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Of Peace River-The Okanagan
  Apr 07, 2003

ROBBINS SCE April 9, 2003 Peace River and The Okanagan OR Coquitlam-A survey of 112 respondents in the BC Provincial constituencies of Peace River North and Peace River South. This survey sampled 62 respondents from each of the two provincial ridings. Respondents were asked who they voted for in the last provincial election and which provincial party they would prefer as their provincial government. This survey was conducted between April 4-7, 2003 and features an error rate of 2.4% 19 times out of 20 @ 98% competency.

Question #1
Which BC Provincial party did you vote for in the last provincial election in May 2001?
BC LIberals    63. %
Unity BC    4.0 %
Other    33. %
Question #2
If an election were held tomorrow in the Province of British Columbia, which of these following parties would you prefer as your government
Unity BC    09. %
BC Liberal    29. %
Reform BC    42. %
None of the Above    20. %
The BC Liberal Party trails the Reform BC Party in these two ridings. MLA Richard Neufeld, a former Reform BC MLA may have secured a cabinet post with the BC Liberals by “crossing the floor” but his seat remains anything but secure. The Reform BC Party is very popular in this region, but will this translate into seats in the legislature in May 2005? The Unity BC Party has doubled its popularity in this region since the last provincial election but appears to have no chance of political success here. Some respondents believe that the “Unity” in Unity Party represents a coming together of religious organizations, and not of political parties. THIS IS REFORM COUNTRY.
Although it is unclear whether Reform BC has the organization in place to seize upon its apparent popularity in this region before the next provincial general election, there is no doubt that this is Reform BC country. Peace River North and South reflect what appears to be a possible trend in the province towards Reform BC. This could well be because The Canadian Alliance Party of Canada is not satisfying conservative voters in British Columbia. They long for the days of Federal Reform. Initially, it was the transformation of Federal Reform into the Canadian Alliance that made Reform BC lose its popularity (SCE circa 2000). However the failure of the Canadian Alliance to break through Ontario, has federal Reformers (many who were reluctant to go to Canadian Alliance in the first place) looking for a Reform home. If Reform BC builds it they will come

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