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Large Sample Western Provinces Survey-shows Decline of Canadian Alliance!
  Jul 27, 2003

This is a survey of 3,200 respondents throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. All respondents were pre-qualified in that they voted in the last federal general election in 2000. Percentages were nominally reconciled with respondent allocation to match Ďballots castí in each province during the federal general election in 2000. The survey was conducted July 17 to July 27, 2003.This survey was again partly sponsored by Reform BC. British Columbia 1,400 respondents Alberta 1,100respondents Saskatchewan 350 respondents Manitoba 350 respondents

Question #1
If a general election were held in Canada tomorrow for which federal Leader and their party would you cast your vote?
Stephen Harper and Canadian Alliance    42. %
Jean Chretien and Liberals    24. %
Peter McKay and Progressive Conservative Party    13. %
Jack Layton and NDP    13. %
Question #2
In your opinion, should Canada retain the traditional definition of marriage (between a man and a woman)?
Yes    83. %
No    17. %
Question #3
Currently, the population of women in Canada exceeds 50%. However, women currently hold only one-fifth or 20% of the federal seats in the House of Commons in Ottawa. Same-sex marriage has been made legal in Ontario and British Columbia to accommodate same-sex couples. As a measure of social progress, which of the following goals of social progress is most important to you?
Seeing more women elected as Members of Parliament in the federal House of Commons;    54. %
Legalizing same-sex marriage across Canada;    12. %
I donít care for either of these goals of social progress    33. %
Question #4
Do you agree or disagree with using the death penalty as punishment in some circumstances?
Agree    76. %
Disagree    24. %
Question #5
Do you agree or disagree with the use of Euthanasia (mercy killing) in some circumstances?
Yes    63. %
No    37. %
Question #6
Do you agree or disagree with a womanís right to demand an abortion in any circumstances?
Disagree    71. %
Agree    29. %
Question #7
Do you have confidence in Canadaís legal system and itís administration of justice?
No    76. %
Yes    24. %
Support for The Federal Liberals and the Canadian Alliance has dropped in the four Western Provinces. The Progressive Conservative and NDP parties are experiencing modest growth in all provinces from their 2000 totals.
Justice Minister Cauchon has indicated that the issue of legalizing same-sex marriages will define the next federal election in Canada. A recent poll done by the French firm Ipsos suggests support for legalizing same-sex marriage across Canada at 55%. Our survey shows overwhelming support of Western Canadians to retain the traditional definition of marriage as between a man and a woman.
Stephen Harper and the Alliance Party is on the record as unequivocally supporting the traditional definition of marriage.
Our third question reveals that only 12% support legalizing same-sex marriages and that it is not a priority to Western Canadians.
76% of Western Canadians have a very practical view of life, death, responsibility, and accountability. They believe without reservation, that killers, particularly those who kill for pleasure, those who kill women, children and police officers donít respect our way of life, so why should we respect their right to live. To be blunt, western Canadians of both sexes want very badly to see Ďreal bad peopleí put to death.
There is support for euthanasia, but 63% of respondents see this as a direct link to a family member, than with the death penalty, where there may be no personal tie, or to a womenís right to demand an abortion.
71% of Western Canadians do not want to hear about a womanís right to an abortion anymore. They agree with a womenís right to choose to have an abortion, but they also expect a woman to protect herself from becoming pregnant. With health care costs an omnipresent issue, respondents are not sympathetic to special interest groups who continue to make socio-economic alibis, when basic personal responsibility is the critical issue here.
Respondents do not want to see politicians debating the issue from religious grounds. The public currently does not see the church as the medium for discussions around morality. They do not believe the church has sufficient credibility to comment now that BC Attorney General Geoff Plant supports the legalization of same-sex marriages, the churches are pretty quiet on the matter.

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