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ZEUS: Pickton Pig Farm Mass Murders in Port Coquitlam, B.C. (Greg Moore - mayor)
For maximum enjoyment - read while listening to Time Has Come Today (long version) Chambers Brothers  Aug 02, 2010

Question #1
Robert Pickton has been convicted of murdering many women, however these convictions represent only a fraction of the number of women he is suspected of having murdered at the Pickton pig farm in Port Coquitlam (Greg Moore - current mayor). Robert Picton will spend the remainder of his life behind bars. There are a couple of outstanding issues yet to deal with. Most of the 50-60 women murdered did not receive their day in court -and, in addition, this horrific tragedy attracted significant criticism of government, the police and politicians for not following up on information that might have saved some of these murdered women. From the following responses offered - which BEST depicts your current opinion with respect the this case? (rotated--except undecided)
As sad as this tragedy is - we shouldn’t give Picton any more attention - he’s gone to jail for good - let it go    46 %
Make sure every murdered victim receives her ‘day in court’    18 %
Initiate a public inquiry into the matter of the Pickton Pig Farm murders    33.5 %
Undecided    02 %
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) and glen p robbins - “The most accurate public opinion pollster in the World” makes declaration that following--- The Supreme Court of Canada decision /not to permit/ an Appeal of Robert Pickton’s 6 murder convictions/ - and the announcement from BC’s Attorney General - of the possibility of a public inquiry--
the BC Public has rendered its verdict:
By far the largest pool of respondents, (but not a majority)-- of British Columbians want to dump the Robert Pickton story: “It’s tragic and depressing - but the justice system worked and he’s in prison for life”
to ---the smallest pool of respondents--- who want criminal prosecutions for more women-- “It disgusts me that he (Pickton) doesn’t have to face the courts on each and every murder”
to the middle sized population of respondents-- “We absolutely need to find out how this nightmare was allowed to go on so long” - with the split going to “let it go” likely based on this sentiment.
It’s too hot! -- is just right=
= “I have no doubt that there have been a hundred mistakes made - I expect that -- but a public inquiry will just end up being a waste of more money and don’t believe we’ll be any further ahead.” (this was the excuse most were looking for) -
We believe that the recent decision of Canada’s highest court - influenced many respondents in this ZEUS poll (which likely lessened over the holiday weekend) -- that decision represents the end of the line for Robert Pickton on six murder convictions and a life sentence - it also represents the end of the line for many British Columbians - who see the Picton saga as: “Horrible”, “Awful” - “Sad” -------, the numbers for ‘day in court’ could well be down because of conspicuous news reports -- that there would not be a day in court ---- at ZEUS we believe this announcement --integrated with the great big period on the sentence that the Supreme Court of Canada decision provokes --- it screams THIS CASE IS OVER - to many in the public---and triggered many respondents in this ZEUS poll to speculate that an inquiry “would prove nothing”--propping up the ‘he’s gone to jail for good’ - let it go response - as our ‘winner’ - at least most popular response.
the 2 against 1 response choice set up-- proved far more divisive for ‘day in court’ and ‘Public Inquiry’ supporters - than one might have ever anticipated. No day in court - was the signal - ‘they (government) aren’t going to do anything’ --yet the current BC Attorney General - (who some respondents believe is Chinese-The Peyote Press ® )--opened the door on the possibility of a---- Public Inquiry--it’s kind of like a Royal Commission only for folks with no money--sick, drug addicted -- down and out---oh never mind - let’s not even bother--it’s already been decided - sort of---Change the Station - oops Vander Zalm and Robbins are on them ---- singing and dancing -- raising the carnival roof --
Well then - The BC New Democrats -still blushing over confidence in their massive lead over the BC Liberals -- want to run Glen Clark/Davey Barrett/Mike Farnworth/and an attractive person of colour---------and possibly an attractive lesbian woman (time permitting)// against Carole James// are all out sizing up new Jaguars -- Corvettes - and Mercedes for their electoral victory purchases (that they hadn’t already stolen from me (see 1999-2000)--because -- at this early juncture - they are set to win every seat in the BC Legislature ---and political realism strongly urges against such domination (see: recent history) -
I’ll be honest (just this time though) -- I (unilaterally) emailed former B.C. Premier Bill Vander Zalm - I send him a poll now and then -- not often -- and told him that I believed it important that he return to BC politics - “for the good of the province.” (“I write the Songs” - Barry Manilow).
We also believe that British Columbians may have less appetite for a public inquiry - particularly when we consider this question asked by ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) between August 21st and 31st, 2004 (note reference in the question is to a Royal Commission and not Public Inquiry).
Question #2 (from 2004 ROBBINS Sce Research (1998)) Currently, a Port Coquitlam man, Willie Pickton is charged with the murders of these Vancouver women, based on evidence found at his pig-farm in Port Coquitlam. When his trial was concluded, should the BC government in your opinion, strike a Royal Commission to investigate what exactly went wrong, leading ultimately to the deaths of these women? Yes-82.76% No-14.71%
A Royal Commission is a MAJOR public inquiry into an issue - a Commission - it is an inquiry commissioned by the Governor-General - and has considerable powers - far more power than just a public inquiry - currently being contemplated by BC’s current Attorney General Mike de Jong.
One has to wonder if by not considering a Royal Commission - a major public inquiry--and instead more casually referring to the potentiality of a “public inquiry” (only) - AG de Jong isn’t secretly hoping that the case goes away - as suggested by his opposite number on the New Democrat bench - strong man and fitness freak Mike “The Body” Farnworth-----BC’s Gay (much safer than murder) version of The Terminator (Port Coquitlam) a public inquiry would surely bring many of his close associates - police - and other politicians into further disrepute---and open the door for ZEUS to further metastasize influence--{said in Dr. Evil voice-
With Canada’s new Governor General - David Johnston just in the job -- ZEUS might have the biggest decision of your illustrious career --to be truthful--------- if you go all the way through your intellect - (not just your heart) you will move for a Royal Commission -as politics might muddy that clear view. On one hand - the lawyers create a circus Human Rights ‘court’ - where people complain because their boss--would not let them cross dress on the job/propping up the Charter as it‘s liberal/secular bible/then removing free speech-right to legal counsel when accused--a fair hearing/trial and other elements of that bible like a ---chartered bank takes away consumer rights----
while dozens and dozens of women are being hack up like livestock- like filthy pigs at a pig farm---- at slaughter an hour away---take a second to think -- it’s sobering-it’s sickening---PETA likely has a place at the table here--.
The Pickton - Pig Farm Mass Murders in Port Coquitlam (Greg Moore: mayor )---are the symbol of how some BC Citizens-are treated like animals - and worse.
Where’s Papa’s little girl Pamela A?---come on home dear - we need to hear from you on the Picton murders -- human beings are animals aren’t they? -- isn’t this inhumane slaughter? The courts only answered for a portion of the slaughter of women? - how do we finish what we have to say for the remainder of murdered women?
The thing is - these Pickton murders are awful -- the story of nightmares -- and what’s new - though women of all race were murdered -- many of aboriginal background suffered terribly---that’s why BC’s Lieutenant General Steven L. Point needs to make the case in a news announcement -- non-partisanship be damned - AFTER speaking with Mr. Johnston first.
The province has collectively confronted Gordon Campbell/The Original Demon ® -- it’s time now for all British Columbians to face the rest of -our- outstanding demons.
Otherwise, those British Columbians who are older - over 55 - who would just as soon never hear about Pickton again---but squeal with delight that he’s jailed for life -- believe the system works - they are satisfied. It isn’t necessarily a lack of empathy -- it’s a respectful concern for money (I hooked $$$ to a question in our very first Internet poll -- on the Pickton Pig Farm murders------if in a situation like this you emphasize $$ as a condition of selecting that response - you will repel more respondents than you will attract-----)--(and trying to pretend how I would feel--is not possible--it must be a little like you are slowly dying)---------and lastly - older people don’t want further trouble ---some simply aren’t well themselves---while younger people say “Bring the Trouble on ---” - like a kind of Multi-Racial Malcolm X ®.
“Trouble needs to win one“------ glen p. robbins - the Original Mr. T:
“I don’t cause trouble - I produce it.”
It is interesting to note that women between 20 - 30 (53%) support Public Inquiry---(A natural integration of The Good Sisterhood ® ). (I like this very much).
BC Attorney General Mike de Jong has a real snakes/snakes/snakes and ladders situation here -- A Royal Commission announcement from Ottawa following his public inquiry a-muse meant it would not be great for de Jong- the magic pixie dust affect of such things-(certain I stole that from Rex Murphy CBC)- Bloody Official-Royal - right from Britain like--Ottawa anyhow---who’s in charge of BC courts over there they asked? ---Stephen Harper----replied Trouble. (The Incongruence of Decisions Relating to the Subject of Loyalty -- a discussion and debate of the persona/e/l decision making style of Canada’s Prime Minister ---Stephen (de Jong) Harper).
If BC Liberal AG// de Jong actually pursues only the watered down version Public Inquiry he muses about-- he has a constituency - of ‘younger’ women who will applaud his decision and vote New Democrat in 2013 -- and he may lose even more of those old school British Columbians (who historically vote BC Liberal in higher numbers but have or are presently fleeing the ship currently under flag of the Gordon Campbell - Jolly Roger).
My daughter - muses - she is considering becoming a labour lawyer---like Sergeant Shultz I say “nothing”.
- Older British Columbians want to get on with other matters - and life---including lower green fees and otherwise better golf packages -- /shopping opportunities and discounts here and south of the border-- the other half of the province - wants the BC government to stop burying its Citizens -- in corruption-ineptitude-lack of thought and consideration--by a seriously flawed government structure--standard--public service--which wastes upwards of 2 billion dollars every year on every cost from oil and gas subsidies to holidays--time off--sick time--rest time---pool and recreation time----and paid no attention to a mountain of screams for investigation and its likely that 30-40 women died - who might still be alive today - if people in charge - who live the life of Riley on good salaries and pensions--hadn’t so easily said ‘who gives a shit they are only prostitutes’---that’s the truth of it - let’s deal with it-----------------not to mention municipal and city government --robbing homeowners blind----you want services -- pay through the nose---you want no services--pay through the nose------- “Is there anything we can do to lower our taxes”----- ??
Now minister de Jong- that’s zero sum coming hard negative at you-and it’s completely of your own making---you must re-examine the precise content of your position in your political announcements in the future to stay on top of the wave---and not under it.
Is BC AG Mike de Jong expected to volunteer to roll under the bus - to buy Gordon Campbell and his concubine(s) another month or two of major salary and sexual gratification/there for the grace of God go I -- after the news arrives in the next week that the most important political personality in the province is former premier Bill Vander Zalm----On the Third Day----------
Now the Time Has Come+++++++ 4 Bill to raise a little hell---the Pickton Pig` Farm is the invitation.
A random telephone sample of 508 British Columbians residing in the lower mainland of the province - conducted July 29 - August 1st, 2010. Margin of Error - 4.35%, 19 times out of 20.

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