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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics March 29, 2011
  Mar 29, 2011

Question #1
Which of the following response choices BEST reflects your current position on how you expect your federal Parliament to function?
I would like to see all parties collaborating on decision-making to ensure that Canada’s Parliament runs smoothly    62 %
The election of Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party to a majority government would make Parliament work for me    34 %
Question #2
Stephen Harper has proposed a tax-splitting policy for Canadian families which would provide 2 billion dollars back to the average Canadian family. This policy would not be brought forward by the Conservative government until four years from now or until the deficit has been reduced to zero. Which of the following response choices BEST reflects your opinion on this policy?
In my opinion this is meaningful tax policy for Canadian families    9 %
In my opinion this is a pie in the sky election proposal    86 %
Question #3
Michael Ignatieff proposes more money for Canadians who want post-secondary education including 4,000 over 4 years for all Canadian families and $6,000 over 4 years for low income families. Do you support the use of your tax dollars in support of this policy?
Yes    55 %
No    42 %
Question #4
Jack Layton proposes placing a cap on charge card rates to 5% above the prime rate which is currently 3% which would under Mr. Layton’s proposal make the highest credit card rate 8%. Do you support Jack Layton’s plan?
Yes-(279)    72 %
No-(106)    24 %
Question #5
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is suggesting that if Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton are successful in this election and he only wins a minority government they will make another attempt to form a coalition government with Gilles Duceppe leader of the Bloc Quebecois. Gilles Duceppe has proven that he has a letter from Prime Minister Stephen Harper which letter indicated that Mr. Harper tried to so the same with him in 2004 when Paul Martin was the Liberal Prime Minister. Which of the following response choices BEST reflects your opinion on this?
It’s my opinion that Mr. Harper is being somewhat hypocritical on the issue    80 %
I don’t think that Mr. Harper is being hypocritical at all    20 %
Question #6
Based on these questions and your opinion generally if the election were held tomorrow for which one of these leaders and parties would you caste your ballot? (decided up to 100% - 6% Undecided)
Stephen Harper and Conservative Party of Canada    32 %
Michael Ignatieff and Liberal Party of Canada    24 %
Jack Layton and New Democratic Party of Canada    31 %
Elizabeth May and Green Party of Canada    14 %
Slightly more than one out of three BC voters residing in Greater Vancouver from the October 2008 general federal election are of the opinion that a Stephen Harper majority government “would make Parliament work.” Just less than two out of three BC voters would like to see “all parties collaborating on decision-making to ensure that Parliament works.”
Prime Minister Harper’s proposal to put over 2 billion dollars back to the average Canadian family- “four years from now” is an enormous flop. An enormous majority of BC voters see it as Federal Liberal Scott Brison (pound 4 pound the fastest politician on his feet in the country) does: - “Pie is the Sky”. The fact that the Prime Minister and his team could not have foreseen this is quite remarkable.
Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s post secondary policy has good success with BC voters in this survey with a discernable majority supporting his policy to provide additional monies to Canadians who wish to attend a post secondary institution. The good news for Mr. Ignatieff is that most of the respondents who answered “Yes” to his policy proposal DID NOT support a majority government for Prime Minister Stephen Harper in question 1. This is a good start for Ignatieff -- he of the large IQ -- in a world fraught with problems - requiring solutions - a leader needs more than common sense and control - dexterity of the mind is a must - and Ignatieff has this in spades.
NDP leader Jack Layton’s proposal to have interest rates capped at 5% above Prime - with Prime currently at 3% is a big winner with BC voters. What is interesting is that 37% of BC voter/respondents who want a majority for Stephen Harper in question 1 support Jack Layton’s plan. This platform is an excellent starter for Jack Layton, BC voters mistrust big business almost as much as they do politicians.
An overwhelming majority of BC voters including are a large minority of BC voter/respondents who support Prime Minster Stephen Harper are of the opinion that he is somewhat hypocritical over the coalition issue - based on the question provided.
By polls end - Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party of Canada are clearly injured -losing more than they gain. Evidence of loss between questions 1 and 6 reflect transfer of loyalty to all Liberal, NDP, Undecided and one half of that culture swab to Elizabeth May and Green Party of Canada.
A ROBBINS Sce Research (RSR)survey of 402 BC voters from the most recent federal election in Canada (October 2008) conducted March 14-16, 2011. These respondents reside in the Lower Mainland (South Coast) of British Columbia. Respondents readily agreed to answer questions 95% calls answered where solicitation was initiated agreed to take poll-on basis of "survey for federal election". The Lower Mainland of BC constitutes primarily the Greater Vancouver region. Methodology: The Margin of Error declared in this poll/survey is 4.89% plus or minus; 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence. This poll/survey was sponsored in part by Maverick Politico and Jim Van Rassel - New Trend Optical (604) 942-9300.

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