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ZEUS ROBBINS -- Puff the Magic Dragon -- HST; Campbell resigns;Harper's folly;Brand new third party; BCers on taxes;2 hat de Jong; Marijuana tax; Liberal Democrat Jack Layton
Fortunate Son -- John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival  Jun 22, 2010

Question #1
Do you support or oppose the Harmonized Sales Tax?
Support    22 %
Oppose    78 %
Undecided    03 %
Question #2
In your opinion is it time NOW for Gordon Campbell to resign as Premier of British Columbia?
Yes    77 %
No    23 %
Undecided    04 %
Question #3
In your opinion is the one billion dollars of Canadian tax payer dollars that Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government is spending on security and to host the upcoming 5 day G8 and G20 meetings in southern Ontario:
A reasonable amount of money to spend on security    10 %
Far too much money to spend on security    90 %
Not enough money spent on security    00 %
Undecided    02 %
Question #4
Would you seriously consider supporting and donating $10.00 to a brand new third party in British Columbia?
Yes    52 %
No    48 %
Undecided    11 %
Question #5
Which of the following response choices BEST describes how you believe government should move forward with the issue of raising or cutting taxes?
The cost of government should be reduced by 10%    29 %
Individual and Corporate taxes should be raised by 10%    17 %
Frankly, I just don’t trust government with my tax dollars    52 %
Undecided    10 %
Question #6
The BC Human Rights Tribunal costs British Columbia tax payers millions of dollars each year. Would you like to see the BC Human Rights Tribunal closed down to save money?
Yes    81 %
No    18 %
Undecided    11 %
Question #7
BC Liberal Mike de Jong is both the Attorney General of B.C. (in charge of the courts), and Solicitor General of B.C. (in charge of the police). In your opinion is it appropriate that Mr. de Jong hold both of these positions?
I don’t see a problem with it    11 %
No, it isn’t appropriate    86 %
Undecided    11 %
Question #8
Would you support government authorized sale to the public of marijuana and marijuana products to persons over the age of 25-- while at the same time -- increasing enforcement of unlicensed and illegal grow-up operations in an effort to raise an estimated 1.6 billion dollars in new revenue for British Columbia and to pay back Gordon Campbell’s any or all of the $1.6 billion HST payment(s) from Ottawa?
Yes    72 %
No    28 %
Undecided    08 %
Question #9
From the following limited choices which one represents what concerns you more?
Government waste, corruption, and dishonesty    72 %
Terrorists and Anarchists    28 %
Undecided    11 %
Question #10
Would you seriously consider voting for a new federal Liberal Democratic party led by Jack Layton?
Yes    45 %
No    55 %
Undecided    08 %
Gordon Campbell’s impending political death sentence - charge is like this: In the North and Interior (84%) respond “Yes---it is time NOW for Gordon Campbell to resign as Premier of British Columbia. On Vancouver Island only (73%) say resign--with the lower mainland near the provincial average of (79%) -who are of the opinion Gordon Campbell should resign-. This isn’t political anymore -- it’s a FACT of life in British Columbia NOW--and if Campbell stays on--it will become a WAY of life in BC.
A similar number of British Columbians who want to get rid of the HST - apparently want Campbell to go too. At least one half of all British Columbians have despised Gordon Campbell for a while -- the HST debacle has made the BC public declare him guilty of human rights offences---let the legal chimpanzees play with that---they experiment with everything else don’t they? Laws in BC aren’t for everyone -- only for some--law is politics and politics is law---BC Liberal Mike “the Mortician” de Jong is living proof of this conjecture/theory.
One of things that always bothered me -- was how hard some people work to impress and please others--our federal government has become another version of “do as I please”// you can really feel how government has mastered every turn and trick to control people--/ their money--//and too often their lives///---and the Conservatives are no different -- The HST deal between Stephen Harper’s Conservative government and Gordon Campbell’s shell government--started off the ‘hating’ --
--this one billion dollar security question -- surprised far too many respondents who obviously don’t bother with the news much---people are horrified over it----horrified -- and those who followed the story ---- cannot believe the government’s nonchalance around the huge security bill for leaders and elites--particularly after the one billion cost - for the 2010 Olympics that British Columbians believed was successful -- but who are now stitching the anticipated Olympic bill --for Vancouver--that everyone in BC will have to pay for -- our province going into a depression--- over yet another liar in the premier’s chair--trying to fill his 2 billion election 09 lies. It’s too bloody much----
No wonder several banks are closing banking precincts -- in the G8 and G20 meeting areas. After a recession -- talk of a slide back -- when the people have been sweating it out--these kinds of costs are making them furious with anger. If the centre left amounts anything viable -this- Stephen Harper is a goner.
Amazing numbers -- clear evidence that a successful Fight HST Initiative will overnight turn the BC Legislature -- BC Liberal and BC New Democrats -- Independents -- Lekstrom and Huntington -- into ‘virtual white elephants’. glen p robbins ranking if Leg ‘value’ (Government) is currently ‘10’ (for base) -- announcement of successful Initiative makes Leg value ‘7’ overnight. Lekstrom et al -- BC Liberals -- BC NDP have until August 6-7, 2010 to make a move -- or a new party in BC will be shooting fish in a barrel---(based on the glen p robbins “And then there were Independence”)---Coalition of Independents
A brand new third party in British Columbia must be lead by a person with significant charisma -- this helps when messaging isn’t perfect. A new party administration and executive must be smart -- and actually understand politics -- not just be involved -- the leaders need to know the game -- with most of them--not longtime politicians --- our provincial scene has a kind of outhouse smell to it right now -- political savvy not elected experience is what I am looking for. No kissing ass to the media. A fresh smelling new party in British Columbia intent on taking BC back to the people---must be ruthless with those entrenched in the status quo. Make everyone swimming in Campbell’s shitty soup --earn their way back.
A brand new third party could include the BC Conservatives (or are the BC Conservatives//theoretically a brand new third party/?/I don't think so - there isn’t enough anecdotal comment to support any conjecture/theory.)
Referring to Blair Lekstrom as a rat-not- like- a- sign- that the BC Conservative party has its song sheet together.
The Conservative label -- is wearing a little--in any event--when some brand new third party supporters -- also selected “Individual and Corporate taxes should be raised by 10%.”
The bureaucracy -- mainstream news---(which isn’t mainstream anymore -- its more captive to interests of the status quo--sssh they haven’t figured it out)--and elected persons in the province -- have not considered how close -- at this moment in time--they are to being cleaned out---the people are ready to come on mass and turn the corner. They don’t trust YOU with their money --
There is a very close correlation between those respondents who want a new third party in BC and those who don’t trust government with their money. Slightly more than one in five Campbell supporters from question #1 support “Individual and Corporate taxes should be raised by 10%”---supporting the theory that alleged cost cutter Gordon Campbell is a shill for the government bureaucracy. (82%) of the minority of voter/respondents who want Campbell to stay on -- want the HST---some of the remainder choose Jack Layton -- Liberal Democrat-- is it possible that Campbell’s real numbers are lower than this?
I have a personal investment in ridding the province of the BCHRT -- but the rest of British Columbia is with me---the cancerous administrative law aspect of the Canadian Constitution -- is so dangerous --/the invention of a predatory public service-- I would wager if our government ministries and agencies conducted the public service like they do in BC (Ontario has less Initiative then we do)/- anywhere in the United States--/we’d have dead politicians overnight. I’m sorry to say that -- but I believe it.
This decision is easy for the majority of British Columbians -- either Attorney General or Solicitor General -- pick one.
The leader of a new party in the province must deal with the issue of legalizing and taxing marijuana up front and honestly. There is a part correlation between those respondents wanting a brand new third party and the support “to the public of marijuana and marijuana products” -- good luck with that Conservatives--.
If an individual over the age of 25 wants to purchase marijuana from a government venue--who cares -- obviously not the public.
Tremendous insight from question 9--British Columbians would prefer to spend their hard earned dollars on better more accountable government/by not providing government with any further tax dollars -- in order to get hold of the runaway ‘structural elitism’ of government. Voters generally understood -- that they cannot do much to change government -- beyond their vote which has less value than it once might have --- the Fight HST Initiative will change this -- and with Quebec separatists at the federal and provincial levels screaming foul over Ottawa ‘non payment’ of Quebec’s HST deal (1993) following Meech Lake’s recognition that Trudeau and Chrétien never obtained Quebec’s signature to the Canadian Constitution and Charter Rights --the close fight in 1995 --- and many British Columbians calling the Harper Conservative’s “no different than the Liberals and I didn’t like them (Liberals) much.”
The sales people in mainstream media “You can’t expect government services without paying for it.” Well that premise depends on whether or not you believe government --- and British Columbians are not buying the lies anymore. New people from the outside must get into government --- and tell us the truth about the loot. My wager is that fully one half of the assumptions we are expected to make are based on Wizard of Oz accounting in government.
Even ---Ontario’s premier McGuinty who unlike Gordon Campbell -- gave his subjects advance warning about the HST -- with Quebec a political powder keg (there she blows)--over non payment of HST plus interest -- plus fees for political shaming (not included as interest under the Canada Interest Act // how else can we cheat billions out of consumers? -- BC will become officially unglued August 6, 2010 (A Date that will remain in infamy)--when the ROBBINS stock market of politics -- will officially plunge the Government of BC and the Legislature into Official disrepute -- and warning DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS Provincial GOVERNMENT - . What will be the most great fun is watching how this government will go down --- defensive and useless. It’s a tremendous opportunity for bloggers and other Internet writers to being a collective and concerted effort to bring Campbell to resignation earlier -- and take away control from the mainstream media -- who will be inclined to keep him afloat to suit their own time tables and interests.
(Set your sites on taking out Campbell vigorously--ahead of August 6, 2010 -- and we lead the parade. The key to success is ruthlessness. Start you engines).
Old ‘Jackie Boy Layton’ is following mainstream polling -- calling him clearly the most popular of the three leaders -- Harper, Ignatieff and ‘Jersey Joe Jackster‘--it’s a lay down for Layton---WHO holds his own here in B.C as proposed leader of “a new federal Liberal Democratic party”-- There is a discernable minority of respondents who support a “new third party in British Columbia” who also supports proposed new leader of the federal Liberal Democratic party -- Jack B Nimble -- Jack B Quick -- Jack’s from TO - in BC he and Liberal Democrats are in it thick.
The number of British Columbians who want Premier Gordon Campbell to resign now is truly staggering. Nearly eight of ten voters want him to resign now.
Stephen Harper’s G8 and G20 costs of one billion dollars are going over like a Led Balloon in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Bad vibe -- shows a sharp disconnect. Respondents snap back “No”--“It’s far too much money to spend.”
New BC Party --worth $1,550,000 in $10.00 political donations (net,net, net). Excellent grass roots possibilities---. I’d bet the ranch that Dianne Watts would come Bill Vander Zalm’s way -- he is after all a former Surrey mayor--Campbell isn’t comfortable in Surrey unless he is pre-wrapped in cellophane or dressing up as a Sikh---but by the evidence in this poll a brand new third party must also have progressive candidates.
Vander Zalm’s problem- if he keeps on like this -- if he doesn’t run-- the people may come to resent him - for getting their hopes up - and then letting them down. His other problem -- is his second in command, Chris Delaney has denied his political ambitions less -- and is mired in with a BC Conservative Party destined I suspect to be only good enough to really screw -- up the BC Liberal coalition -- while a fresh brand new party --- has a chance to take it all.
Vander Zalm’s going to deny running until after the Initiative results are confirmed successful-----but he mustn’t be too coy for too long---AND he and Chris will need to make a decision --- as if they were running in the U.S. ----about what Chris is going to do with the BC Conservatives --- because right now he has a part hold of 75-80% public support with the Fight HST endeavour--at least one half of B.C. voters would “seriously consider” supporting and paying $10 donation to a brand new party--and currently his party is looking at 10% or so in real support--and I would bet not ready to support a brand new third party whose supporters appear to choose legalizing marijuana for tax revenue over the HST.
Interviews with 1,003 eligible voters in British Columbia between June 11-21, 2010. Margin of error 3.09%, 19 times out of 20 @95% confidence. (Internal median averages based on polling subsets and adjusted for gender-similar to outcomes in each question by approximately (1.3%) No sponsor declared

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