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ZEUS- Former premier Bill Vander Zalm - Big Winner - as next leader of BC Liberal Party
  Aug 09, 2010

Question #1
Would you like to see Fight HST Leader and former Social Credit premier of British Columbia Bill Vander Zalm return to politics to lead the BC Liberal Party to ensure that: (1) The HST is gotten rid of; (2) Greater accountability and transparency in smaller government; and-(3) To stop the BC New Democrats from an anticipated landslide victory in the next BC provincial election?
Yes    30.5 %
No    55.5 %
Undecided    14 %
Question #2
From the following response choices offered - which one BEST describes how you see Fight HST Leader Bill Vander Zalm?
The people’s politician    37.5 %
An establishment politician    10 %
One half people’s politician and one half establishment politician    26 %
I am not sure who Bill Vander Zalm is    12.5 %
Undecided/Don’t Know    13.5 %
Bill Vander Zalm wins a stunning (35%) of decided support from question #1. He is as popular as Dianne Watts or Carole Taylor UNDER THE BC LIBERAL banner - , while over (40%) of decided respondents perceive Bill Vander Zalm as “The people’s politician”.
Bill Vander Zalm is leader of the Fight HST - the people love that/the people know--- he is going to win it -- because of this--and with a few respondents aware of Vander Zalm’s history promoting principles of direct democracy while premier of B.C., which the people want because neither Harper (PM) nor Campbell (BM)-HST Twins have provided any --- and the fact that many respondents don’t want the New Democrats-- and fear their high support polling numbers--his attraction to many conservatives makes Vander Zalm every bit or better a candidate-- as anti-HST former BC Liberal finance minister Carole Taylor - . This - and I suspect the sense that Vander Zalm is self made - independent not relying on government -- like Gordon Campbell - a man with no real record outside a job where taxpayers pay him his salary ---- a bully? a loser on his own----------when there are currently few BC Liberals who can point to actually being a Free Enterpriser in FACT------------, and not just money grubbing self interested government politicians.
Currently, in BC politics Vander Zalm is a winner - Gordon Campbell is a loser.
“I won’t vote NDP - ever - and I certainly would never vote for Campbell and his gang--if it takes Vander Zalm leading the (BC Liberal) party - then go for it.”
This ZEUS poll reveals clear support for a takeover of the BC Liberal Party by former Social Credit premier Bill Vander Zalm -- and his Huns from the Hills ®. Their coming to get you---Campbell and Concubine - at the piggy trough asking “Where is our weekly $7,500?”
There is a direct correlation between those respondents who answered “Yes” in question #1 and “The people’s politician” in question #2 with an resounding (88.9%) of respondents who support: “Bill Vander Zalm’s (sic) return to politics to lead the BC Liberal Party to ensure that: The HST is gotten rid of, greater accountability and transparency in government, and to stop the BC New Democrats from an anticipated landslide victory in the next BC provincial election”?
There is also a correlation between those respondents who see Bill Vander Zalm as either “An establishment politician” or “One half people’s politician and one half establishment politician” from question # 2 and those respondents who answered “No” in question #1. There is a higher correlation between the one half/one half respondents from Q#2 and “No” in Q#1. The anecdote underneath possibly suggesting that the one half/one half pool of respondents - don’t buy “Vander Zalm’s Act”.
*(It should be noted that a few respondents asked what was meant by “establishment” which callers were told to answer (in the event) “The establishment includes the government, major media, big business, and big unions”----and none of these ‘anecdotal respondents’ answered “Yes” in Q#1--in other words - respondents knew what we offering and selected accordingly).
Anecdotally - Bill Vander Zalm is a good politician to poll - some people really like him --many British Columbians believe Bill is the cat’s meow/(and this cat has a BC Liberal bird in his mouth) (not the same bird as Campbell-see moral Libertarian) --- while others choose him for a variety of other reasons-including “I think Vander Zalm is the right guy to bring back a new BC Liberal party and make sure the NDP do not get back in.”
Vander Zalm’s numbers in this ZEUS poll - are very promising - and amazing when we consider numbers from the recent Angus Reid poll (which are not materially different from ZEUS ROBBINS) suggesting New Democrats (48%), BC Greens (13%). If we give the New Democrats and BC Greens a conservative ‘hold’ on (55-61%) of voters, this leaves (39-45%) for BC Liberals under this poll - and Vander Zalm grabs approximately (70-80%) of remaining vote (even better if you subtract for other political parties like the Refederation Party) based on the following criteria: (1) Bill Vander Zalm leads the BC Liberal Party; (2) Greater Accountability and Transparency in smaller government; (3) Stop New Democrats from landslide victory in 2013.
In any event - there is enough information to suggest that the current BC Liberal Party and erstwhile leader Gordon Campbell only have control of perhaps (5-10%) of BC voters loyal to them, particularly when we consider that (06%) of respondents from Q#2--who don’t know who Bill Vander Zalm is--and were also Undecided in Q#1 --. Given the high decided numbers for Vander Zalm in Q#1 - an addition of even one third of those who don’t know him--in the context provided for in the questions in this poll--could push Vander Zalm to 35-37% AS LEADER OF THE BC LIBERAL PARTY--enough already.
Eerily - most respondents just answered the questions and did not provide anecdote as if to say--‘If Bill Vander Zalm taking over the BC Liberal party will fix all of the problems’ -- that’s how respondents see this Campbell BC Liberal government --- “problems, problems, problems,” -- and people have “Problems of their own” -- and are not concerned whether or not Campbell and his girlfriend want to hang around long enough to continue to collect the $30,000 per month from BC taxpayers---British Columbians know:
Gordon Campbell is toast -- they know he has “nothing to do” -- they know he is staying on for selfish reasons--the Internet has changed the public’s perception of things---“Fixed election dates turned out not to be very satisfying” --- control the run-up to the fixed election date - rationalize the press from doing their job - lie and steal an election---the majority of the public get’s this - has decided Campbell’s fate -- and now Gordon Campbell - will continue to annoy them every day he stays on/because at the heart of it we discovered what you see is what you get/a selfish money hungry politician out for himself and his friends/everyone gets this/ ------------- and that is what has brought a large number of British Columbians to see the simplicity of a Vander Zalm - complete takeover of the BC Liberal Party---------and Bill Vander Zalm doesn’t need or want the taxpayer’s money--with one Zalm-supporter suggesting “Vander Zalm would do the job of premier for $1.00 per year - because he doesn’t need the money- and wants to help British Columbia.”
We have documented well -------the ‘pass’ that Gordon Campbell has received from the media -- there were/are token criticisms - how could you avoid it?--- lied and cheated to win an election - abused the process --- lied about the Budget - to win on the economy (the big manipulator of the public) - and then of course the deception over the HST. But---big $$$ have been flowing through to BC media - and headquarters in Toronto -- so Campbell gets a pass with them -- but not with the people. That’s the final truth of this sordid relationship between Campbell and his friends in the media.
What’s next for Campbell and his BC Liberal government? Decision from Elections BC in the coming days -- likely to affirm the Fight HST Petition (Campbell‘s a douche), followed by Labour Day (Campbell‘s a douche)--- followed by Opening of the Legislature (or does Campbell run and hide?-‘Send Lara and my cheque(s) to this account‘) (Campbell’s a douche)- Either way - negative for Campbell -- and then November (Recall)-public, On-line press, (maybe) regular press - all negative - negative for Campbell and BC Liberals--how long can British Columbia continue to pay Gordon Campbell and his girlfriend/Chief of Staff $30,000 PER MONTH --- while he entrenches the HST for his friends in business-------from consumers who have been duped by this BC Liberal government.
If Campbell had done such things in China - would he be imprisoned and possibly executed?
This poll provides sufficient evidence to declare the theory that the B.C. public has virtually ZERO - 10% connection/loyalty to Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals. There is also sufficient evidence here to make popular liberal Carole Taylor think twice about seeking the top job in the party--and ask herself why Dianne Watts has declined the offer and is staying on as mayor in Surrey---------as many British Columbians are seeking a Libertarian type of populist personality like Bill Vander Zalm to lead them---past the HST - Gordon Campbell - and the BC New Democrats toward smaller -- bona fide accountable/transparent government.
A random telephone poll of 502 British Columbians residing in the lower mainland of British Columbia-- between August 6-9th, 2010. This poll conveys a margin of error of 4.37%, 19 times out of 20.

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