do chickens in the midst of this?). (Interpreted as “If you’re gonna make some noise—make it rock ‘n’ roll)>. (glen p robbins promoted Jan and Dean at Cariboo Hotel in 1981—beach boy type legends “Barbara Ann”—concert was hugely (2 nights) successful -12- tequila in response by gpr a bad idea—bodyguards of J and D –with guns drawn-- chasing glennie-boy in his jockeys—‘what have I done’?
So if everyone’s real estate value is skyrocketing – and homeowners everywhere are quite happy and confident – why the gritty political landscape. The confusion worked for a while – but the HST is a simple thing to hate – Campbell makes it even more delightful to hate—and when he -goes away- for long stretches – it only creates additional discussion regarding whether he already retired – or opposite –greater apathy and annoyance that he might come back and decide to stay. Gordon Campbell himself will hurt outside investment in the province – because people in other countries know that our political system isn’t really ‘stable’—money doesn’t normally fly towards heavily taxed jurisdictions—
-although I am not sure Vancouver City cannot pull this off (but how will the chickens help). (Why chickens at all? How did chickens in the morning, chickens in my bedroom, chickens in the corn cob, chickens and my old fido—playing hopscotch with filthy old toes—get into this debate?) How many eggs can the average backyard chicken produce?
How do you keep predators like rats from being attracted to the home—and vermonizing the neighbourhood?
‘Today’s’ provincial politician doesn’t understand the average voter is actually ‘smarter’ than they are. The reason they don’t get this – is because the first thing politicians elected to government – do is begin to speak internal chimpanzee politics—or inadequately frame complex issues into poorly constructed propaganda/trial balloons, and unimaginative moral suasion (interest rates and taxes are coming ----/might hang us a poor person/heehaw)—by people with too much confidence and too little experience—.
I know why Campbell managed the way he did. When he started in provincial politics in the early 1990’s (In the 1980’s Campbell was mayor of Vancouver) politicians WERE ‘smarter’ than the average voter.
Think about this --- the average house in Vancouver NOW is ONE MILLION $$. On average, every homeowner within the city of Vancouver (proper: population 600,000//that’s right off the charts a bargain when you see what it offers): ‘Nirvana-a little town in heaven—poems and grandiosity –glen p robbins-- (Her Majesty will want of course to visit Vancouver—and naturally Victoria, and the magnificent Butchart Gardens – that’s average—a decent crib in Vancouver is minimum $5,000,000 – there are a lot of homeowners throughout British Columbia--- doing pretty well—they’re getting equity ‘rich’---and they understand money—they don’t however believe Gordon Campbell and his government can handle the big bucks –and some Conservatives call Campbell “A tax and spend Liberal”- think about this – Campbell lies – takes a quickie buck from Harper (for HST deal) gets ‘big bastard’ heat in all public opinion polls from the Reid to the Original Rogue glen p. robbins – people start to really dislike him—somehow gets worse – during Olympics—gets a little better—now tanks again—cuts so many community programs – makes people bitchy and unhappy – just to fix up his bad math---and on an on about his bad math. Well against the federal deficit – and deficits everywhere --- the people are saying get over it—“Find some new business” (source of revenue) - “But don’t tax me anymore ya bastard”.
Should Angus Reid (On-Line) and ROBBINS (telephone) ask Rolls Royce if they can borrow their letter symbol for combined research capacity and high quality insignia?
A glen p robbins –Provincial government- would move that we become involved in the equity mortgage (seniors and others with real estate) industry. We believe many seniors (60 +) who are homeowners (see: Best Places to Live Vancouver)—don’t want to take out a mortgage on their property simply to get by, but if in a better set of circumstances—a senior person did want to take out a home equity loan—why not make reasonable rates and nominal cost administration/legal with government. Home ownership—10 years.
{These numbers are no fluke – there are six identifiable instances in data where four consecutive respondents selected Bill Vander Zalm and BC Conservatives. (This cannot be said of C. James or BC NDP, G. Campbell and BC Liberals or J. Sterk and BC Greens. Previous polls from Angus R and Glen R hold the BC Conservatives around 8-10%}. (Imagine being told the earth wasn’t flat)?
With the obvious centre right split defined in today’s provincial politics -- discussion of minority government -- voter initiative and reform -- and electoral reform -- back on the table. What’s the upside? – With Carole James (BC NDP), Kash Heed (BC Liberals), and Bill Vander Zalm (BC Conservatives) – it’s now unofficially a three-way race in the province of British Columbia/anything can happen. The centre left has lost its definition and Vander Zalm is pushing the herd back to the centre right with his Fight HST movement. No-one doubts the Zalm is against taxes. The same cannot necessarily be said of his confederate in the deal – B.C. New Democrat leader – ‘foxy’ Carole James (wearing much nicer clothes—more colour—you go girl—you have precedence—jazz it up—great threads--).
Bill Vander Zalm isn’t the official leader of the BC Conservative Party. If his name is exercised – from the equation where will the 15-16% of supporters go? Not to BC Liberals—likely not BC NDP—VZ and BCC secure 86% of anti-HST respondents—I’m going to make a leap here and say that if a vote were held today without VZ you would get a 40 per cent voter turnout or less. (I would say that Bill Vander Zalm and I like one another-but don’t know each other well)—glen p.)—this after the success of the Olympics—that’s just not right.
The political system (hereinafter “The System”), -the media needs Vander Zalm—they have his premier of BC files locked away – and Bill is a low cost – high output / value package supreme - political and entertainment. “The System” including the media (legal mojo wraparound) - needs Bill Vander Zalm—he is the one currently holding “The System” together (like it or not). “The System” needs HST (NOT-edit) to SUCCEED to ensure the electorate (consumers of democracy) (consumers of products) (major participants in economic system)—buys back into the system. “The System” won’t be able to raise the funds they want from the public – without high levels of soft coercion at every turn—which ignites voter anger and apathy—unless a product they ‘demand’ proves successful. What the BC Liberals do with the result is their problem—BC needs the Fight HST to be successful – for the province to be credible internally – to balance the better credibility we achieved from the 2010 Winter Olympic spectacle. These federal and provincial leaders do not fully understand that a Tsunami is heading their way---they aren’t ready for the taxpayer revolt that is coming.
The divide between rich and poor in the province – levels of poverty – low minimum wage – high real estate/cost of living in Greater Vancouver – makes BC look a little less International—(will chickens solve this?)
For Question #5
This number is significant within the context of many public opinion numbers showing the public loathing of the HST -- because it reflects a high number of respondents who are willing to accept the Petition at their "door" -- normally denoting the home, residence -- place of business -- but more private than just a question over the telephone.
(Many Respondents complained about solicitations at the doorstep).
These respondents are from eligible voter – NOT registered voter’s lists –.
Average age of “No” (42) {“I live in the basement” – “Don’t come to my door”}
For Question #6
Highest number of undecided in this question, owing in part to the surprise among many respondents that this legal action has been proposed. “It’s probably just the British press – so “No”. Quite high “Yes” total – (ioo)-however results mitigated somewhat by the high number of respondents who mused between “No” and “Undecided”.
Average age of “Yes” (35)
For Question #7
Bang you’re dead.
For Question #8
High numbers in my opinion for “Yes” to paying attention to Tiger—it’s still about 6.5 million extrapolated across Canada and 60 million U.S. --- reasonable factor of Undecided as end comes could bring this number 100 million plus in North America alone. Will Arthur Anderson come back to Tiger on their knees – with a white flag – or cashier’s cheque?
A telephone sample of 1,034 eligible provincial voters residing in the lower mainland of British Columbia, but not including the Fraser Valley. ZEUS poll conducted April 6-8th, 2010. MOE (3.5%) up and down, 19 times out of 20 @95% confidence.

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