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CA Merger Boom or Bust
  Nov 05, 2003

Coquitlam-A survey of 145 Canadian Alliance Members between October 31 and November 5, 2003, throughout the Province of British Columbia including: Surrey, Kelowna, Cecil Lake, Courtenay, Burnaby, Williams Lake, Richmond, Quesnel, Oliver, Prince George, Aldergrove, Victoria, Parksville, Salmon Arm, Vernon, New Hazelton, Charlie Lake, North Vancouver, Abbotsford, Osoyoos, Dawson Creek, Vanderhoof, Hagensborg, McBride, Smithers, Armstrong, Coquitlam, Penticton, Winfield, Cobble Hill, Burns Lake, Chetwynd, 100 Mile House, Westbank, Lumby, Merritt, Langley, Mission, Houston, Fort St. John, Kitimat, Bridesville, Dunster, Grasville, Fort St. James, Pitt Meadows, Nelson, Kamloops, New Westminster, Lone Butte, Pouce Coupe, Delta, Fraser Lake, and others. This survey has a margin of error of 2.75%%, 19 times out of 20 @98% competency.

Question #1
It is your intention to purchase a completely new membership in the new Conservative Party of Canada?
No    40. %
Yes    36 %
Undecided    18 %
Question #2
In your opinion, would you like to see ex-BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm become the Leader of the new Conservative Party of Canada?
Yes    30. %
No    49 %
Undecided    21 %
Question #3
If the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservative Parties merge into the new Conservative Party of Canada, which of the following two parties would you miss the most (miss as in feel sentimental about)
Reform BC    65. %
Canadian Alliance    9.0 %
Neither    26. %
Question #4
In your opinion which of the following political Leaders would make the best Leader of the new Conservative Party of Canada?
Stephen Harper    34. %
Bill Vander Zalm    31. %
Peter McKay    08. %
None    13. %
Undecided    14. %
Question #5
Which of the following two BC provincial parties should a new Conservative Party of Canada align itself with?
Reform BC    59. %
BC Liberals    14. %
Neither    27. %
Undecided    04. %
Question #6
Does it puzzle you that both the Canadian Alliance Party and the BC mainstream media ignore the provincial Reform Party
Yes    58. %
No    29. %
Undecided    13. %
Question #7
Would you seriously consider voting for Paul Martin?
Yes    33. %
No    61. %
Undecided    04 %
Canadian Alliance Members may vote in favour of the proposed merger between their party and the Progressive Conservative Party, but less than half of ‘decided’ Members intend to purchase a new membership in the new Conservative Party of Canada. Canadian Alliance Members have closest kinship to Reform BC, and feel any new federal amalgamation should align itself with Reform provincially. Ex-BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm is a consideration for Leader of the new Conservative Party of Canada, as support for Stephen Harper is soft. One-half of Canadian Alliance Members are puzzled as to why the Canadian Alliance Party, its MP’s and BC Mainstream media are ignoring Reform BC. Many respondents who were not puzzled hadn’t noticed, or don’t pay any attention to what the media has to say.
There are a number of outstanding messages in this survey. The first is that the ‘roots’ of the Canadian Alliance Party belong to Reform. The second message is that ex-BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm still has the support of many Reformers. Mr. Vander Zalm has the ability to help the Canadian Alliance, so long as he wears the Reform ‘hat’. To bolster his own political image and salvage his political heritage; Mr. Vander Zalm must be seen to be out of politics in BC. BC Reformers, who make up the majority of Canadian Alliance Members according to this survey, are confused about the relationship between the Canadian Alliance, BC media, and Reform BC. This confusion has not been interpreted as a ‘conspiracy’, but could be. If the message that the CA or new Conservative Party is seen to be in bed with any other provincial party in BC other than Reform, particularly The BC Liberals, who are philosophically opposite to conservatives, it will be at their own peril.
The reputation of long-time Reform/Alliance MP’s amongst some members is not so glowing as they might think. Currently, the ‘confusion’ amongst voters because of the various numbers of different parties in the mix, Reform, BC Liberal, Progressive Conservative, new Conservative and even Unity, is confusing to most members who are IDEOLOGICALLY REFORM. There is a correlation between the (64%)respondents in Question #1 who answered “NO” or “?” to purchasing a new membership in the new Conservative Party of Canada, and to the (09%) in Question #3 who said they would ‘miss’ the Canadian Alliance or would not miss either the Reform or Canadian Alliance parties. There is a correlation between the (65%) respondents in Question #3 who would most ‘miss’ Canadian Alliance and the (14%)in Question #5 who believes the Canadian Alliance should align themselves with the BC Liberals. This survey reveals without question that few Leaders and elected representatives are bigger than their party. This is particularly true in the case of the Canadian Alliance. Its members are there primarily because of Reform.
This survey reveals that the only federal political Leader in this province, who is bigger than his party, is Paul Martin. One-third of Canadian Alliance members are thinking of voting for him.

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