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ZEUS-----Whales and Dolphins
Free Willy - Michael Jackson  Jul 19, 2010

Question #1
In your opinion are “Whales and Dolphins” at Aquariums?
Entertainment    42 %
Education    58 %
Question #2
In your opinion is it ‘somewhat cruel’ to keep “Whales, Dolphins, and other Mammals” in captivity?
Yes    66 %
No    34 %
Question #1-
Our first question - grabs our respondents into this ZEUS “Whales and Dolphins” poll -- even the cranky respondents (who usually say no thanks - methinks) - take the poll -- “We are independent - We pay for this -- We publish our polls on an independently owned website.”
(76%) of potential respondents agreed to become bona fide respondents.
The average age of our respondents is a little older at 54---I am pleased with this public profile.
A majority of respondents in this ZEUS poll are of the opinion that “Whales and Dolphins at Aquariums” -------- “are” -- “Education”. To be clear - there were a noticeable number of anecdotal comments from these respondents -- who clearly qualified their answer to say ‘Although I think the education is less so now.’
Question #2-
This curve ball manufactured by ZEUS - reveals that --- a conservative crowd of respondents is recognizing that -- “Although it isn’t cruel -- I agree it is somewhat cruel” --- with average age 54-- there is no guarantee a younger crowd would bump this (66%) number upward----if I were a betting man however -- I would strongly suggest that it might.
The old guy on the phone (74) “Who are you?” -- in random samples -- says “I don’t have the Internet -- but I know my grandchildren are on it all of the time--and they see beautiful things about Whales and the other ---.” Grandfather responded “Education” in question 1 - but easily accepted it was “somewhat cruel” -- from question 2. As a pollster -- I get hook ups like these --its just Gold---.
No matter the arguments -- the delivery of sea mammals to humans -- in the future -- will have to be scrupulously humane---the writing is on the wall -- even with respondents with strong emotional ties to the (Vancouver Aquarium), or a similar experience. What was clear from anecdote in question #2 -- particularly -- was that Aquariums “Will need to do more work” - “Make the Aquarium more like their natural habitat” ----------- To: “Well I liked it -- and my kids liked it -- but it’s probably time to stop it all”.
Our questions provide lots of consideration for theory----but it is clear to me -- that the average person in the lower mainland sees today’s Aquarium as “Out-dated” and “I don’t really like what they are doing”-----------to ----“A particular loyalty to the Vancouver Aquarium--man // history and the Queen still matter.
The opening for supporters of Whales and Dolphins --(mammals) --OUT of the Aquarium industry is present -- it is here -- okay -- but watch out -- tread carefully on history between Citizen and Aquarium// and THEIR “Education” -- particularly very fond one(s).
You put the Aquarium down -- you might run the risk of putting some potential new supporters -- down as well. On the other hand, respondents from question 1 were conflicted with many calling it “A tough question”.
A random telephone sample of 1,013 'persons old enough to vote'-- June 16-June 19, 2010 from White Pages for the lower mainland of British Columbia - not including Vancouver city proper--and no farther east -- than Surrey---(home of Dianne Watts--). Margin of error est -3.10% - based on 19 of 20 similar polls of random persons. Question #1 Undecided (08%) - Question #2 (16%).

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