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September Poll-Canada wide on Marriage
  Sep 08, 2003

Robbins Sce Research undertook a random survey of 1,600 Canadians throughout 10 provinces who were asked three questions relating to homosexual (same-sex) marriage. This survey features a margin of error of 3.50%, 19 times out of 20 @ 98% competency.

Question #1
If Homosexual couples were not permitted to marry in a traditional wedding or civil union marriage, but were assured similar benefits to that of a heterosexual marriage, would you consider this to be a fair compromise?
Yes, I believe that this would be a fair compromise    23. %
No, I do not believe this would be a fair compromise.    29. %
No, I do not believe this would be a fair compromise.    48. %
Question #2
If an election were held in Canada six months from today which Leader and Party would you most likely vote for?
Jean Chrétien and Federal Liberals    30. %
Stephen Harper and Canadian Alliance    27. %
Peter McKay and Progressive Conservative    19. %
Jack Layton and NDP    12. %
Gilles Duseppe and Bloc Quebecois    09. %
23% in A may have not wanted to see marriage as the only option but may have felt that a compromise was better than nothing. 29% and 48% were clearer on their position.
Jean Chrétien has dropped 10 points from his 40% election. He has put himself and his party into a no win situation. Back in June 1999 the federal government voted 216 to 55 in favour of preserving marriage as is. Justice Minister Anne McLellan at the time stated that the definition of marriage is clear in law and the federal government has no intention of changing the definition of marriage or legislating same-sex marriage. What happened since then?
Stephen Harper has been handed an election gift. His is the only federal party with 100% of Alliance MP’s wanting to preserve the definition of marriage.
If the Alliance Party holds firm and stays the course on this issue he will see 40% before he sees 20%

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