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The vast majority of Americans believe Iraq will be better off!
  May 16, 2004

A computerized telephone survey of 851 U.S. respondents through May 12-17, 2004, plus an additional 200 calls by random telephone survey for a total of 1,051 respondents throughout the United States of America. The 851 calls were made throughout every State in the Union with every effort made to ensure proportionality relative to population. 200 random telephone calls were made throughout the State of California (north and south). the 200 calls in California provided similar responses-within the margin of error-as the 851 calls made by computerized telephone. this survey has a margin of error of 4.1%, 18 times out of 20 @ 96% competency.

Question #1
In May 2014, in your opinion how do you expect that Iraq will be doing?
Iraq will be better off with responsible goverment and the Rule of Law    33.1 %
Iraq will be better off, but remain very much a work of progress    44. %
If there is any government at all, it certainly won't be stable    33.1 %
Question #2
The internet telecast of American citizen Daniel Berg's decapitation at the hands of terrorists in Iraq, did not provoke a condemnation from either the United Nations or European Community, save for America's ally in Britain. Certainly France and Germany did not respond. In light of such a repugnant act by these terrorists-which of the following choices in your opinion best reflects the reason for this behaviour?
The United Nations, France and Germany are still upset that the U.S. acted alone in Iraq    34.2 %
The United Nations, France and Germany are hoping that United States foreign policy in Iraq fails, in order to exert their own influence in the region.    51.5 %
France and Germany are socialist governments and thus have a sympathetic attitude towards the terrorists    14.4 %
Question #3
In your decided opinion, should US. President George W. Bush:
Ask for participation in Iraq from NATO France and Germany    41.8 %
Continue to go it alone in Iraq until intended objectives are met    36.6 %
Get out of Iraq in six months or less    21.7 %
Once again the American public makes being a pollster easy. Respondents generally answer the questions quickly, very decisively, and occasionally provide a supporting comment. The American public can advise their leaders because they are aware of issues, and for the most part have a clear opinion on them.
In this survey a significant majority of Americans are of the opinion that Iraq will be better off ten years from today. One-third is of the opinion that Iraq will possess 'responsible government' and the 'Rule of Law', necessary minimums for a good democracy. Slightly less than one-half of respondents are of the opinion that Iraq will be better off, "but remains very much a work in progress".
It's pretty obvious to us that the American people are generally positive about the direction the Iraq confict is taking, despite recent events, particularly the prisoner scandal. The United States can look to other 'intangibles' to assist them in the public relations battle, including the fact that Iraq's soccer team has made it to the Olympics in Greece for August 2004.

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