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RSR ROBBINS Research - British Columbia Politics April 13, 2011
  Apr 13, 2011

Question #1
For which leader and political party did you vote in the October 2008 general federal election?
Stephen Harper and Conservative Party    30 %
Jack Layton and New Democratic Party    31 %
Stephane Dion and Liberal Party    28 %
Elizabeth May and Green Party    10 %
Question #2
If an election were held in the Province of British Columbia for which party would you caste your ballot?
New Democratic Party    36 %
BC Liberal    27 %
BC Conservative    11 %
BC Green    11 %
Undecided    15 %
Question #3
If you had to pick just one - which leader impressed you most during the English Election Debate tonight/last night (rounded up to 100%)
Jack Layton    34.5 %
Michael Ignatieff    28 %
Stephen Harper    26 %
Gilles Duceppe    11 %
Undecided/No Opinion    12 %
Question #4
Which leader, if any, in your opinion, performed better than you expected?
Michael Ignatieff    41 %
Jack Layton    21 %
Stephen Harper    8 %
Gilles Duceppe    2 %
Question #5
Which leader, if any, in your opinion, performed worse than you expected?
Stephen Harper    38 %
Gilles Duceppe    19 %
Jack Layton    5 %
Michael Ignatieff    5 %
Question #6
In your opinion should -Elizabeth May leader of the Green Party of Canada- have been included in the English Election debate tonight/last night?
Yes    24 %
No    46 %
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is seen as doing somewhat poorly in the English Election Debate held on April 12, 2011. Respondent/Voters detractors residing in Vancouver city and suburbs of Burnaby and Surrey described his performance as “wooden”, “phony”, “weird”, “obviously disconnected”. Supporters said he “held his ground” “looked more like the leader of a country.” The most common negative was that Mr. Harper kept “talking only to the camera and not to the others” in the debate “like he was avoiding them”.
Jim Van Rassel said he thought that Prime Minister Harper appeared to be on some type of “calming prescription drug.”
Jack Layton did the best of the contenders according to these respondent/voters scoring above his 2008 voter baseline and second in the “better than expected” question. “Feisty”, “Funny” “I trust him” “I really like him.”
The biggest benefactor of the debate among suburban Vancouverites is Michael Ignatieff who held his base and easily outperformed expectations. “Passionate” “Very Good”. This performance is certainly sufficient to mobilize his base.
Gilles Duceppe always angers some west coast respondents, but there are others-- even if they cannot vote for him-- who love to watch him at work “he always seems to get the better of Harper when he wants to.”
Nearly one in three of decided voter/respondents are of the opinion that Green Party leader Elizabeth May should have been included in the televised debates.
This survey of suburban voters in Greater Vancouver reveals that in federal constituencies in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia where the Conservatives, New Democrats, and Liberals are about equal in 2008 general election voter support - Prime Minister Harper performed less well than expected - Jack Layton performed better generally - and Michael Ignatieff held his own and did much better than was expected of him.
If these respondents at this time are any indication, BC Liberal leader Christy Clark really has her work cut out for her. There is a clear vote split between her party and the BC Conservatives which is evidenced by the cleaner, clearer correlations between federal and provincial labels. Federal Conservative ‘supporters’ support BC Conservatives generally, federal Liberal ‘supporters’ support BC Liberals and federal New Democrats support BC New Democrats in this poll of city and suburbia in the Greater Vancouver region.
Oddly, a noteworthy number of respondents who supported Gilles Duceppe’s performance also supported Elizabeth May’s attendance in the debates.
A targeted survey of 200 Men and Women---- 2008 voter/respondents in the City of Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrey April 12-13, 2011. Margin of error is 6.93%, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence

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