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ZEUS ROBBINS---Is Gordon Campbell's BC Liberal HST the biggest political fraud in BC history?
  Sep 20, 2010

Question #1
Do you agree with and support Gordon Campbell’s decision to call a $30 million referendum on the HST scheduled for next September 2011.
Yes    13.5 %
No    85 %
Undecided    2 %
Question #2
How likely are you to put off and delay any major purchase until after the Referendum next September 2011?
Very likely    17 %
Not Very likely    39 %
I don’t intend to make ANY major purchase because of the HST    44 %
Question #3
Both the BC Liberal government and BC New Democrat Opposition support the HST Referendum for next September 2011. Does this fact encourage your willingness to accept and support a brand new centre of the road political party in the province of British Columbia?
Yes    48 %
No    52 %
Question #4
Bill Vander Zalm and Chris Delaney of Fight HST want the Gordon Campbell HST Referendum held before this Christmas (2010) to take away the economic uncertainty they feel a Referendum will bring if it is held a year from now and potential cost of billions to the economy. The BC Liberal and NDP position is to continue to collect HST until a Referendum is held next year September 2011 to collect enough money to pay the federal Conservative government back one billion if they lose the Referendum. From the following responses which best reflects your response to this political difference of opinion?
If there has to be a Referendum than hold it November 15, 2010 or as quickly as possible    41.5 %
If there has to be a Referendum than collect HST for another year and hold it next year September 2011    3.5 %
We’ve already voted on the HST and don’t want it    55 %
Question #5
Which level of government is best to collect taxes on consumer purchases?
BC Provincial Government Revenue Services    63 %
Federal Government Canada Revenue Agency Services    2 %
We should not have any taxes on consumer purchases    35 %
Question #6
If the HST is gotten rid of through a Referendum on November 15, 2010, or two months from now, would you accept a 6% Provincial Sales Tax (from 5%) to help pay for services like health care and education, if Stephen Harper’s Conservative government dropped the GST currently at 5% to 4%? (NB - the PST in BC was 7% not 5% - respondents did not pick up on the 'error'-underscores confusion - unlikely that 'education' will help on HST).
Yes    46 %
No    43 %
Undecided    11 %
In question #1 the little support that there is for the Campbell HST Referendum in the lower mainland of the province-- next September 2011 -- and these numbers-- are effectively reduced even lower by those respondents who also indicated (question #2) “I don’t intend to make any major purchase until after the Referendum next September 2011”. At point of question #1 - this alleged support comes from respondents who “don’t believe they (sic) have a choice.”
In question #2 the (39%) of respondent support for “Not Very likely” to “put off any major purchase” must be considered in light of the fact that one half also answered “Yes” to “accepting (sic) and supporting (sic) “a brand new centrist political party in the province of British Columbia.” “If I need a new TV - I’m going to buy one - I’ll just wait for recall to get rid of the BC Liberals”.
While respondents who selected “Very likely” from question #2 are split on accepting and supporting “a brand new centrist political party in the province of British Columbia”, those respondents who select “I don’t intend to make any major purchase because of the HST” in question #2 are more inclined NOT to accept and support a “brand new centrist political party.”
Odd combinations indeed.
Question #3 clearly reveals a split among respondents for a brand new centrist third party in the province of British Columbia. The evidence on the face of this ZEUS ROBBINS poll among randomly interviewed respondents and anecdote underneath would suggest that the support against a brand new third party is not likely supportive of BC New Democrats, BC Greens, or BC Conservatives.
At this rate, a properly organized, properly funded--repeat--properly organized--properly funded new centrist third party in BC could win it all in 2013.
Approximately 32,500 homes are anticipated to be sold in the lower mainland of British 25% of homes sold are new ones, with the average price of these new homes in the $600,000 range, $75,000 higher than the HST cut-off of $525,000. The BC Liberal-BC NDP HST has the potential to wipe out the housing market in the lower mainland of BC-at a total cost to the economy in the billions of dollars- particularly Surrey, BC, where nearly one half of new homes sales are being developed.
This poll suggests that new home sales in the lower mainland including other economic losses attributable to respondent/consumer attitudes toward the HST may cost the economy upwards of 3-4 billion dollars, in an effort to cover up 2 billion dollars in budget deficit lies from the Gordon Campbell BC Liberal government.
One element of the HST mess in BC that has not been calculated, is the new hatred for Ottawa, - the federal government - which is fomenting in the province throughout all regions of the lower mainland of B.C. British Columbians want to keep their own tax collection and see the HST as Campbell’s “sell out” to the federal Conservatives, who many British Columbians see as opportunistic - “back stabbers”.
A full one third of respondents don’t want any taxes on their consumer purchases. News media and partisan political pundits seem confused on whether to portray the HST as necessary to pay for services, or as revenue neutral which serves to make respondents/consumers more frustrated and angry.
Our last question follows the theme in the preceding one ignoring the HST and raising PST from the dead in BC, increasing it by 1% (we used 5% as baseline - it was actually 7% - could an 8% PST with appropriate exemptions be implemented if HST is gotten rid of) and decreasing the GST by 1% (something the federal Conservatives are considering to buoy their sagging fortunes in public support--NB we have no evidence the federal Conservatives are doing this (10:03 am).
Following this prescription for ailing public confidence produces (52%) decided support.
The BC Liberals have produced the largest faux pas/consumer fraud in the history of BC provincial politics---the HST. The people hate it and want it gone tomorrow. Vaughn Palmer columnist with the Vancouver Sun has clearly revealed there is a way out--not the Shick Hospital, not a Twelve Step program, but rather by way of the Referendum Act-a provincial statute brought in by former BC premier and current Fight HST leader Bill Vander Zalm. If a provincial referendum on the HST is held sooner on November 15, 2010 rather than Campbell’s delayed Referendum September 2011 - the HST could be gotten rid of and the public will feel the relief before the Holiday shopping season begins.
Gordon Campbell’s extensive string of lies and deceit -- big business’s grossly arrogant support of them - have the full weight of the public in uproar and ready to clean house in Victoria - or anywhere else in the province of British Columbia.
The majority of consumers in BC are set to hold back on consumption until the HST has been removed. Gordon Campbell has ruined his BC Liberal party, and his federal Conservative counterparts in BC are heading in the same direction.
It is possible that BC’s economy could lose $3-4 billion in economic activity at a time when the United States and World economies are still fibrillating post recession.
A random sample telephone survey of 821 respondents throughout the lower mainland of the Province of British Columbia between September 14-19, 2010. This ZEUS ROBBINS poll features a margin of error of (3.42%), 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence.

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