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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics March 23, 2011
  Mar 23, 2011

Question #1
The Stephen Harper Conservative government has provided $300 million to supplement Seniorís incomes across Canada. The Jack Layton New Democrat Opposition wants $700 million for these same Seniors. The cost of a federal election is $400 million. Which of the following responses BEST reflects your opinion of what ought to be done?
$300 million is likely a sufficient amount of income supplement for Canadian seniors    15 %
Use the $400 million cost of an election to satisfy NDP Jack Laytonís demand for $700 million for income supplement for Canadian seniors and avoid an election    22 %
Compromise and give Canadian seniors $500 million and avoid an election    40 %
Although funding for low income seniors is an important issue to me - there are many other issues which cause me concern-Canada needs an election to clear the air    23 %
A majority of Voters from the 2008 federal general election in Canada support more money to supplement Seniors income (62%) in anticipation that this will avoid a federal general election. Based on these numbers about $525 million or an additional $225 million for Canadian seniors income supplements would satisfy these B.C. voters throughout the lower mainland of the Province. Slightly less than one in four B.C. voters residing in the lower mainland believe an election is required ďto clear the airĒ, and only 15% believe the Conservatives allotment of $300 for seniors is sufficient.
A targeted survey of 402, 2008 BC voters in the last federal general election conducted between March 22 and 23, 2011. The Margin of Error is 4.89%, 19 times out of 20 @95% confidence. Jim Van Rassel and New Trend Optical are part sponsors of this poll.

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