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ZEUS - It's OFFICIAL - Carole James (Victoria) vs. Bill Vander Zalm (Delta) for Premier of British Columbia 2013
1st published 11:24 am - Sunday July 11, 2010.  Jul 11, 2010

A telephone sample of 1,003 British Columbians residing in the lower mainland of the province from Vancouver to Hope - conducted between June 29th (Question 1)-30th (amended) 2010 to July 09, 2010. MOE 3.10% plus or minus -- 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence/competency. No sponsor declared.

Question #1
If an election were held tomorrow -- which leader and party would you vote for? (decided)
Carole James and New Democratic Party    42 %
Bill Vander Zalm and (new) B.C. Dogwood Party    23 %
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberal Party    20 %
Jane Sterk and BC Green Party    08 %
Chris Delaney and BC Conservative Party    07 %
Undecided/All Other    17 %
Question #2
The Fight HST Petition was Initiated by Bill Vander Zalm and his team of volunteers--recently a truckload of over 700,000 signed Petitions was delivered-- to Elections BC for scrutiny of the names and signatures on the Petition - while at the same time the HST has come into practice in the province. Our question is this: If the Fight HST Petition is deemed successful by Elections BC this August-- how should the B.C. Liberal government respond?
The BC Liberal Government should repeal (stop) the HST immediately    69 %
The BC Liberal Government should hold a province wide referendum next year to determine the fate of the HST    09 %
There is nothing that can be done - the HST is here to stay    16 %
Undecided    05 %
Question #3
Premier Gordon Campbell and finance minister Colin Hansen were against the HST during the most recent provincial election in May 2009 - and then suddenly announced they were bringing in the tax days after the election was over. What, if anything, bothers you most about the HST tax?
It was brought in -- in a dishonest way by the BC Liberal government    25 %
I don’t like the tax    28 %
It was introduced dishonestly and I don’t like the tax    31 %
I have no problem with the HST    14 %
Undecided/Other    01 %
Question #4
Could an increase in interest rates benefit you?
Likely    16 %
Not Likely    84 %
Undecided    07 %
From Q#1-
Carole James and New Democratic Party -- are crushing Opposition parties/decided (42.5% Decided)--//while former Social Credit premier Bill Vander Zalm-and the most logical name -- B.C. Dogwood Party (question artifact) - and Chris Delaney and BC Conservative ‘control’ (29.71% adjusted for gender) of decided straw vote support--- -- AND simultaneously-------
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals are skidding along on their bellies--spiraling downward toward (15%) decided support in the province of British Columbia. BC Citizens are looking for-- eggs and tomatoes to throw at both the premier and his caucus//Look!---(credit- Norman Spector) where do you think swing and swindled voters get to? // Has Gordon Campbell now soiled the office of premier--(and the trousers and pantaloons of this friends in business)?
-thanks to Gordon Campbell more and more BC Citizens Party ®- will be willing respondents--/---for ZEUS “We gonna’ cook your Goose” ®
If you take all of the respondents who landed on Bill Vander Zalm and (new) Dogwood Party and REMOVE THEM--BC Liberals grab up (25.5%) support against Carole James and New Democratic Party support of (55.5%) -- far better than double the support of the BC Liberals -- this game is over - right now--no economic news -- not stalls -- no delays -- this is time for an execution/ -- of a brand new game plan -- if you are a BC Liberal stalwart--
the New Democrats have full right to start jockeying for positions within caucus -- and permit the line ups of folks -- (some in slightly more need of psychological work - than a career in politics)-- ----for the leftist largesse that will certainly be flowing --- after Gordon Campbell’s decade of a golden plugged up colon----(see relationship with mother)--comes to an unattractive end. To centre right voters --- Bill Vander Zalm isn’t your problem--Gordon Campbell is- NOW
But -This was always about Gordon Campbell and never about British Columbia. Contra assertion (adjusted) of Bill Vander Zalm’s --it’s about the people not about the money- That’s just how crazy it gets -- get the technology -- get the money --- but if you don’t get the people--your ability to lead diminishes sharply - owing in part to the end of old media -- advance of the Internet (usage)-- but mostly to a point in time where a massive ‘swack’ of the BC public really despises Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberal Party.
Coming Soon ---ZEUS’s---- “Here Is Why We Hate (place business or organization here)” ® - Websites -- (not necessarily in conjunction with short selling). These Independent websites will challenge and expose the most well known businesses and other organizations with a mandate to push website viewing and link/page position -- If We Hate U - will a website be up in your honour?
Based on data in this poll - if an election “were held tomorrow” -- Carole James and New Democratic Party would win most IF NOT ALL of the seats in the BC Legislature.
Voters who do not want Carole James and the BC NDP -- will be giving a Deep Purple look to a new party--(particularly) if someone “the stature” of Bill Vander Zalm is leading it. The former Socred premier has recently mentioned a new party in passing --and glen p has it on excellent authority (excellent stature) // Bill Vander Zalm will not run for leader of the BC Conservative Party -- Zalm needs to set up our/- oops--- /this new party much sooner in the process than later---successful Petition (Courts -- to meth or not to meth) and just prior to Labour Day rallies /the party needs to set up following the Petition win/increased talk(/there isn‘t a year or two to wait and get a tan like the BC Conservatives/BC Liberals/BC NDP/and BC Greens)--
--frankly if Elections BC confirms the Fight HST Petition/ or the BC Supreme Court deems the HST unconstitutional -- or a combination of these come into effect -- the BC Liberals are more done than done // because the combination isn‘t just delicious chicken chow mainstream/ its sweet and sour pork rinds/right now this ZEUS poll mirrors a poll ROBBINS conducted with Christie Jung Inc in 2000: (over 4,000 8 x 11 sheets -- one sheet per respondent--scientifically equivalent to telephoning 76,000 people viewed by mainstream media--ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) website -- the views of over 6,000,000 British Columbians collectively --- Gordon Campbell and BC Liberal (38%), Ujjal Dosanjh and BC NDP (25%), Bill Vander Zalm and Reform (24%), Adrianne Carr and Green (10%), Other (02%).
The agreement --even at the NDP’s worst -- was not a surety for Campbell -- A collection of ‘Friends’ ordered -- the political hit on Vander Zalm -- he and Reform went from (24%) to (05%) in two weeks. ‘Wacking’ the Zalm -- hurt--it hurt real bad // but watching some of the half wits around him hurt worse- so I said okay. On the other side of this -- ‘Wacking’ former Surrey mayor Doug McCallum -- for current mayor Dianne Watts -- when she was on the Edge of the Roof -- was necessary and good for Surrey (and maybe the province) --- ‘Wacking’ that woman who ran for mayor against Larry Campbell (what’s her name -- parents have got money or something) -- in Vancouver -- through Sandy McCormick (we admitted the ‘Wack’ to the news) -brought you Carole Taylor -- ZEUS is necessary--- ROBBINS is necessary -- repeat over and over and breathe deeply while you do it--
The point is -- the NDP is further ahead of the BC Liberals now -- then the BC Liberals were ahead of the dying BC NDP in 2000 -- with an election only one year away (2001)/without Zalm being Wacked/Campbell would not have had the big/big win he did -- the BC Liberals will need to ride this hell for 3 years -- dammmm (BC Liberal caucus -- Put down that crack pipe) (to be spoken like Ronald Reagan -- “Mr. Gorbachev tear down that wall”).
(although they may in fact be done now)--and Bill Vander Zalm could be well on his way to challenging the New Democrats -- who /with Vander Zalm running up the road -- a Giant Zalm -- sprinting.....--- chasing the big yellow BC NDP bus to the finish line --can you see him in the rear view mirror?/---- appear to be counting the days until 2013 -- day by day --/each day moving a little more slowly than the day that preceded it. Timing is everything -- and politics and vacuums - don’t mix well.
Enter Sandman -- Bill Vander Zalm. “Get your Bill Vander Zalm dolls here” yelled Barkerville -- proceeds go to “Wacking Campbell”.
Will BC New Democratic leader Carole James - be announcing Dawn Black -- former NDP federal member of parliament (New Westminster Port Moody) turned BC NDP MLA ---- to status of Deputy Leader of the Party-- creating continuity--with (fellow) federal and provincial New Democrats --/serving as a chronological break between the NDP of the past - neutralizing historical criticisms --/mitigating against Surrey mayor Dianne Watt’s provincial ambitions--in the region-- at the Pattullo connection between New Westminster South Burnaby// and providing extra leverage over former BC Liberal highways minister and current health care minister Surrey Cloverdale’s Kevin Falcon -- who already has an eye to play Watt’s second in command (as you are---- privates) and WHO is very weak in the New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam -- Pitt Meadows/, Maple Ridge-/Mission Evergreen Line Scam// that the government still tries to sell (see ROBBINS: Evergreen Line)---Dawn Black and her friend Coquitlam NDP federal MP-- Fin Donnelly (the Green giant) collaborate on matters federally -- and where Mrs. Black seeks greater oversight -- in the region--a stronger provincial foothold with a very strong candidate -- answers all affirmative action squawking -- to boot.
Can you guess who just got ‘Wacked’?
Mainstream polling and political media have assisted Gordon Campbell -- constantly dipping well under 40% in our ROBBINS Sce Research polls over the decade -- always above that number in mainstream --- the Margin of Error --the easy explanation---there is a Margin of Error in this poll- and every poll/helped by a firm election date//helped Campbell didn’t help democracy --- but it strikes me as most interesting how the BC Liberal (capitalist) government is diminishing fast in public support - steady erosion -- downward - and the denial -- is just as entrenched as the NDP’s was under Clark (socialist)---(more so)--with Clark’s troubles you always knew the BC Liberals and the media would get them eventually -- its hard to predict how dysfunctional this chapter in our political history might become. AND Clark is the one who has thrived in the capitalist after-world -while Campbell seems reluctant -- to leave the womb of political protection -- to see if he has any talent (whatsoever) as an independent business person -- (good luck with that--mr high and mighty).
--(Likely -- (and inadvertently) -- Bill Vander Zalm has tipped the most significant political influence in the province of British Columbia -- to a relatively unknown private public opinion pollster -- and humble country boy from Saanich, B.C. -- )--Heck --we’re going to start ‘battle researching’ politicos AFTER THEY RETIRE --)// Battle Research ®--coming your way.
Coming Soon ---ZEUS’s---- “Here Is Why We Hate (place business or organization here)” ® - Websites -- (not necessarily in conjunction with short selling). These Independent websites will challenge and expose the most well known businesses and other organizations with a mandate to push website viewing and link/page position -- If We Hate U - will a website be up in your honour?
There is no question that the political future of the BC Liberal Party is out of it’s hands---there isn’t anything they can do-short of Campbell resigning in quick order/bringing back voters from 2009 who as respondents--- spew the most venom at Campbell/(turn it up I like that song)--if change isn’t dramatic -- really dramatic -- this BC Liberal dog is destined for absolute doom - amidst these type of comments you get from a decent fleck of respondents.
“If people in the lower mainland are paying HST - then people everywhere in BC should be paying HST” TO “I notice it already -- just from regular purchases like coffee” -- to “I hope Gordon Campbell is proud of himself now”- to “If I had the chance I’d punch him in the mouth” A united province we are not.
Bill Vander Zalm is the personal symbol of the Fight HST -- fight whatever you haven’t liked for many -- many years -- but mainstream pollsters, publishers, and editors did not want to push the Campbell government hard enough//buying time for him--and now it has exploded--in their face. I had much better financial fortune under the BC New Democrats than the BC Liberals -- I come from the stock market -- . The establishment -- is soft and spoiled -- and won’t be prepared for Battle Research. (‘Ignore that guy -- he’s got no credibility -- no stature’ -- “but he owns the bomb?”)
Officially -- the BC government and media have no credibility anymore -- /look who owns the media/ -- all Campbell’s friends -- a real embarrassment--is it worth the Hatin’ that’s comin’ - though--
personally -- and I say this not just as “The most accurate pollster in the World” -- but as a regular citizen -- in Kent’s clothing -- politically I have never liked Gordon Campbell -- he was never a very good leader in my opinion --selfish--to the teats-- he was coddled through office by a corrupt media -- enough to be sickening -- and watching his contempt for the province -- but that’s me/if my IQ were ‘105-112’ I might otherwise understand the BC Liberal pain --/ and now BC Liberal finance minister Colin Hansen is asserting that the $800 million- he took from BC insurance premium payers and ICBC (Crown Corporation) and $250 million as a down payment from the 1.6 billion HST deal with the federal Conservative government-- is not the reason the province’s deficit of $2.8 billion has been reduced to $1.8 billion.
I own Gordon Campbell’s historical legacy -- going back many years -- and continuing today -- while he dies -- others get set to flourish--its’ nature folks -- I own this man’s history as premier of BC @ -- glen p robbins blogs -- total and unequivocal domination -- Tap Out Submission---‘you ain’t betterinnoone’.
B.C. voters will easily connect Bill Vander Zalm as it’s leader-- to a big tent party-- if he manages this deftly -- Vander Zalm is singing better than Sinatra--I am so confident-- even before a new party is formed -- I would wager Vander Zalm has an excellent shot at B.C. premier--the BC Liberals frankly are too stunned (more likely too stupid) to figure out where they are -- right now ---the BC New Democrats are far more nervous about Vander Zalm -- than Campbell---/but cannot touch Zalm as long as Campbell remains ensconced in his own political stool ----jockeying for cabinet positions would be more fun without HIM. (remaining/residual BC Liberal supporters/in swingers -- will typically say something like this: “I can’t stand that Carole James” (there isn’t going to be a BC NDP leadership race -- understood/good let’s move along then --OR: “I’m not interested in anything Vander Zalm is doing” -- “So you like Gordon Campbell” -- no response.
That’s what is left for y’all --(hence use of “residual”).
Bill Vander Zalm’s numbers in question #1 hold up against competition -- Undecided are relatively low with eligible voter lists-baseline questions involving leader and party are sometimes more difficult to grow response totals--but we believe that Vander Zalm’s involvement in our poll// and (new) BC Dogwood Party increased the overall number of respondents willing to make a choice--and in the process revealed that the Fight HST campaign he leads obviously benefits his political standing -- but not overwhelmingly so -- the evidence of this being the combined total Vander Zalm - Delaney plus party(s) support is about (40%) of the number of total respondents who support the response “The BC Liberal Government should repeal (stop) the HST immediately” from question #2--while their combined control of decided support against all other parties is around (31%) - an indication that demand for another leader and party in British Columbia other than the BC Liberals and BC NDP is -we believe- trending upward.
Bill Vander Zalm’s political capital can only grow -- first an affirmative decision by Elections BC in August -- then a court decision -- if both go to Zalm’s favour--I’m betting on the Zalm to challenge the NDP---if Elections BC affirms Zalm and the courts go against him -- a populist tide will erupt -- and Zalm could win a majority.
(--in the late 1990’s ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) - was the first polling firm in the country to recognize the Green Party at double digit support and the first polling firm to drop Vander Zalm - then - at (24%) with the Reform 'empty pockets' party in the polls to (5%) only. The mainstream followed--- Vander Zalm was dead --- I had killed him/politically same as if I had put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger//politics is like that sometimes brutally hard and honest// - Reform federally had moved to Canadian Alliance -- the foundation of the provincial Reform Party which Vander Zalm led -- was gone -- and the cheapskates and kooks who were Vander Zalm’s inner circle -- were suffocating him -- it wasn’t meant to be -- and our polling proved it-- but this brand new situation over the HST is different -- it isn’t politics -- it’s a cause/it’s a political cause -- and it is a popular cause Vander Zalm is stitched emphatically to-- the politics which follows takes it cue from this cause--produces a tabula rasa for Bill Vander Zalm---a chance for a brand new spanky political ball team--will former Reformer and Harper cast off Randy White be able to move an awkward BC Conservative party forward --?
Managers of ----------well known barista business are saying that some customers are fiercely complaining about the ‘increase’ in the price of a cup of coffee -- those thinking HST blame Campbell--those who are not thinking HST-- are blaming well known barista business. It’s knowing the ‘little things’ about consumer behaviour - anecdotal or not-- that can really make a difference.
(Randy White has told media that people of “stature” (not 'little things') were inquiring about BC Conservatives -- what “stature” -- are these people on stilts -?- White can’t be referring to politicos-- in the same sentence of stature -- here we go -- more of the same--keep up the good work BC Conservatives -- (Look: Norman Spector II) I need you to run candidates in every riding and achieve 10 per cent popular support -- that will be all).
The BC -- White Conservative Party will certainly do well enough to ensure that the BC Liberals don’t come back--now that federal Liberal and former BC NDP Attorney General and (unelected) BC premier Ujjal Dosanjh is supporting the provincial Liberals.
--And now-- the overstatement of the year -- Bill Vander Zalm has risen and he-- new BC Dogwood Party-- are back (and not yet registered) with excellent support among British Columbians.
What will Bill Vander Zalms’ support be -- after his Petition is pronounced successful by Elections BC.? Will Bill Vander Zalm and the new party registered with Elections BC have higher polling totals than the BC New Democrats -- as the BC Liberals near their bottom? (how’s the smell down there?)
This poll emphasizes-- across party lines rejection of the Harmonized Sales Tax among eligible voters in British Columbia.
From Q#2-
Slightly more than 70% of British Columbians want the HST repealed immediately--“If the Fight HST is deemed successful” -- there is every (anecdotal) suggestion -- that respondents (who in the vast majority chose to repeal the HST)--want it repealed no matter--leaves little room for any growth for an enormously discredited provincial BC Liberal government -- time simply isn’t helping the Premier or his party--nor is it likely going to. Governments and businesses south of the border and abroad -- are going to be nervous about B.C. -- because any contracts they enter into with this BC Liberal government may not be acceptable -- particularly if a brand new shiny party wins government.
“There is nothing that can be done”……/ --- backed some respondents off this response choice -- best efforts suggests that these respondents landed on -“repeal the tax immediately” -. The solidarity against the tax is astounding/ a real rallying point for an expression of dissatisfaction---but there-- is as mentioned-- some gooeyness here -- but not near enough to give the HST a prayer among British Columbian eligible voters. The first of 2 push questions where responses provided all contain various presumptions of wrong doing onto the HST tax - and as would follow -its’ political proponents--the BC Liberal government and their friends in big business including the Chamber of Commerce and BC Business Council--all unpopular groups with Citizens--who would first want to see Gordon Campbell and his friends -- crushed--acknowledging the anger and distrust with them---
seen to be crushed--humiliated-- and then slowly resurrected -- / a ZEUS timeout as it were----
There is far too much BC’s economy and other type political fluff commercials broadcast currently -- then is acceptable in my opinion. The BC Liberal government did not engage the Fight HST proponents Vander Zalm - Delaney and others--as they ought to have -- and now are seeking PR relief with taxpayer dollars. With these numbers -- maybe the government should just back off from frivolous public relations/advertising - and reconsider the interests of the people of British Columbia/not just themselves.
Let the news cameras have (former) BC Liberal Attorney General -- Geoff Plant---“the face of five percent” / -----Roll cameras ---//Liberal --folks would rather take their cues from Criminal Minds--than challenge the face of new leadership in British Columbia -- Bill Vander Zalm (and the entire Netherlands soccer team).
From Q#3-
This question ‘pushes’ the respondent in the sense that it presumes a negative - against the HST and ‘how it was brought in’ - which supports in part the language of the response underneath. This approach was deemed reasonable based on the vast polling data that strongly suggests that both the HST and the premier of the province Gordon Campbell are very unpopular--/.
Only one of five respondents (at best) is positive to the HST---
“I have no problem with the HST”----“It was introduced dishonestly and I don’t like the tax” - // it is our opinion that these respondents are well entrenched against the HST-- the tax // while “It was brought in -- in a dishonest way by the BC Liberal government” respondents are well dug in-- in a type of conscious decision -- rationale to ignore any HST arguments on the principle -- that the argument is the poison fruit of the poison decision (fruit of a poison personality).
The pro-HST minority -- and they are a minority--(14.5%) --while respondents who answered “I don’t like the tax” - or “It was introduced dishonestly and I don’t like the tax” represents approximately (54%) of the respondents in this ZEUS poll. “I have no problem with the HST” may be a tough standard for respondents in this political climate to get to -- and clearly they aren’t. “It was brought in - in a dishonest way by the BC Liberal government” -- may be the only available respondents for HST supporters -- to convert -- but they can’t if the reason for this sentiment (Gordon Campbell -- Colin Hansen) hasn’t been dealt with.
From Q#4-
The vast majority of British Columbians are “Not Likely” to benefit from an increase in interest rates. Banks -- and others in the investment - Bond and Income security businesses are demanding an increase -- despite some potentially erstwhile public relations news announcement from various and sundry self serving economists -- and absolutely no sign from the United States -- or Europe -- or any other productive country in the world -- that economies are solid and recessions are out of the sight -- they are only out of mind -- which any decision to raise interest rates may also prove to be. Canada’s political Achilles is that it gets its head up its ass -- right up its ass --- when it reflects selfish Toronto/Ottawa--/and not like Canada--the signal of higher interest rates -- in concert -- with my sentiments about Ottawa--suggest this is more about rich Canadians -- than regular Canadians - more of the same -- when we have a chance to show we are better -- different than other major democracies--we start to screw it up -- because the people ‘in charge’ don’t get it.
Canadian power and money is shaped like a funnel with Toronto/Ottawa on top -- Montreal and Vancouver at the summit -- and the rest of the country--the Citizens at the very bottom--Gordon Campbell cares more about Toronto/Ottawa than his own province --and that is what we are now dealing with -- an obvious self serving traitor.
Wrap up-
In our ROBBINS September 24, 2009 poll a (net) (30.5%) of BC respondents said “I don’t want the tax (HST) plain and simple”, while (28%) of respondents in this July 2010 poll said “I don’t like the tax.” In our September 24, 2009 poll (38%) indicated “I am still angry about how the tax was brought in” - while (25.1%) in this July 2010 poll indicated “It (HST) was brought in - in a dishonest way by the BC Liberal government.” In both cases - responses offered are not precisely the same - however they do present for two decent comparisons from two different snapshots in time -- with 9 months between.
If you subtract Undecided as a response in the September 2009 poll - 3 options are provided or (33.3%) random - while the July 2010 offers 4 responses or (25%) random. From July 2010 “I don’t like the (HST) tax” (28.2%) - slightly higher than random - while from September 24, 2009 “I don’t like the tax plain and simple” is at random.
From September 24, 2009 “I believe the Harmonized Sales Tax will ultimately benefit BC’s economy is (76%) of random - while “I have not problem with the HST” is (14.4%) or (58%) of random.
In 9 months from September 24, 2009 until July 2010 I estimate that public support against the HST has risen (12%) while public support for the HST has fallen (16%).
Bill Vander Zalm and BC Dogwood Party supporters are less inclined to select the response choice: “It was brought in -- in a dishonest way by the BC Liberal government” than: “I don’t like the tax” or: “It was introduced dishonestly and I don’t like the tax”.
BC NDP, BC Greens and//- BC Conservatives and Undecided were more likely to select the response: “It was brought in -- in a dishonest way by the BC Liberal government”
“The BC Government should hold a province wide referendum next year to determine the fate of the HST” (9.0%) and “There is nothing that can be done - the HST is here to stay” (16.0%) - represents 24% of BC respondents - the former group desirous of delaying the outcome of potential legislated compliance as a rationale -- while the latter -- (don’t-- want anything to be done) -- they are mostly BC Liberal or BC Green supporters--however a few respondents who assert -“nothing can be done - the HST is here to stay” --do not support the HST when offered in question #3.
The added dimension of difficulty for the BC Liberals is that perhaps the most pliable of respondents are those angry at the way the tax was brought in --yet these respondents anecdotally are far more angry at Campbell in some cases than those ---who just "don’t like the tax."
The BC Liberals can’t have Campbell and the HST both--and expect to survive/unless -- they don’t want to survive?

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