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Glen P. Robbins To: United Nations Human Rights, White House (U.S. President Obama) and Canadian Human Rights
  Jun 18, 2011

June 9, 2011 Via facsimile and email Glen P. Robbins 1355 Honeysuckle Lane, Coquitlam, B.C., V3E 2N6
United Nations Human Rights, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Palais des Nations, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland,
U.S. President Barack Obama, White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest Washington, D.C. 20500 Fax: 202 456 2461

BC Human Rights Coalition, # 1202 - 510 West Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C., V6B 1L8 Fax: (604) 689-7511
I received your letter of June 10, 2011 at or about June 14, 2011 in response to my complaint follows BC Human Rights Tribunal matter Indexed as: Tannis et al v Calvary Publishing Corp. and Robbins, 2000 BCHRT 47. The Style of Cause is: Jennifer Tannis, Glenda Lee, Laura Dato and Angela Abbate (Complainants) and Calvary Publishing Corp. and Glen Patrick Robbins. The Tribunal Member: Tom W. Patch Counsel for the Complainants: Tonie Beharell.
You indicate that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights would not apply in my scenario as the UDHR was “signed by countries by countries in agreement to reflect those countries symbolic promise to uphold these standards within their own countries and to hold each signing country accountable.”
You will note that I have provided a copy of my letter to the White House, Washington, D.C. and to the United Nations.
My Charter Rights under the Canadian Constitution - Human Rights have not been upheld as you assert is required by International standards. In fact it would appear that the country of Canada sub contracts its Constitutional obligations to citizens based on this case - including Charter Rights and Freedoms to Provinces including the Ministry of Attorney General a political office which does not have - or ought not have jurisdiction over the federal Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms therein.
You advise me that the Decision of 2000 is “clearly outside the 60 day time limit for judicial review.” There are a number of facts which would put this position in some serious doubt.
The decision you speak of included one complainant Sarah Clemente. The Style of Cause was just recently altered. Ms. Clemente did not testify as the Transcript indicates that she fell ill at the ‘ex parte’ hearing. The BC Human Rights Tribunal has refused to produce Ms. Clemente - as at today’s date - so the Decision of this matter remains incomplete. Given that the BC Human Rights Tribunal is a quasi criminal body it is imperative that my Constitutional Rights to confront my accuser be upheld. As I have indicated my lawyer was disbarred prior to the hearing of this matter and I did not (could not) attend fearing I would affirm what amounted to a kangaroo court circumstance. There is no way the women involved would not have been exposed for lying and producing false statements and perjury on the advise of their lawyers Tonie Beharell and Lyndsey Lyster had their testimony been cross examined - at all.
I believe the Law Society of BC delayed the disbarring of my lawyer until a date closer to the Hearing of the matter as so many adjournments had already been in put in place, most particularly from the BC HRT. There is no case precedent anywhere in the history of the World where 4 or 5 women have been harassed daily for over a year and one half with no outside collaboration of the complaint.
Secondly this ‘Decision’ remains on line as at today’s date - which Decision includes libelous reference to me as a pedophile who treats his workplace a sexual playground. Each day this remains on line refreshes any dates associated with that Decision and the time limitations related to it.
Third, I have reviewed the 12 pages of Law Society of British Columbia Practice CheckLists Manual for all Human Rights Complaint Procedures a copy of which is enclosed for you. There is no such Checklist relating to this matter. The BC Human Rights Tribunal not only has seriously libeled me - they have broken the law or subverted the law in order to do so.
My position is that the BC HR Tribunal in conjunction with The BC Attorney General’s Office and the Law Society of BC engineered this entire fiasco either directly or indirectly - and ensured that I would have no Rights whatsoever - as had I been given the opportunity to confront these women - including Ms. Clemente who remains outstanding - all of the parties would have been embarrassed, humiliated and exposed for fraud. Thus the effort to breach my Constitutional Rights was organized and purposeful by ministries and agencies related to the Provincial Government. The continued effort to do nothing about this relates to my assertion that both Provincial and Federal Governments have more interest in one another's mutual benefit then in preserving Human Rights FOR all of its citizens. To this end, I would assert that by far the United States has a much more concrete and absolute Constitution FOR its citizens - then does Canada, whose leaders pose as advocates for citizens rights - but deny them with impunity as has been done in this case (and many others). I also note that the country of Iceland is moving to a Republic -similar to the United States.
I would demand that as the advocate for those parties whose Charter Rights have been breached as you represent yourself to be that you ignore the fact that the BC Attorney Generals Office provides you with your financing and pursue what you are morally obligated to do including having this offensive website removed and ensuring that I am put in a position to confront the outstanding complainant in this matter.
I expect that you will also advocate to have the BC Human Rights Tribunal in conjunction with the Law Society of BC provide me with certified true copies of the CheckLists Manuals (12 pages) for each of the complainants in this matter.
Sincerely, Glen P. Robbins

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