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ZEUS-ROBBINS Barack Obama and Tiger Woods Back in (the) Black
  Apr 30, 2010

Question #1
How would you rate Barack Obama’s performance as President of the United States over the past eighteen months?
Above Average    58.5 %
Below Average    37.5 %
Question #2
There is speculation that well known professional golfer Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Woods may yet divorce. If you had a say in the decision of asset division and child custody -- would you support Elin Woods receiving one half of all Tiger Woods earnings and assets acquired from golf earnings and sponsorship -- AND would you further support a United States Court Order in the favour of Elin Woods allowing her to take the marital children from the United States--permanently?
Yes    22.95 %
No    47.73 %
Question #3
In your opinion should Jesse James -- estranged husband of Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock -- be entitled to 50% of her earnings?
Yes    18.55 %
No    41.65 %
Time Magazine got it all wrong/dead wrong -- the big dick on the block remains U.S. President Barack Obama--
Obama’s Night Moves (if you love Detroit, Michigan’s Bob Seger stand up and raise your hand!) on Health Care -- his ability to varnish the Bush doctrine/without anyone really paying attention/ -- and re-focus Afghanistan would make our own ZEUS envious---
Britain is starting to find the beat back--go Britannia go-- (Get the Beat).
--the king of the hill in the world remains a black man. We will need to raise the bar in Africa--a long long way ---G20 -- G8 -- along long way--we need more money -- What’s up fella’s?
Canada’s Governor General -- Michaelle Jean -- originally from Haiti--working hard in Africa--always see MJ -- on Oprah’s show -- American’s would love her --- Black Diana.
Her Majesty asks Canada’s GG -- “Should I arrest the Pope--it’s not really my style”.
Elin Woods is a Nordic fox and a class act --and the mother of children-- she was done wrong by her man --- this deal has got to be --- *$100 million U.S. plus $1,000,000 a month --- children have the United States as home---decision -- from the voters of the United States of America---------(*numbers in part predicated on (fairly predicted) sponsorship values--which have notably diminished during the marital troubles). One third of decided respondents in this ZEUS America -ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) poll --- want Elin to get half the loot and get out of Dodge with Dad’s children. A pretty expensive Judgement against Golf’s great one -- but the recent Master’s -- makes the whole industry $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ --- America punishes it’s hypocrites -- but it charges a big fee -- that’s business -- demanding to take the children from the United States might eventually land Elin Woods on food stamps -- (if public opinion anecdote matters for much).
The original Jesse James (cowboy) was a real cool son of a bitch -- what business did Sandra Bullock have with him/ and him with her/ in the first place? Some women like a bad ass in the way of Jack Nicholson (Going South: “A woman takes to an outlaw like a little boy to a stray dog”)//they may not like him/their desire is more carnal//-controlling this badassity (see glen up’s New Thesaurus) -does everyone involved no good at all --
Ask Fred Astaire -- and/or Marvin Gaye -- a ballers got to move-on.
A lot of Obama supporters didn’t answer one way or the other in this question---go figure.
I cried like a baby when I watched Ms. Bullock castrate her husband in consecutive monkey suits --at events for actor’s when -- if this was a real deal and not a ju jube--Jesse James would be seen arm twisting jews at award events for actors -- not a funky bad dude dressed up in Cheese-doodles -- mommy’s self ingratiating /edification.
(A ZEUS America decision).
A strategic calling throughout the continent of the United States --1,104 interviews -- margin of error (decided for Q#2-Q#3) 3.0% up and down. Calendar of poll interviews April 20-28, 2010. Thanks to Aussie Bad Boys.

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