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ZEUS - ROBBINS A Wild Rose in BC's political Garden
  Apr 27, 2010

Question #1
Are you “For” or “Against” the Harmonized Sales Tax in British Columbia?
For-(183)    21 %
Against-(516)    60 %
Undecided-(66)    08 %
Don’t Care-(64)    08 %
Question #2
Imagine for a moment you are in the voting booth ready to make your final party selection for a political party in a BC Election. In this hypothetical vote you are being paid $100 for making a selection. Here is the list of names of political parties on the ballot in our hypothetical BC provincial election. Which one do you choose?
BC New Democratic Party (142)    17 %
BC Wildrose Party (91)    11 %
BC Liberal Party (73)    09 %
BC Dogwood Party (61)    07 %
BC Conservative Party (45)    05 %
BC Green Party (40)    05 %
Undecided (160)    19 %
Anti-HST numbers in British Columbia have always been high -- (80% decided) -- higher, and high they remain --. The decided number of British Columbians against the HST has dropped somewhat to (74%), however only (60%) of eligible voters from raw data in this ZEUS poll are actually “Against” the HST. Campbell won a disputed third term by cheating -- in an environment of plummeting voter turnout -- under 50 per cent in the most recent provincial election in British Columbia.
Given the clearly volatile nature of the HST protest and the mix of anger and apathy with Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberals -- it would be difficult to allocate any “Undecided” or “Don’t Care” totals to the “Against” column--on the other hand its not impossible that all of these respondents are so angry--they don’t want to take part in the question--- The Campbell Liberals policy of leadership by failure may actually be helping them residually -- as more and more British Columbians give up and opt out -- they “Don’t Care”-- this is fair -- the province has to wait around and watch “This guy Campbell give us all the finger.”
This is relevant because Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island raw numbers are slightly lower in the “Against” column ((56%) and (55%) respectively), while corresponding “Undecided” or “Don’t Care” numbers are much higher. “Against” raw numbers in the North and Interior is significantly higher at (74%) reflecting the numbers provided to the media by the Fight HST Leaders: Bill Vander Zalm and Chris Delaney.
On radio FightHST Leader Vander Zalm said the Initiative was tough going in the Lower Mainland -- because in sign up places like “Metrotown Mall” (Burnaby BC) -- Fight reps would require Petition sheets from 12 different political ridings in the lower mainland. More like a Law School entrance exam -- then a simple campaign for the people. A person should be able to sign a general Petition anywhere they want -- give Elections BC the $$ and change the up front criteria to permitting the Petition based on a number of registered canvassers (50) that declare they are not a member of “Any political party” - with a lie here -- criminal fraud. Thereafter 10% in 51% of ridings. Now the people are back in business.
BC New Democrats should be making these type of suggestions in the BC Legislature -- to show British Columbians that democracy is important to them -- I didn’t see NDP Public Safety critic Mike Farnworth speaking to the recent Surrey ‘parade debacle’--how come? -- not important? -- did I miss it?--wasn’t Mike teaching democratic principles to students in Eastern Europe -- well here ya go Mike -- show US what you know about --about problems with democracy here in BC ---?
Former BC Liberal finance minister Carole Taylor just kicked the premier and her former colleagues in the groin this week--she was never for the HST and isn’t now. Campbell et al are already dead --- I believe Taylor just helped Ignatieff who is working the Liberal Reform angle -- ‘lying in bed like Jean Chrétien did’. North Shore BC Liberal Ralph Sultan is also blaming the HST on the federal Conservatives -- (see Hansard).
The Conservative label is taking some HST heat -- the divide between the federales and the provincial loco-ronos -- half breed coalition is marked. It’s all falling apart.
{The BC Conservatives don’t seem to know quite where they are going -- and unsure what to do about it) -- ‘It’s time to call Randy White’---that’s what conservatives do -- kick a ginger -- tough on crime -- that’s a reason to be in government for a decade or so --kick a ginger -- tough on crime}.
It could also be that there are more people living in the lower mainland than in the North and Interior and Vancouver Island -- and along with Bill Vander Zalm’s example puts pressure downward on the “Against” numbers-- in light of news in the lower mainland advising of the great success to date. Next set of numbers compared to first set (weekly?) will start to frame up the reality of emerging numbers -- suffice it to say FIGHTHST is a powerful movement -- however it’s strength now manifests in lower but more determined support--I would suggest that if at the end of the day -- Bill Vander Zalm’s TEAM will win the day if 51% of British Columbians hard core and angry all get involved somehow--devoted that’s how numbers work. (10% of signatures {as law provides for} should represent a very hard 51% of British Columbians. To succeed in actually achieving the FIGHTHST mandated percentage of Petition signers --- (for the hearing impaired)--- 15% -- an extra one third--would mean you had a serious movement going on beyond (obviously) the original focus of the endeavour --FIGHTHST.
(The City of Hope is considered the end of the Lower Mainland for this ZEUS poll -- while Merritt is the ‘beginning’ of North and Interior--I‘ve always thought Hope is possibly the most inspirational word in the English Language --or any language).
BC New Democrats top the list of political party names British Columbians most ‘support‘, followed by BC Wildrose Party---based on combining both BC New Democrats and BC Wildrose Party totals - BC New Democrats come up first place (61%) to (39%).
A well organized BC Wildrose Party -- based on assumptions from this ZEUS poll -- could challenge the BC NDP for government in British Columbia.
BC Liberals rank 3rd with 09% of eligible voter support---based on combining both BC Liberals and BC Wildrose Party totals -- the BC Wildrose Party wins with (62%) to (38%) for BC Liberals.
The BC Dogwood Party ranks 4th with (07%) of eligible voter support--based on combining both BC Dogwood Party and BC Liberal Party totals -- the BC Liberals come first (60%) to (40%).
BC Wildrose Party crushes BC Conservative Party (67%) to (33%), while BC Dogwood Party beats BC Conservatives (58%) to (42%).
Between 4 political parties -- ONLY (35%) of eligible voters in the province supports either BC New Democrats, BC Liberals, BC Conservatives, or BC Greens. The four conventional parties achieve decided support from a ‘minority pool’ of eligible voters as follows:
BC New Democrats (47%) BC Liberals (24%) BC Conservatives (15%) BC Green Party (13%)
I like these numbers. I really like them. It reminds me of the last three Vancouver Canuck Games. First -- I --proclaim 5-4 Canucks win -- empty net makes it 6-4. Next Game soothsayer glen p shouts 6-2 Canucks win --Canucks win 7-2-- my small but noteworthy posse of willing listeners begins to take me seriously. My next prediction? 3-1 but I can’t ---see--- who wins? Canucks win 4-2 -- only third remain loyal--the prediction business is a tough racket. Can you hack it -- to pieces?
It looks like the door is wide open for the BC NDP -- but is it ?--- this is a very low opinion of government in B.C. -- and Gordon Campbell is slashing like Jack the Ripper-- the credibility of lower level supporters and friends including Opposition members// -- it is fair to say that he must stretching the bounds of loyalty -- as the prospect of civil unrest--let alone the likelihood of Recall--BC Liberals have to search their heart -- and do the right thing.
What would your mother or father have advised you? It really is that simple. Simplicity is the art of arts --
The upstart BC Wildrose Party (edit: actually in Alberta is Wildrose Alliance) -- is roaring through the province of Alberta taking public support from the longstanding Conservative government in that province -- AND NOW (said like Ed Sullivan) revving up talk in B.C. politics where disenchantment with the two mainstream political parties and government generally is all the esoteric talk --.
is a new political reality etched in sharing’ -stone that Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals are dreadfully unpopular in the province of B.C. -- and will likely catapult to only 2 seats in the next election --- while The BC New Democrats appear to hold massive political shot rock// but because of significant anger and mistrust with the government and particular the BC Liberals -- and many of the same old -- same old -- political actors -- making the political industry in this province both redundant and very boring --- and could jeopardize this potentially tenuous hold by both the NDP -- if an entirely new party like the BC Wildrose Party or BC Dogwood Party -- caught hold with the public--or if the BC Conservatives were to announce a progressive conservative -- -- along with Randy White is a strong symbol (strong anti-crime -- follows Surrey problem -- Mike de Jong is Abbotsford -- is holding both Solicitor General and Attorney General -- while also being House Leader of the party --the wagons are circling) --- and BC Rail and the courts may yet supersede Bill Vander Zalm and FightHST--if the political irony Gods would permit.
I admit seeing the BC Liberals in such disarray under Campbell -- pleases me--finally some political justice--bring Madame Justice in the back door -- they won’t find us here!
Nixon would never have made the mistake of holding the Olympic Games -- look now the people are comfortably getting together in large numbers -- Luongo nuts again -- and Sedins are so good -- the FIGHTHST campaign is just another good party -- and I’m talking to Bud and John E. Walker -- that’s the beauty of a common enemy -- it gets people together to agree in the hot summer sun of another beautiful BC Summer--reaffirm some solid community principles--Campbell -/- or whoever you are --Don’t Screw with Me Nomore.
I witnessed arrogance under Glen Clark and BC NDP -- but in the douche of all bags --Campbell’s’ the ultimate in disposal. You see -- if journalists in regular media started the dial up - I mean really dial it up-- when it ought to -- and in the appropriate glen p robbins -- cybernetic manner (which governs how I operate the polling commentary--speak to the numbers)--we would finish this at optimum warp -- setting the stage for an appropriate choice response of civil unrest -- strikes--- protests---IF the Bill Vander Zalm/Chris Delaney/Bill Tieleman (ex NDP-Tieleman’s a good find--if he were NHL he‘d be a 25-30 goal scorer) Initiative is successful and Campbell doesn’t file the Repeal paperwork the next day (pre-conditions for -battle--)
The Wildrose is the flower emblem of Alberta, and the Dogwood is the flower emblem of BC. (We only have anecdote to speculate about any knowledge the respondent may or may not have --but I believe a lot of young woman -like' the name Wildrose - simple as that--and this is a market that is open to any suggestion----to improve the province--they would not be Gordon Campbell fan- but that is based in part on the fact that there was more anecdotal anti-Campbell sentiment among respondents who support the Wildrose).
No real woman are going to support him -- among other groups of women in the province long since gone. (Bring in Ice Tea (from Law and Order -- Dave Chappelle and hold ‘hatin’ contests--winner gets to speak at all FightHST rallies colour it up ---keep it real--make it soulful).
Danielle Smith - is the leader of the Wildrose Alliance Party in Alberta -- a movement really--this woman is really impressive with great credentials -- and yea I apologize in advance--but really good looking --- imagine if Bill Vander Zalm and Chris Delaney could bring her to speak to the province of B.C., if these numbers are any suggestion-- the rooms would be full to the rafters--- like Hank Williams or Buddy Holly might do.
(53%) of support for BC Wildrose Party support comes from women respondents, while BC Dogwood Party is supported more by males at (54%) -- .
Of the Wildrose Party, BC Dogwood Party and BC Conservative Party -- the latter controls only (23%) of ‘support’ in this ZEUS poll---that a ‘new party’ to BC politics like the BC Wildrose Party or BC Dogwood Party could so easily frustrate the ambitions of the BC Conservative Party -- suggests the ‘ladder’ party has a lot of work to do--who are you -- who do you want to be? The BC Conservative Party had its AGM - last May, 2010 it should have a (25%) percent share solid today -- but it does not.
The FightHST ought not slow down the business of building a party--when are Campbell and Hansen going to understand that this a fight for all the marbles -- not do as you please when you please. Every day -- this goes on ---increases the punishment on the other end.
Consider this -- if you total up all respondents Against the HST -- and total up ‘support’ for BC New Democrats, BC Liberals, BC Conservatives, and BC Greens -- these four parties attract only (37%) of respondent support compared to (63%) of British Columbians who are “Against” the HST. The people right now in the province of BC are “Against” government. The HST spells BC government. The people believe the HST tax to be the product of a corrupt mind or if not emphatically that ----then well on its way like Rafferty’s Wheel --I mean did federal Conservative Finance Minister Flaherty not ask Colin Hansen---“Forgive me Colin -- but I have to ask -- how will your people respond?”
No-one in that conversation went deep enough to see the word anarchy--circa 2010 -- how will it look --- will it be a simple connection in coffee shops -- internal -- or like civil rights movements in the late 1960’s -- NOW (Ed Sullivan again) that we all appear to be slaves -- The Government of British Columbia -- the great equalizer---
you’re all worthless -- that’s right each and every one of you -- you are all worthless -- except you with the suit-undies and the big bag of money--you’re worth my time.
British Columbians are against ’political parties’ -- they are against government--lordy oh lordy Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen did not calculate for this -- not smart -- dumb -- who wants a dumb leader? U.S. President George W. Bush love him, hate him, hate him, like him or not -- finally got his man -- not Bin Laden -- Saddam -- and hung him like a common criminal----and any Pack that rolls with me --will be looking to do the same to Mssrs Campbell and Hansen---give him the old Saddam Slam -- Vander Zalm -- build a dam--who gives one --- away?
Fight HST leader Bill Vander Zalm -- is said to have no political party affiliation, while Bill’s closest political supporter and Fight HST lead organizer Chris Delaney is a former BC Conservative candidate under Wilf Hanni -- former Deputy Leader --- and lead policy organizer for the BC Conservative Party -- juggling Fight HST duties and organizing the BC Conservative Party policy meeting for second week of May 2009.
It may actually be easier for this inseparable pair to accomplish what no-one has done before --with a successful Initiative and Recall Petition against the HST -- than it will be to parlay that achievement into political party success given that British Columbians in much higher numbers are Against the HST -- than for any party. Better to hang out a political consulting shingle--big money there -- big money if they succeed--.
The success of both The BC Wildrose Party and BC Dogwood Party reflected in this ZEUS poll (poll comes from the Greek -- “a counting of heads” the 'scientific' hitch was meant to keep the group of players in the game to just a few//$$$//a poll is a counting of heads-- -- may yet draw further emphasis to these criticisms of Mssrs. Vander Zalm and Delaney, particularly Mr. Delaney in light of the serious questions about the BC Conservative Party and it’s position on the HST during the most recent general provincial election in May 2009 -- , considering that between both the BC Wildrose Party and BC Dogwood Party are less than (02%) of support for the HST, while (20%) of BC Conservatives are “For” the HST (Q#1).
The recent ‘hiring’ by the BC Conservative Party of former Reform and Canadian Alliance anti-crime MP Randy White may not be any more helpful -- unless or until Mr. White can totally distance himself from his former federal colleagues -- including federal Conservatives Stockwell Day (Okanagan) and James Moore (Tri-City) -- who all voted for BC’s HST in the House of Commons in Ottawa -- //lest the entire BC Conservative Party name be placed along with BC Liberals in anti HST disrepute and/or become synonymous with a fledgling party with early hypocrisy status (“ehs“)--and no-one in politics recovers from that affliction -- addiction -- conviction -- eviction.
A new party like the BC Wildrose Party or BC Dogwood Party would not be so encumbered by such confusion and contradiction -- on an issue (HST) that will drive political debate from now until the next BC elections -- from Recall to a general provincial election.
853 'eligible voters' in the Province of British Columbia (829 Q#1//balance Q#2 "Don't Care/all Other) -- respondents contacted between April 19-25, 2010. MOE -- 3-5% up or down, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence.

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