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Man on Fire
  May 25, 2004

A random telephone survey between May 23rd and 26th, 2004, of 517 U.S. citizens residing in the following United States: Washington State, Montana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio. Numbers of respondents from each State approximately correspondents relative populations of each State. This survey has a margin of error of 3.35%, 18 times out of 20 at 98% competency.

Question #1
Both the federal and provincial liberal governments in Canada permit the growth of billions of dollars of marijuana annually, much of which is exported illegally into the United States. Canadian police agencies are not given sufficient resources to come close to addressing the problem. Given this, is it fair and reasonable in your opinion to say that Canada through its export of illegal drugs to the United States is performing a type of terrorist act against you
No    23.8 %
Yes    76.2 %
Question #2
Whom do you most blame for the billions of dollars of drugs being shipped to the United States from Canada?
The Liberal Governments of Canada    64.1 %
President George W. Bush’s Homeland Security Program    36.0 %
American respondents in this survey relating to drug exports from Canada to the United States are convinced that Canada is acting like terrorists against U.S. citizens, with the tacit approval of liberals governments in Canada. A large minority of respondents also believe that if President George W. Bush has invested so much in the way of resources into Homeland Security, than why is the problem of drug trafficking from Canada allowed to continue at such an alarming rate?
The marijuana industry in Canada is massive. In the Province of British Columbia it remains one of the largest growth industries in the province at an estimated 7 billion dollars per year. Speculation in this country abounds over whether or not these drug profits from the United States are being laundered back in ‘legitimate’ business, such as the purchase of B.C. Rail by American interests.
Liberal governments in Canada over the past three decades have affected a type of leniency against crime that have made Canadian courts a revolving door from prison to the community for sex offenders, murderers, and rapists. Recently, a politically appointed Supreme Court Judge pleaded guilty to raping teenage children.
Persistent demands from the Canadian population have gone unanswered by Liberal governments and the court system over the last ten years. Canadians are outraged and fatigued by a system of justice that allows the criminal to have more rights than victims. Too many foreigners and immigrants to Canada break laws with impunity and degrade our countries culture by fostering the elements of evil that their countries of origin find acceptable.
The massive proliferation of drug trafficking into the United States for the use by American citizens (and particularly its children), without proper care taken by Canadian governments to properly allocate resources to policing the problem, seriously underscores the level of moral depravity brought to bear by consecutive Liberal governments in Canada. Over recent years, Canadian citizens become used to the environment, and appear to have ‘unconsciously’ accepted the base conditions. Whether or not the U.S. Government will continue to accept this offensive intrusion of ‘evil’ into their communities remains to be seen.

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