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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics September 1, 2010
  Sep 01, 2010

Question #1
From the following choices offered to you which BEST represents which Canadian political leader and party you support?
Stephen Harper and Conservative Party of Canada    31 %
Michael Ignatieff and Liberal Party of Canada    29 %
Jack Layton and New Democratic Party of Canada    17 %
Elizabeth May and Green Party of Canada    9 %
Gilles Duceppe and Bloc Quebecois    11 %
Undecided    7 %
Question #2
Dozens of women were murdered in British Columbia over a fifteen to twenty year period. A serial killer was convicted in six of these murders, and this same person is suspected in the murder of the rest. All the women are believed to have been murdered on a Port Coquitlam pig farm - in the jurisdiction of the RCMP, Canada’s federal police force. Most experts agree that most of these woman died needlessly and could have been saved if politicians and police had been doing their job. Recently, the Conservative government of Canada spent one billion dollars on security for the G8 and G20 conferences in Toronto, Ontario. The R.C.M.P. believes it needs 2 billion for a long gun (rifle and other) registry. Would you approve and give consent to the Government of Canada spending 30 million on a Royal Commission established to determine why these woman were murdered, and why British Columbia authorities apparently did nothing and failed to stop the murder of-- and secure the safety of --these murdered women? (63 repeats)
Yes    70 %
No    21 %
Undecided    9 %
Stephen Harper is asking for a majority to stop a coalition against him. These ZEUS numbers strongly suggest that isn’t in the cards for him.
His Conservative Party ranks much lower in polling (that can be trusted) with average support in Canada’s 3 most populous provinces, Ontario, Quebec, and BC averaging (26%). His competitor Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party of Canada achieves over (29%) over the same provinces on average.
PM Harper’s problems don’t stop there - the Bloc Quebecois has been invisible all summer and has the support of 1 in 2 Quebecors. With the end of Quebec premier Jean Charest’s career in plain sight - and the ascension of the separatist Parti Quebecois (provincial) coinciding with high Bloc (federal) numbers-----Quebec looks ripe for leaving and it is expected that few true Conservative supporters and many other Canadians are likely to express any regret over this.
(Although one wonders why the Bloc would want to further institutionalize a national police force (R.C.M.P.) with a long gun registry and inherent transfer payments - if the objective is sovereignty).
Stephen Harper’s government is losing any luster it (residually) may have (ever) had, it is unimaginative - and continues to employ a strategy of half measures - at one time appearing fiscally conservative and another time looking foolish (G8 - G20). The Prime Minister appears only able to lead part of the time - hiding out or otherwise being unavailable the remainder of the time.
Am I Liberal - Am I Conservative - Am I Reform - you tell me//that isn’t leadership and it is reflected in the low Conservative numbers which challenges the possibility of Harper winning government//- let alone a majority--unattainable with a Conservative base at well less than (30%).
Conservative numbers across Canada: Ontario (31.5%); Quebec (14%); BC (31%); Alberta (53%); Atlantic Provinces (32%); Manitoba (43%); Saskatchewan (48%).
Michael Ignatieff (hereinafter “Iggy Pop”) is experiencing the grind of politics - but he is up to the challenge as his numbers inch up toward (30%) in a statistical dead heat with the Conservatives. Mr. Ignatieff’s Liberals political problems remain the same - they are seen by most Canadians as Toronto - Ottawa centric and not for the people but as carrier pigeons for institutional government which even suburban voters are blowing back against.
Moreover, leader Ignatieff received significant attention traveling the country to set piece crowds - sold as spontaneous - at a time when Jack Layton - the political carnivore chewing on his left flank (along with Greens)- who was nowhere to be seen over the summer YET still draws (17%) from the pool of centre left voters.
Liberal numbers across Canada: Ontario (37%); Quebec (17%); BC (27%); Alberta (21%); Atlantic Provinces (36.5%); Manitoba (28%); Saskatchewan (23%).
Stacked up --against a billion dollar plus G8 G20 meeting just weeks ago, and the RCMP’s desire to spend 2 billion dollars building its Empire - (rather than looking inward and fixing it’s own widespread problems) -- the $30 million Royal Commission was an easy grab for respondents with 8 in 10 (decided) Canadians in this ZEUS poll supporting the $30 million expenditure to -Determine- why so many women were permitted to be murdered in Canada’s murder capital - Port Coquitlam - British Columbia.
Sadly, the horrific death of dozens of B.C. women - and not political or leadership skill may be the faint hope clause on Stephen Harper’s Conservative government----not--- looking good with foreign leaders--or fighting to save long guns -- just being human.
Support for the Royal Commission across Canada:
Ontario (71%); Quebec (82%); BC (57%); Alberta (54%); Atlantic Provinces (84%); Manitoba (67%); Saskatchewan (54%).
A ZEUS strategic calling of 832 Canadians between August 22nd and August 30th, (M.O.E. 3.6% + - ); 2010 with calls as follows: Ontario (307 + - 5.5%); Quebec (125 + - 7%); BC (211 + - 6%): Alberta (45--n/a); Atlantic Provinces (80--n/a); Manitoba (32--n/a) Saskatchewan (32--n/a).

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