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ZEUS B.C. Poll -- Ticker Tape--60% of voters support anti-HST Crusader Bill Vander Zalm and BC Conservatives, while 60% of voters believe Gordon Campbell is BC’s number 1 Bully.
  Apr 14, 2010

Question #1
Would you support an election call for the Province of British Columbia this September 2010?
Yes    51.39 %
No    45.51 %
Question #2
Would you support a federal election this summer?
Yes    43.41 %
No    45.72 %
Question #3
Do you support anti-HST crusader Bill Vander Zalm and the BC Conservative Party?
Yes    52.91 %
No    34.54 %
Question #4
In your opinion is Gordon Campbell a bully?
Yes    53.23 %
No    38.76 %
Published: 3:31 pm P.S.T. on the date provided
This ZEUS poll of all British Columbia finds that:
(54%) of respondents on Vancouver Island, B.C. and specifically the city of Victoria (adjusted #’s) want a provincial election this September, 2010--and are also slightly higher than the average (43.41%) who would support a federal election. In the Fraser Valley, Okanagan: including Kelowna and Kamloops, Prince George--there are far more respondents who want a provincial election (57.45%) than who demand a federal election -- (37.43%).
Folks in the north and Interior of the province are going Zalm--a Wham a ding dong (registered property of glen p robbins) over the HST--sticking the BC Conservative label with The Zalm--didn’t hurt (64.28% decided), and if it did-- we have nothing to support that theory. This is an amazing outcome-even considering it was the first part of 2 political professional push questions (not to be confused with a push poll).
There is a definite thread of evidence suggesting that some anti-HST crusader Bill Vander Zalm and BC Conservatives supporters are seriously not happy with either Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper -- particularly those woman supporter aged 55-60.
(60%) -- let me proclaim this -- sixty per cent of eligible voters --who chose either “Yes” or “No” hereinafter ‘decided’ respondents, “support anti-HST crusader Bill Vander Zalm and the BC Conservative Party”.
There is a definite correlation between Bill Vander Zalm’s growing popularity and the Fight HST campaign -- whether or not this heats up or dies down (I say the former), these numbers cannot be ignored.
Knowing that CKNW Radio talk show host and former BC Liberal Deputy Premier, Education Minister, Children and Families Minister--was heading up this years anti-bully “Pink Shirt Day” was coming upon--and hearing from the people---considering the lie about the HST--the sheer ugliness of the person that would consider lying about a significant policy on taxation in an election where success was dependent on a good head for math--conned the homeowners to come out and push Gordon Campbell’s shameful -- disgraceful party--the roll out of the Bill Vander Zalm’s ‘shits and giggles’ campaign on fire--
--/made this question unavoidable (as for any credible political pollster in these circumstances).
Nearly six of ten eligible ’decided’ voters in the Province of British Columbia is of the opinion that Gordon Campbell is a bully-a Big, Bad. Brazen - Bully! An easy simple sentence question (sans conjunction as B.C. French speaking citizens would say) --- Campbell is the most recognized political name in British Columbia--and a clear majority of British Columbians who are eligible to vote -- believe he is the head bully in the province -- no doubt and approximately (16%) -- provided anecdotal commentary.
How does Gordon Campbell receive a raise for this? How can you change bullying in the classroom -- how does bullying in the classroom happen every 7 seconds as the news station proclaims -- this suggests that teacher’s are unaware or ought to be more aware of bullying in the classroom -- or is one of the bullies. (Is the BC Liberal government negotiating with the B.C. Teachers Federation currently?)
Some of the Pink ‘Shirter’s want an anti-bully law----What kind of anti-bully law could be drafted in such dire circumstances of voter mistrust in government and authority?
Fight HST leader Bill Vander Zalm --- as Wyatt Earp -- featuring glen p robbins as Doc Holiday (Chris Delaney as (Art Gordon---Joseph or Robert Conrad) has the bees swarming everywhere -- all over the province --- there is no chance the mainstream political elites and media saw this coming--reporting it as if reluctant--people need a reason to rally--spring provides an opportunity for clean-up and a new House sooner than later.
I ---glen p robbins believe the Fight HST campaign will be successful. You heard it here first.
A ZEUS poll totalling 1,624 British Columbians {including assumptions from another BC poll which overlapped some calling days and compared some outcomes} (Lower Mainland) conducted April 8-13, 2010. Margin of error 2.43%, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence Represented MOE (3.0-3.5%) 'up' or 'down'

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