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The United States of America vs. British Petroleum - American Revolution II
Concrete Blonde Someday Live on David Letterman  Jun 11, 2010

A ZEUS ROBBINS poll (featuring lead singer glen p robbins) of the continental United States -- 2,251 'voters' from the most recent U.S. Presidential election--May 28 June 9, 2010. Margin of error scientific and after measuring intra poll support (100's) 1.75% est. 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence. Poll published at 5:31 PM PST. No sponsors declared.

Question #1
Which U.S. political party and/or movement offered as a response choice do you most support? (Decided voters depicted as 100%)
Democrat    36.27 %
Republican    32.46 %
U.S. Tea Party    12.10 %
Green Party    10.63 %
Independent    8.38 %
Undecided    17.0 %
Question #2
From the following response choices provided, which best describes who you believe is responsible with the current problems relating to the offshore oil and gas disaster in the Gulf of Mexico? (Response choices NOT rotated).
B.P. British Petroleum    63.5 %
U.S. Federal Government    14.0 %
Both British Petroleum and the U.S. Federal Government    22.5 %
Undecided    05 %
Question #3
In your opinion how much will the total cost of the British Petroleum disaster be when ‘all is said and done’?
One hundred million to two billion U.S. dollars    13 %
Two billion to twenty billion U.S. dollars    33 %
Over twenty billion dollars U.S. ($20 billion originally from Dem. Senator Harry Reid)    54 %
Undecided    11 %
Of the (66%) of United States voters who selected either Democrat or Republican, (53%) choose Democrat as their response in Question #1 while (47%) choose Republican. Republican and U.S. Tea Party totals (44.5%), while Democrat and Green Party totals nearly (47%).
California Democrats need the Green vote--won’t Republicans value it as well?
Democrats in Seattle and Portland gave Democrats the biggest lead over Republicans (44 - 33%), however Republicans beat Democrats in both the southeast and tie in the southwest United States.
The U.S. Tea Party scores (a stunning) (20%) in the southeast and (14%) in the northeast, but only (08%) in the southwest. -- I thought this had its origins in Boston--and American Independence from British Rule-- what are we mixing through--- / -- The American civil war and/or American revolution?
In the U.S. southeast -- a sort of ‘philosophical chaos’ driven by disbelief coupled with fear, frustration and anger (41%) of respondents choose either U.S. Tea Party, Green Party or Independent.
Most significantly, (56%) of respondents in the southeast selected “Both British Petroleum and the U.S. Federal Government” from question #2 -- nearly two and one half times the average in the rest of the entire United States.
Make no mistake though -- BP are the baddest of the bad - in this tragedy--of such disgusting magnitude -- that Americans probably would have preferred President Obama follow what Democratic strategist James Carville, or Political-Comedian Bill Maher suggested -- the former demanding for criminal charges to be laid -- while Maher believed that President Obama should ‘show a gun’ in front of his trousers to the next meeting with B.P. (like a gangstar). Certainly Mr. Maher’s sentiment could well ring true with many Americans--however my conservative analysis would be that this is not very likely to happen --
I wrote a love letter to Concrete Blonde’s lead singer Johnette Napolitano--a few weeks back, not simply because I believe she is the best female rock voice of all time//sure Anne Wilson has the 100 mile fastball but so does Napolitano / who can change up her pitches like nothing I’ve seen//Mick and the Stones will want her and that spanky lead guitarist as guest in ‘Exile on Main Street//The Musical’ Tour -- Mr. Carville was ripping some chords off his instrument--good minds think alike.
Concrete Blonde - Someday - Live David Letterman may show the way as the past reveals the future--and California considers (14%) Green support in that State. Every California citizen -- should feel the passion of Ms. Napolitano.
On =========a ‘blog’ in an on-line newspaper in Vancouver, British Columbia--The Georgia Straight the subject is aid to Haiti. The Government of Canada announces $5 million -- while glen p robbins suggests $50 million is more appropriate--it’s $100 million and counting from Canada----you know what my polling is intended to commit to is the concept of ‘get on with it’ -- in Canada political delaying and jacking around is a past time-- a kind of royal past time-- what has to be done -- has to be done -don’t take months thinking about it--leaders do not have the luxury of being able to put off 50% of decisions as might have been the norm as recently as the 1990’s - I am thinking Bill Clinton here--I believe the pressure is on to deal with more -- and do it faster. The British Petroleum Oil and Gas disaster (sung by the Bee Gees -- to New York Mining Disaster 1941) ‘Have you seen any life Mr. Jones -- do you (even) want to go out on the outside.’
You can feel the anxiety rising among Americans, particularly those closer to the offshore oil and gas disaster -- in the Southeastern United States--the lack of clear accountability and pointing fingers from British Petroleum - which seem to freeze Washington, perhaps concerned about potential liability dispute -- but not able to speak to this -- while the people and in particular the leaders in the region affected are screaming clearly for what is needed.
This coupled with some regrettable public relations endeavours-obviously drives a clear majority of Americans into selecting British Petroleum from a line-up of response choices as a type of Public Enemy number one. However -- in the Southeast of the United States -- where the ugly action is -- blame BP and the US Federal Government equally--President Obama needs to assure Americans that he won’t invoke the Bill Maher suggestion--lest his government be seen by more Americans as Public Enemy number two.
Where do you put the terrorists in this scenario?

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