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glen p robbins Total Recall-straw poll #2 - Bruce Allen 4 Vancouver mayor--Campbell/Hansen must resign
Summer of '69 Bryan Adams  Sep 06, 2010

Question #1
What type of politician would you like to see in charge of the province of British Columbia?
A straight shooter, someone who is not entangled in establishment politics    59 %
Someone with political experience    30 %
Undecided/Other    11 %
Question #2
Recently, it has been proved beyond any doubt that both premier Gordon Campbell and finance minister Colin Hansen lied to British Columbians about the budget and the HST. Recent reports in media reveal that they knew about the HST prior to the provincial election and during the election despite both of them denying these facts often in the year following. Who, if any, should resign over the HST?
Gordon Campbell should resign    22 %
Colin Hansen should resign    17.5 %
Both Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen should resign    48 %
Neither should resign    12.5 %
Undecided    0 %
Question #3
Would you be pleased to see long time rock promoter and well known CKNW straight shooter, Bruce Allen run for mayor of Vancouver in the next Vancouver civic election scheduled for November 2011?
Yes    34 %
No    37 %
Undecided/All Other    29 %
Question #4
Would you be pleased to see BC Liberal Housing minister Rich Coleman replace Gordon Campbell as the next leader of the party and premier of British Columbia?
Yes    17 %
No    62 %
Undecided    21 %
Question #5
Would you be pleased to Recall your local provincial MLA over the HST later this fall?
Yes    35 %
No    24.5 %
Undecided/All Other    36 %
Question #6
BC has not raised the minimum wage in a decade. Do you support calls for a $10 minimum wage in keeping with minimum wage increases in other provinces across Canada?
Yes    84 %
No    6 %
Undecided    10 %
Question #7
Who do you trust more?
Big Business    4 %
Big Labour    24 %
I don’t trust Big Business or Big Labour    51 %
Undecided    21 %
Two of three respondents in the City of Vancouver want the next person “in charge of the province of British Columbia” to fit the following profile “A straight shooter, someone who is not entangled in establishment politics”. Most respondents who selected this - had no problem accepting the inference that the second option presented “Someone with political experience” was not a “straight shooter”.
Just less than (90%) of respondents in this glen p robbins poll want either Gordon Campbell, Colin Hansen or both to resign over the HST mess. Mathematically - Campbell resign (78.5-85%), Hansen resign (76.5-84%). (September 2010 is the end of the line fellas).
Bruce ‘Bam Bam’ Allen is well liked among Vancouverites who know him. (46.5-48%) of decided Vancouver respondents support his run for mayor of Vancouver. These numbers are seriously worth looking at. The Rock aficionado’s support is double that of BC Liberal Housing minister Rich Coleman’s.
I would suggest that with a little more media attention-beyond just an association with CKNW* many of the Undecided could be brought on board if Bruce Allen were to be serious about running for mayor.
I am not sure if his association with CKNW helps or hurts Mr. Allen given the anecdotal perception among many respondents, including Undecided that CKNW is a “business friendly” (sic) station--particularly I suspect with more British Columbians supporting /leprosy/ than /Big Business/. The flip side is that CKNW is where many respondents have gotten to know him. If Bruce Allen were gazing at the numbers from (Q#1)- “straight shooter” --I would think more seriously about Vancouver city politics (if there is an interest in politics in the first place) - because the next premier of BC won’t be coming from The Show--after 2 decades of dominating the premier’s office. (*CKNW has been very respectful and accommodating to me /and I listen to it regularly (along with other radio news)-gpr).
BC voters will be attracted to straight shooter type political personalities - and this in part has helped Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson - whose supporters believe he is a “straight shooter” - with significant anecdote of “No” respondents in (Q#2) - acknowledging their support of him. Though detractors of Gregor Robertson think he is “anything but a straight shooter” - -however in the midst of Campbell/Hansen’s lies and damn lies tour - one can readily see how Gregor might look good in any event.
Conjecture/Theory - Campbell/Hansen- help Robertson - help Allen - hurt business-which also hurts itself--with disgraceful enabling of Campbell/Hansen. What did ‘they’ know about HST - what input -- and do we find this out on the Discovery Channel?
Although we describe Mr. Allen in (Q#3) as “well known” many of the Undecided respondents have “never heard of him”.
Bruce Allen vs. Gregor Robertson is a good match-up in my opinion - but under what party label -- The Vancouver Rock n Roll Party?
Just less than (60%) of decided respondents in the City of Vancouver would be “pleased to Recall their (sic) provincial MLA over the HST later this fall”. (65%) of decided respondents west of Main Street want to Recall their MLA, while (50%) of respondents east of Main Street want to Recall their MLA (apparently) over the HST.
BC Liberals presently -R- and traditionally have been located west of Main Street in the City of Vancouver.
Rich Coleman may be the choice of some BC Liberal supporters to replace Gordon Campbell - but I seriously doubt he can win a general election based on these City of Vancouver numbers. The BC Liberals need someone from the outside as the entire caucus - save perhaps for Blair Lekstrom - including the current Housing minister is badly tainted by scandal and other political problems - particularly the sins of Gordon Campbell - their current leader -- and none moved quickly enough to deal with these problems including particularly the HST fiasco.
I would estimate the present Recall percentage in Vancouver is (57%) plus or minus (4.5%) - the M.O.E. of this glen p robbins poll or between (51%) and (62%) support for it. The Undecided is very high in part because there are some respondents east (and west) of Main Street who are not aware that their MLA is NDP/(or what party their MLA is with)//not all east/west assumptions are linked to party popularity---and others who are just sick of the HST -and like a huge greasy pimple-- flush/flesh with white puss and yellow/green rim--- simply wish it, and Premier Campbell would go away.
POP goes the weasel(s).
(If Chief Justice Bauman kicks the HST out from the Vander Zalm Court Petition - the entire province will breath a collective sigh of relief--).
Campbell and Hansen are in it each day in their respective roles as tax collectors -- and enablers of big box business - who want to pay Dark Ages wages. An increase in minimum wage is coming - if Campbell and Hansen stay on any longer - I’ll bet we could sell $12 minimum wage before you know it.--{go to the owners homes and get the rest of your wages}.
Big Business is loathed with Vancouverites/would they achieve < 1% support in the BC hinterland and on Vancouver Island -- {CKNW may be forced to get Bernie Madoff to do financial shows from prison - to top up ad revenue}. Big Unions achieve better support but are also not well liked. Part of the overall --mistrust
(Net) 455 respondents - random telephone sampling within the City of Vancouver, September 3-6, 2010 MOE (4.59%), 19/20 @95% (adjusted for gender--intra geography).

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