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ZEUS ROBBINS: Of James, Vander Zalm, Taylor, Robertson, Watts, -- Campbell's Poop Soup
  Jun 08, 2010

1,304 'voters' (British Columbia) from May 28-June 06, 2010 interviewed on telephone(s). MOE 2%, 19 times out of 20 --9% confidence -- ZEUS ROBBINS (internal) 2.71% MOE. Sponsor -- not declared.

Question #1
Which of the following B.C. politicians do like the most? (“based on 100% decided” featuring Undecided over and above 100%).
Carole James-(221)    22.5 %
Bill Vander Zalm-(217)    22.0 %
Carole Taylor-(187)    19.0 %
Gregor Robertson-(170)    17.0 %
Dianne Watts-(134)    13.5 %
Gordon Campbell-(64)    6.5 %
Undecided-(311)    24.0 %
Question #2
Which British Columbia political leader from the choices offered do you most prefer? (“based on 100% decided”)
Fight HST leader Bill Vander Zalm    42.5 %
BC Liberal leader Gordon Campbell    12.5 %
Neither of these two    45.0 %
Undecided/Can’t Answer    11.0 %
Question #3
Which British Columbia political leader from the choices offered do you most prefer? (based on 100% decided)
Surrey mayor Dianne Watts    33.5 %
Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson    39.5 %
Neither of these two    26.5 %
Undecided/Can’t Answer    31.0 %
Question #4
How do you respond to this statement? After a decade of the BC Liberals -- I would like to see a Carole James - New Democrat majority after the next provincial election in 2013?
Agree    45.5 %
Disagree    54.0 %
Undecided    13.5 %
Question #5
Should B.C. employers be permitted to conduct credit checks of prospective employee applicants?
Yes    28.5 %
No    71.5 %
Undecided    18.5 %
Question #6
Carole Taylor, former BC Liberal finance minister is well on the record as being against the HST. In your opinion would Carole Taylor be a suitable replacement of Gordon Campbell-- as new leader of the BC Liberal Party?
Yes    43.0 %
No    56.5 %
Undecided    18.5 %
According to this ZEUS ROBBINS poll Carole James, leader of the BC New Democratic Party is the “best liked” of a group of well known politicians. One can readily see however that the more big names on the political stage -- the more difficult to get your message out-- Watch Out Carole (James)--I mean. After a decade of the B.C. mainstream media calling wolf on her behalf -- and getting average attention -- she still tops the charts in B.C.
Fight HST leader and former Social Credit premier Bill Vander Zalm pulverizes BC Liberal leader and B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell into pudding-- in public support --in this ZEUS ROBBINS poll.
Mr. Vander Zalm has proven that once again hard work pays enormous. His political partner Chris Delaney reveals exceptional communication skills, reporting on the progress of the Fight HST campaign. The message the Fight HST campaign is giving British Columbians -- is a powerful ray of hope -- that they may yet get back their government--and it’s leader -- a volunteer millionaire who knows a thing or two about paying taxes -- is making a positive connection with voters in British Columbia-- supported by the evidence in this ZEUS ROBBINS poll.
A significant decided minority of British Columbians do not ‘prefer’ either Vander Zalm or Campbell (question #2).
Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson is more popular than Surrey mayor Dianne Watts by a ratio of 54/46 with ’voters’ in the lower mainland of British Columbia. (Both mayors are popular in their respective cities, however more respondents were derived from Vancouver city than Surrey)
The combined number of respondents who supported either Watts or Robertson is about the same as the number who support Vander Zalm and Campbell combined.
Carole Taylor has squeezed some serious good numbers out of ZEUS ROBBINS---she’s clean of the HST--she was great on Cambie--she appears like Butchart Gardens to Big “G’s” Chicken and manure manufacturing Co. Her problem however is that the Liberal brand isn’t the best political brand in the province--and Gordon Campbell is pulling the numbers downward by day--on the provincial side of the liberal ledger (at least). (20.5%) of respondents who support a New Democrat majority---answered “Yes” to Carole Taylor as suitable replacement to Campbell -- while (63%) of respondents who support Gordon Campbell in question #1--see Carole Taylor as a suitable replacement. Some of these New Democrat supporters are terrified a wounded and dying Campbell will employ a scorched the earth political policy to get the last say--while others may sub-consciously consider Carole Taylor as a viable alternative to Carole James.
The difference between Carole James and Carole Taylor is that Carole James could not divorce Gordon Campbell--Carole Taylor had the courage to dump him. A foxy chick dumps a handsome player in premier---the sex quotient of the dumper (Carole Taylor) -- increases in the public--political celebrity/dense mindset--sets its meter to “Joy”-- Where are the notes preceding Carole Taylor’s announcement against the Harmonized Sales Tax? She was Finance minister -- Colin Hansen’s current job---the true history of this -- is somewhere with her--in any event.
These numbers greatly diminish the threat of BC’s new red light district -- the Office of the Premier.
A successful Fight HST Petition may break the BC Liberal party beyond repair--what if the provincial party in waiting B.C. New Democrats fill the vacuum more quickly---while BC Liberals transition leaders--(52%) BC NDP?
The number of respondents who reject both mayoral choices in question #2 is nearly (40%) lower than the number that rejects Bill Vander Zalm and Gordon Campbell in question #1. There are multiples of tens of thousands--well over a million voters--who won’t touch the BC Liberals-while Gordon Campbell leads the party.
If Carole Taylor steps into the political game in BC again--she would be tossed into a pressure cooker--but she has the moral authority to get involved so long as she doesn’t wait and leave the decision to Campbell.
Ms. Taylor could thus represent the best of the Rule of Law as provided for by legislation and of direct democracy--amazing political opportunity. Worst case -- people start drafting Carole Taylor to lead federal Liberals--or she helps Michael Ignatieff’s numbers in BC --then saves the province -- from all things devilish?
Once Taylor steps into the breach --
HST leader Chris Delaney will have to let us know if he is sticking with the BC Conservatives -- or languishing with the confusion (“investigating the potential benefits of the HST” is fair -- policy consideration) -- but a potential spin nightmare--IF Delaney gets to the place with the BC Conservatives---where the spin machine comes out--against him--and brands HIM a hypocrite---it is inaccurate --however in politics confusion is the catalyst for greater elasticity of political spin. In this political climate and with Mr. Delaney’s placentic-like hook to the Fight HST boss Bill Vander Zalm --who apparently isn’t running for office ever -- while Delaney clearly will--Delaney has a ready made party in the BC Conservatives--but will have to consider if 10% is an electoral outcome he is happy with. Accordingly Chris Delaney has only a legitimate exit strategy with BC Conservative--“He has the best interests of British Columbians to tend to.”
British Columbians who do not like Gordon Campbell -- there are some who do not like Bill Vander Zalm -- that’s politics. What Gordon Campbell doesn’t understand is that competing with Vander Zalm - helps him little and only temporarily--AND will serve to make voters/tax payers even more angry when and if the Petition succeeds, and especially if 51% of voters (as voted in the last provincial election) sign the Fight HST Petition---and he still babbles on--desperate to be Valedictorian (Vaudevillian) in perpetuity. What can Gordon Campbell do? -- the people don’t like him--he can dance, sing, leave town, climb a mountain, rescue a liberal supporter from a burning fire -- but the people won’t like him -- as long as he’s still premier.
How popular is former BC NDP premier Glen Clark--now that the BC NDP are quasi- cool ‘robbins egg blue’ again.
Carole James and New Democrats attract one more respondent in support of an NDP majority (question #4) than Bill Vander Zalm attracts in ‘preferred’ support (question #2)--some respondents who support centre right Zalm -- also support a New Democrat majority. BC voters choose a New Democrat majority 3 ++ times more than they select Gordon Campbell as a ‘preferred’ political personality. Just less than (40%) of all British Columbians--responding in this poll-- support a New Democrat majority--that is a very strong base of support--for Carole James. The difference is that Carole James simply walks across the aisle in the Legislature to run British Columbia -- while Vander Zalm et al -- have to start from scratch--or use any delays by Campbell to take the Fight HST-- Campbell obey the law--and you know where that goes--and make the Legislature -- to the streets of BC -- which diminishes the public’s perception of the Legislature--supported by the long delayed BC Trail--raid on the Legislature court case.--the BC New Democrats could get bunched up in disposal when the B.C. voter takes the present BC Liberal government to the garbage dump.
The suggestion that NDPer’s get rid of Carole James is politically so poorly considered--as to be virtually meaningless--unless someone like Carole Taylor dresses up for success---a lot of divorced and separated males over 40--and some other BC Conservatives/who may or may not know the price of Viagra -- some who once liked Campbell--can’t stand their ex-wives will support Carole Taylor -- too---an advantage she has over Carole James--unless the latter can rope a bona fide progressive-reformer to her squad--/and if she can-- its over--//people believe Carole James has earned her right to the throne -- “On behalf of the people of British Columbia.”
I can see 50% support for BC New Democrats in a provincial general election--and frankly -- I think they deserve it--they possess an experienced leader in Carole James--a person of rare dignity and class. She cares about people -- she loves the province--she has an incredible groups around her--and the New Democrats have been plenty of historical experience in ‘The Show’. Call me a socialist -- right now the BC NDP is an excellent looking Opposition --and I suspect could take over government tomorrow and not miss a beat. It’s a fair outcome. The question for centre right voters--is not whether or not the vote split will let the NDP in--to government--the question remains--will the centre right vote split leave the BC Liberals with 2 seats--and the New Democrats the rest. You heard it hear first.
There is but a speck of a cross over between Surrey mayor Dianne Watts-- support as a ‘preferred’ politician--/however Ms. Watts has a reputation in Surrey for attracting voters of all stripes/ --and New Democrat majority, and while Gregor Robertson attracts a large number of respondents who also want an NDP majority, some who support the NDP majority answer “Neither of these” or “Undecided” to question #2.
Some NDP supporters -- see Gregor Robertson AND Dianne Watts as “too close to Campbell”--of the two Watts ‘got tagged the worst’ by being -sort of “always available”- to be the next leader of the BC Liberal party--and well she might be--but mayor Watts ought to have foreseen that Campbell would go leper -- where does she stand on the HST?--this I look forward to hearing//If PM Stephen Harper is a deep down -- very politically astute mind--no seldom if ever relaxed--but cool and steady--attractive looking--intelligent--but securing Carole Taylor Governor General will be talked about for weeks--//Sex it up a bit my lad---Ms. “G” will seek damages to her reputation, loss of income earned as a cabinet minister--potentially loss of income as an MP -- with combination -2 million dollars. Conservatives should settle on the deal for $750,000 tomorrow --.
//while Gregor Robertson was leading Vancouver when the 2010 Olympics was winning over British Columbians.
At this point in time - and given Carole Taylor’s success in our poll-- (in Vancouver city proper particularly) -- I would place support totals for Carole Taylor and Gregor Robertson as nearly equal -- because Mr. Robertson has more room to grow than Carole Taylor -- if he were to consider running for the BC Liberal leadership. I know--Snap!
Be careful doing business with a premier desperate for some positive news.
Are British Columbians settling in slowly with the likelihood of a New Democratic Party provincial majority after the next election -- or anticipating similar success from Recall?
Bill Vander Zalm is slapping Gordon Campbell all over the B.C. political ring--/the Premier can’t get out of the corner -- can’t do the political speak -- sounds angry and mean--not unlike how British Columbians feel about him---confront -- go meet Harper in Europe -- bob and weave -- Campbell’s engaged -- at first he hints of his departure then he wants to get re-elected. I have noticed anecdotally that the most staunch --of the decreasing minority of British Columbians who support Gordon Campbell---are often defensive and arrogant as well--the typical explanation/apology -- “All politicians lie” --still permeates the rat holes and other cover his remaining supporters hide in. However -- many of the respondents who support Carole Taylor--also support Gordon Campbell--isn’t that sensational?
If Carole Taylor can call Campbell out -- and have the BC public believe it--the political climate in the province of British Columbia -- will set into a wonderful madness--initiating a sense of relief among the electorate--particularly ‘swing voters’ -- yes there are many people out there who swing from New Democrat to Liberal-- some Conservative and NDP -- swap spit--and few admit it -- I like Jane Sterk -- Carole James ought to offer her the Environment ministry---if the BP devil-crude debacle doesn’t make for a nice platform--when exactly?
I mean labour unions don’t want to real Green if it costs jobs---
---some Greens are itchy to leave -- a few actually supported Gordon Campbell in the last election as well--really how much bad karma is that? --- Poison person!
Then-- having to defend the HST as the Vander Zalm FST HST juggernaut- Mobilized ground forces -- an army bigger than all police forces combined-that’s a movement -- and the very depths of despair (I didn’t say I wouldn’t and If I did I had my fingers crossed)--it’s like being forced by statute of B.C. law “Mothers as Tyrants” watching bad Karaoke at the local bar -- while drinking soda water with lime---it’s too much heavy public relations punching -- to be endured--and the news will follow on for many -- days--where is the reprieve--and why bother? It’s damaging our province every day.
That’s why Vander Zalm needs to be victorious not only on the Petition--but on achieving 51% of the number of registered voters at the same time -- otherwise he could be overshadowed by labour in early September -- Fight HST---minimum wage--you name it -- every person in the province with any complaint on TOP of the Fight HST-----Tsunami politics -- Vander Zalm’s army---Sinclair’s army---Carole James moon walking unmolested up the middle of Government and Douglas -- all the way to government.
The way things are going -- the BC NDP could win 70-80 seats in 2013--but they will likely take over government around this next year--through Recall.
The word on Campbell has been out for a long time -- he’s arrogant, not comfortable with the general public ---he is someone who lacks empathy--and who presents a false front to people/every politician has a certain way/but I don’t believe Gordon Campbell has ever connected with the public// -- firmly fastened to the overwhelming historical evidence that for any of his good points -- the Premier as Michael Smyth (Province newspaper) recently pointed out -- is essentially a serial political liar. (This evidence is sufficient to hold weight in court --I suspect). These political personalities served a purpose at some point in our past--but the modern era calls for leaders -- who understand that average Joe isn’t ever just average--.
Then there is Bill Vander Zalm -- people have forgotten how good a communicator he is--(I would tailor his public speaking a little)--Some British Columbians question Bill Vander Zalm’s motives with regard to the Fight HST campaign-- given his history of significant contact with the media -- however Bill Vander Zalm contends that the HST is “a cruel tax”, brought in after a general election without any discussion with the B.C. public--his political instincts -- not unlike that of a lithe Puma-Cat--compelled him to pounce -- and now the province is behind not only the Fight HST campaign but him as well.
Ironically, Bill Vander Zalm may yet be the person to save the SOCRED Coalition in British Columbia---will it be too late to stop the BC New Democrats? -- who most British Columbians are expecting as the next provincial government--or are today’s New Democrats -- more like yesterday’s Social Credit party -- as some are beginning to think?
It isn’t right now -- its’ unattractive and plodding -- the determination of the Fight HST Initiative -- will be buried in August -- but British Columbians partying and holidaying throughout the province this summer will hear about it on the radio, the television, and read in On-Line and in the newspapers---not to mention the plethora of anti Campbell jokes circulating between middle aged women--now that’s hotmail. That can’t be good eh?

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