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Paul Martin-the measure of the man in BC's Okanagan
  Apr 06, 2003

Coquitlam-A survey of 112 respondents in the BC Provincial constituencies of Peace River North and Peace River South. This survey sampled 62 respondents from each of the two provincial ridings. Respondents were asked who they voted for in the last provincial election and which provincial party they would prefer as their provincial government. This survey was conducted between April 4-7, 2003 and features an error rate of 2.4% 19 times out of 20 @ 98% competency.

Question #1
If ex-federal liberal Finance Minister Paul Martin, becomes the new federal liberal leader and Prime Minister of Canada in early 2004 or earlier, will you support him over Canadian Alliance leader Stephen Harper or the new Progressive Conservative leader in the next federal general election?
Yes    38. %
No    62. %
Question #2
Do you support the BC Liberal party under leader Gordon Campbell?
Yes    32. %
No    68. %
MP and federal liberal leadership candidate Paul Martin is expected to become the next Prime Minister of Canada after Jean Chretien retires in early 2004 or before. This survey reveals that the Okanagan region of British Columbia shows promise for conversion from Canadian Alliance to Federal Liberal after the next federal general election.
This survey reveals that Paul Martin is more popular amongst conservative respondents living in the Okanagan, than is BC Liberal leader Gordon Campbell.
There are elements of the findings, which may come into play in both surveys despite the fact that they are entirely different surveys in context. Paul Martin is popular enough in the Okanagan region for the federal Liberals to be successful in the next federal general election.
The thinking amongst respondents appears to be that BC has a better chance in Confederation with a federal Liberal who has apparent fiscal conservative tendencies. Also, with Canadian Alliance support of BC Liberals provincially, how anti-liberal can they really be? With the “re-emergence” of Reform BC on the provincial scene, Canadian Alliance members should probably get re acquainted with Ron Gamble Leader of Reform BC.

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