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glen p robbins - A Bullett for Mike de Jong - BC Liberal Attorney General/Solicitor General -BC Liberal House leader
  Sep 21, 2010

Question #1
Do you support and will you participate in the Recall of BC Liberal MLA Mike de Jong as this relates to his strong support for the BC Liberal HST?
Yes    56 %
No    27 %
Undecided    17 %
Question #2
Would you like to see former Reform and Canadian Alliance Member of Parliament, BC Conservative Randy White replace BC Liberal Mike de Jong as your Abbotsford MLA and next leader of the BC Conservative party?
Yes    35 %
No    36 %
Undecided    29 %
(68%) of decided respondents in Abbotsford Clearbrook support the Recall of Abbotsford West BC Liberal MLA Mike de Jong as this relates to “his strong support for the HST”. The high low range based on a sampling of this size is (51% - low) to (75% - high). The respondents in this glen p robbins poll admitted to voting in “the most recent provincial election in 2009”. This does not make each respondent necessarily eligible to qualify as a registered participant in Recall, however these numbers do suggest that a quality campaign will get -- the most important Recall prize - Mike de Jong - the guy controlling the courts, the cops, and de facto the BC Liberal party itself.
(52%) of decided respondents “would like to see” BC Conservative tough on crime guy Randy White replace Mike de Jong as their (sic) Abbotsford MLA in Victoria and next leader of the BC Conservative Party.”
A Recall of BC Liberal Attorney General, Solicitor General and House leader Mike de Jong will be successful, and if a by-election is called, and former Reformer and Canadian Alliance MP runs against de Jong he will win. You heard it here first.
The Recall and Initiative Act is administered by the Chief Electoral Officer. “The Act allows a registered voter to petition to remove a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from office. The recall process is unique in Canada - no other province or territory has a system in place for removing elected representatives from office between elections.”
“The Recall and Initiative Act requires that a recall petitions be signed by more than 40 per cent of votes who were, on the date of the last election of the Member, registered voters for the Member’s electoral district.”
“There is no valid reason to recall an MLA - the only requirement that the applicant provide a statement of 200 words or less, of why, in the opinion of the applicant, the MLA should be recalled.” (This puts the lie to the most recent BC Liberal spin that “the HST is not what recall is meant for).
Not only can there be multiple recalls of BC Liberal Mike de Jong- or any other BC Liberal- at one time, there can be simultaneous recall campaigns in one electoral district. Former Preston Manning Reformer and Stephen Harper Canadian Alliance tough on crime MP, Randy White will be able to successfully recall BC Liberal Attorney General, Solicitor General and House leader Mike de Jong. This is the first BC Liberal you want to recall - as he is set to change a myriad of laws including changing limitation periods in order to protect the premier who is aware of plans to sue him - and wants the tighter controls of limitation periods to ensure that tax payers pay his legal fees.
In addition, once proponents start Recall Initiative against Mike de Jong, this puts the courts and the cops in a state of limbo. We delayed release of this poll to trap Campbell and the BC Liberals into not opening the Legislature for a fall sitting delaying it until the fall. Mike de Jong will not be in a good position during the Recall period. Assuming a January 20, 2010 commencement period - de Jong’s influence would be on hold until May 2010 - difficult to make any changes to the court or laws relating to the courts based on the (very good) possibility that the Recall will be successful.
The rumours are rampant that the BC Conservatives and federal Conservatives have an arrangement with the BC Liberals currently. Randy White is the main go to guy with the BC Conservatives---we’ll find out soon enough whether the rumours are fact, and whether the BC Conservatives have what it takes to get the job done and take the some of the cool breeze out of former premier Bill Vander Zalm’s sails---as the real competition for voting off the provincial island should (for any strategic political mind) begin in Abbotsford West with BC Liberal Mike de Jong.
Look for a solid lower mainland Recall poll out later this week - from Vancouver to Chilliwack, Richmond to West Vancouver.
A random telephone survey of 225 Abbotsford and Clearbrook residents between September 12 and 16th, 2010, with best efforts to ensure Abbotsford West respondents (Mike de Jong). All respondents admitted to voting in the last provincial general election (only). A survey sampling of this size has a margin of error of approximately 6.5%, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% competency.

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