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ZEUS America: Barack Obama - Another Day on the Job/The Education of America
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) and glen p robbins - The most accurate public opinion pollster in the World   Aug 17, 2010

Question #1
From the response choices offered, which best describes how you rate U.S. Barack Obama’s performance as President of the United States to date?
Excellent    24 %
Good    25 %
Fair    25 %
Poor    11 %
Unacceptably Poor    8 %
Undecided    7 %
Question #2
In your opinion how important relative to other factors--- is the education of America’s citizens both young and old-- to the “overall total revitalization and renewal of the nations’ economy and strategic welfare”?
Important    72 %
Unimportant    22 %
Undecided    6 %
From question #1
On February 08, 2010-- RSR asked Americans if they were “Satisfied” with President Barack Obama’s “Performance”---------(51%) responded “Yes”, while (38%) responded “No”. Using a variance of response choices --- Obama still illicits (51%) “Performance” approval --------- holding his presidential win--numbers----------nearly 2 years later.
469/1001 respondents (46.9%) of Americans see Barack Obama’s “performance” as either “Excellent” or “Good”. Based on ‘decided’ respondents (891) - respondents support Obama’s performance as “Excellent” or “Good” (52.6%) of the time-------(95% of the time).
U.S. President Barack Obama’s numbers are positive depending on 2 things -- the solidarity of the “Good” response--and how might the “Fair” numbers play out as “Fair” responses equal “Excellent” and “Good” trend lines-------and “Poor” and “Unacceptably Poor” reflect a shorter trend line.
From question #2
Critics of question 2 might suggest that people would be inclined to provide a positive response--“Who in their right mind would see education as “Unimportant”? Apparently, an estimated 30 million ’voters’ in the United States still believe education -relative to other factors- is “Unimportant”.
There are some Americans -in this ZEUS poll--(science and anecdote) who simply don’t see the connection (or the connection “relative” to current times) - between education and the economy-- or focus exclusively on other factors.
Knowing this, --reinforces in our opinion that the high “Important” number from question 2 is no fluke--most Americans DO/DUE draw a connection between Education and a successful economy-- over three quarters of American see Education as an “Important” factor in the economy (and strategic welfare) relative to the one quarter who do not --how much in stimulus has gone or is heading this way?
I would interpret that Americans generally are fully aware--- they have a lot of work to do to bring their country back to its Corvette class/number 1 feeling it and knowing it - there are outstanding trust issues between the people and government - but a charismatic -- positive leader in Barack Obama--still has a majority of Americans believing they can win the number one spot in the world back. In order to be competitive you must be educated and trained---(“overall total revitalization and renewal of the nations’ economy and strategic welfare”?)--the word “strategic” - Americans get it - if they are not number one--in everything they do -- they will soon be number two -- and they -- are not en masse interested in this possibility as an option -- to be strategic therefore is to support education - a well educated -- well trained people -- in a strong economy--is the ideal model -- the necessary model for nation states going forward -- lest they drop off.
Educating people is the best elixir for what ails---you--leading by example on education has got to start with the President---how many past presidents would have taken their young child swimming in waters---'once'--threatened by oil spill---to inspire confidence -- THAT to us is real leadership. THAT picture--is today’s Norman Rockwell.
This competition to be number 1 in the world -- isn’t just about killing evil people---its about educating ALL people -- your own first------------------?
After some big wins-----Education is the Ace in U.S. President Barack Obama’s sleeve heading back to school.
A targeted sample of 1,001 "U.S. Citizens" between August 08-August 15, 2010. M.O.E. of 3.13%, 19 times out of 20- @95% confidence.
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) and glen p robbins "The most accurate public opinion pollster in the World"

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