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BC ridings North and East of Hope
  Jun 09, 2003

Coquitlam: An aggregate survey of 1,082 respondents in 13 ridings in the North and Interior of British Columbia, including Peace River, Prince George, Kamloops and the Okanagan (including Shuswap), on current party popularity. This survey took place between April 9, 2003 and June 10, 2003. Margin of error is 2.5%, 19 times out of 20.

Question #1
Which political party in BC do you most favour at this time?
BC Liberals    32. %
Reform BC    27. %
Green Party    07. %
Unity BC    07 %
Despite the mainstream mediaís insistence on ignoring Reform BC, this party keeps on ticking in the North and Interior of the province. The BC Liberal label is tattered and torn in this region; they think that the BC Liberals are a Vancouver-Victoria party. If Reformers quit reading and watching the news and get down to work they will win some ridings here as the amount needed to win Ďfirst past the postí is more easily attained. The BC Liberals donít believe the Reformers can convert popular opinion into votes. History suggests they have good reason to believe this.
The NDP has recovered only 10% in these ridings, whereas lower mainland and Island ridings have seen jumps of 30% and more for the party. The NDP needs to find a leader from outside Vancouver. Joy McPhail could have won 20-30 seats in 2005. Her resignation after Ipsos-Reidís declaration that the BC Liberals have no one to replace Gordon Campbell, signals the NDP may believe they can get it all back in 2005 owing to the fact that British Columbians despise Campbell. If the NDP pulls another stunt like they did in 2000 with Dosanjh they will be lucky to win 5 seats (no matter what condition the Premier is in).
Iím sorry to disappoint the Green Party. While some may say they are at 27%, we decided to actually find out. People in the North and Interior do not vote Green. Some city dwellers may consider the party but Greens wonít find their successes here.
Unity may have taken Reform members lists, but they have not acquired the members bona fide. Delaney is no quitter and his party is doing pretty well for one with a short history. 2009 may be the preferred target, but the party label is poorly recognized. Right now in BC that may not be such a bad thing.

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