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RSR ROBBINS Research - British Columbia Politics April 11, 2013
Deja Vu - written and produced by Glen P. Robbins with Jim Van Rassel  Apr 11, 2013

There is a buzz around the Burnaby campus of Simon Fraser University. A rattle and hum. Battle lines are being drawn - there is no napalm - there are no guns - this isn't a scene of external violence.
There is anger though, not the kind that draws the spirit to a halt -rather the type of honest raw anger that seethes - that initiates - motivates.
Simon Fraser University - the Student Society and the students are getting set to take on an old enemy - an enemy of education - an enemy of post secondary education.
The battle begins at the swearing in ceremony for Christy Clark (designated hitter) Premier of British Columbia, a title passed on to her from a war weary Kadafi like creature - dressed in the suit of western armour - arms stiff at his side as he walks like Tyrannosaurus Rex - onward Gordon Campbell, cost cutter - friend - no more than that--- benefactor of big business. Their hand picked representative - Executive Director of the people's check book for their own enjoyment and mutual pleasure.
Campbell's new bride - the midwife to an anticipated two more years of cleaning out the provincial treasury for family and friends - protected by the police and military - a made for democratic facade - the Campbell junta carries on - and the pomp and pageantry of a bought and paid for presidency of a new premier spoiled brat of politics - a quitter - non finisher - debutante of nothing/pretender to everything -- purported friend of xenophobic moms who gather like panthers at dance studios and soccer pitches around the province - back biting - gossiping I've got mine hell witches - set to defend the petulance of their narrow ambitions--------will meet head on and soon.
Every university and post secondary Institution in the Province of British Columbia is getting ready - the Time Has Come Today - the young and altruistic in spirit vs. the dark forces - the bleak desires of a few untalented but well connected - internally rewarded but externally loathed - by the new breed - the next generation - classic conflict--in B.C. its Simon Fraser University, The University of British Columbia, The University of Victoria, all Colleges and post secondary Institutions vs. Christy Clark, the BC Liberals and the Big Business lobby -- and the battle takes place on the lawn of the British Columbia Legislature at or about March 14, 2011----on Christy's inauguration day. Sweet Dear Jesus all proclaimed.
This is no ertswhile protest. Christy Clark has a history at Simon Fraser University - though not a very admirable one. Her biographies use the term "attended" - and this is true - it is the sycophantic biographies that give the impression that Christy Clark is well educated - that she is a finisher of post secondary education -- "attended" Simon Fraser University, The University of Edinburgh - the Sorbonne, France. Without scrutiny it appears like the pedigree of a PhD. But it is anything but. The Supervisor of Records at Simon Fraser University Burnaby campus tells it like it is. It's a matter of public record.
"I have four Christy Clark's on record - do you have a birth date?" asks the Supervisor of Records, I can do better than that responds glen p. "Christina Joan Clark, born October 29,1965" - "Right from Wikipedia." The supervisor of public records at Simon Fraser University Burnaby campus pauses for a moment and confirms our suspicions. "We have a record of Christina Joan Clark of that specific birth date who attended Simon Fraser University but did not complete a degree."
All of those years - and obviously half hearted attempts by mainstream journalists with the daily planet - the same journalists who sold us that Gordon Campbell was happily married -- compelling British Columbians who knew better to be put through hell by these political unsubs - pretending something that was false was real - the story of superficiality in the extreme- and the deception continues in another segment by Christy Clark - 'do you have a Christy Clark graduating from Simon Fraser University?' ask the reporters with the daily planet in downtown Vancouver, BC -- 'why yes we do' responds the super - but - but - 'well thank you goodbye says the daily planet quasi sleuth' - must go now.
The gig is up - the big lie - time for confession as the past confronts the present. The truth that in BC a few million dollars buys power - and the opportunity for revenge against Simon Fraser University, the Student Society and the Peak newspaper - where the bad secrets are held --- no longer.
In 1988 Christina Joan Clark aka Christy Clark attended Simon Fraser University. She quickly ran for office and successfully won a lower position as Internal Relations Officer. Christy ran on a political slate known as UNITY, ironically a party label used little more than a decade later by right wing conservative Chris Delaney current co-leader of the FIGHT HST movement and spokesman for the new middle of the road BC First Party in British Columbia. Clark referred to her version of the Unity Party as a "non ideological driven group that sought only to put control of the SFU Student Society in the hands of the students rather than the bureaucrats."
Christy Clark asserted that "One of her (sic) first goals was (sic) to change the focus of the Student Society's lobbying efforts. Clark hoped to "free up" some or all of the $100,000 that SFU students pay annually to the Canadian Federation of Students, and "hire a full time lobbyist in conjunction with BC's other Universities." (Christy Clark's brother Bruce is a lobbyist - often linked with the BC Rail and BC Supreme Court debacle).
SFU Peak satirist Andrew Frotheringham wrote on page 18 of the March 23, 1989 edition of the SFU Peak newspaper under that headline Christy Clark was the "Beer Mug That Walks Like a Liberal", owing to her short pudgy somatotype and propensity for consuming copious amounts of carbohydrates - and somewhat ironically - a real taste for cake. 'Make sure everyone gets a piece' Christy could be heard to cry.
Soon after Christy's first political victory - for a lower level executive position she faced a week long strike by the societies employees--at the end of the strike, Clark informed the SFU Peak newspaper "our main role throughout bargaining was to shift the balance of control back into the hands of the students."
The strike and early failure would not deter Christy Clark's raw political ambition however. According to Peak reporter S. Cook school spirit at Simon Fraser University back in 1989 was "non existent." Christy Clark saw an opportunity. At the athletic awards ceremony that year she gave an award to the Athletic department and remarked "I feel that this award is only the first step towards bringing the student-athlete and the general student population closer together." Cheerleaders and Christy were seen eating ice cream together - giggling - laughing and dreaming of real estate acquisitions in the future. (well known condo king Bob Rennie and developer Bob Wall supported Christy's BC Liberal leadership campaign).
That spring of 1989 - Christy Clark set her goals on winning the Simon Fraser Student Society Presidency--again promising to combat what she perceived were wasteful financial commitments to the federal association.
Christy won the election - but only by six votes after a second count. The remainder of her Unity slate - her colleagues were slaughtered by the Opposition Grassroots Party that cleaned up - isolating Clark in her new position as president.
Christy Clark was quick to distance herself from her political slate despite her own narrow victory. "Unity did not run a world class campaign" snorted Clark in her trademark hyperbolic manner. "We have great candidates but a lousy campaign." Clark knew all too well the Grassroots Party Opposition whom she referred to as "The left wingers on campus". She further declared that "A good campaign is all the more essential to a right wing victory."
Despite her own win but her party's crushing defeat Clark was "optimistic." "There are a lot of new people and I don't see a lot of confrontation ahead." The new Simon Fraser University Student Society President knew how thin her margin of victory and subsequent control was but her denial of the reality got the better of her "ideology would not (sic) interfere with the society's (sic) workings."
Clark's positive words would prove hollow. Her victory as president was over before it began. The Electoral Standing Committee disqualified her election on the basis that she extensively broke campaign rules - cheated to win - and narrowly - and was subsequently fined by the University as a consequence. Clark refused to pay her fines with Simon Fraser - and this non payment ultimately forced her out as President of the Simon Fraser Student Society.
Clark did not pay her fines - she adamantly refused and vigorously fought the University's decision to kick her out as president, threatening to sue the institution over its decision. Clark gave up this line of attack once she realized that the by-election for the position of presidency - that she had been recently removed from-- was coming up. She would run again for Simon Fraser Student Society President only this time on her own without her Unity slate colleagues holding her back.
Once again Christy Clark ran on the same policy format as she had before -- to remove the Simon Fraser Student Society and all students at the school from the Canadian Federation of students - hoping once again to take the money saved and install a lobbyist instead.
Christy Clark was soundly thrashed in the by-election forced to run a clean campaign the second time around - garnering only 43.5% of the vote in a two person race.
Bitter - Clark left Simon Fraser University - without a degree, the very objective that most of the students she purported to represent were seeking.
Special thanks to Simon Fraser University Archives, Simon Fraser Student Society, and to the great folks at the SFU Peak newspaper. Glen P. Robbins is a graduate of Simon Fraser University (Political Science).
graphs by Peter Kelly

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