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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics July 28, 2010
  Jul 28, 2010

Question #1
Do you support a Stephen Harper - Conservative Party majority government outcome after the next federal general election in Canada?
Yes    18.5 %
No    70 %
Undecided    11.5 %
Question #2
How important is the long form Stats Canada Census to you personally?
Very Important    04 %
Important    20 %
Unimportant    63 %
Very Unimportant    11 %
Question #3
In your opinion should financial institutions and insurance companies operating in Canada be:
Self regulating    03 %
Regulated by government    71 %
Strongly regulated by government    23 %
Undecided    03 %
ZEUS ROBBINS -- Greater Toronto Area (GTA) just blew Stephen Harper - and his Conservative Party away - dead like a skunk in the middle of the road.
Barely one in 6 respondents in Toronto GTA support a Conservative majority government.
These numbers should chill the Prime Minister and his party to the marrow--Depends users- in the Conservative caucus -- ‘got some changing to do. Toronto has not ever taken to the Stephen Harper - Conservative government - despite all the latter has done kowtowing to Bay Street including allowing the financial district and insurance companies to run roughshod over Canadians.
Toronto’s GTA population is 5 and one half million people -- the outlying area -- holds one if four of all Canadians---Are the Toronto GTA numbers an omen of bad news to come for the Conservative government of Canada---in the greater Golden Triangle region -- and sprawling suburbs ---?
Women particularly won’t support the Conservative Party with only (09%) indicating “Yes” to a majority government for the Conservative Party of Canada after the next general federal election. The billion dollar security orgy of spending at the G8 and G20 conferences -- contributed large- to the poor support for the Conservative government in this ZEUS poll.
Despite this---------Stat Canada---minister responsible Tony Clement -- has ‘de facto’ support for his new policy to get rid of the long form Stat Canada Census---as three out of four Greater Toronto Area residents/respondents “personally” finds the long form Stats Canada Census “Unimportant“.
With three out of four Torontonians of the opinion that the long form census is not important to them personally (I find it hard to believe that 47% of Canadians are ‘against’ getting rid of it).
I would speculate that less than 10% of residents on the Prairies -- would find the long form Census “Important”.
The mainstream press -- has been hammering the Conservative government for weeks - about the long form Census - but the Canadian public as reflected from a more left sided culture---could care less -- how come?
A message to the Conservative government - Opposition - media - insiders et al----As the late R&B singer Rick James says “Cocaine’s a helluva drug”.
Canadians residing in the Greater Toronto area expect the federal government to regulate or strongly regulate financial institutions and insurance companies--------------with only 03% of respondents supporting self-regulation. Presently if you have a complaint against a bank or insurance company in Canada -- you complain to the company -- when that doesn’t work--you go to the company Ombudsman----months go past----------possibly years----and that is why banks and insurance companies in the country are so arrogant/and so loathed by the general population -- like our federal government - no accountability.
That’s shitty government -- and these are real shitty popular support numbers for that shitty government. You get what you deserve -- long form census or not.
Again----------------/As the late R&B singer Rick James says “Cocaine’s a helluva drug”.
A random survey of 401 respondents in the Greater Toronto Area between July 23-July 28, 2010. M.O.E 4.75% -19 times out of 20 @95% competency.

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