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Glen P. Robbins - U.S. President Barack Obama, Republicans Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin (U.S. Debt Crisis) - Of Undefeated and Undecided
Our ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Tribute to Polling Legend George Gallup  Jul 19, 2011

Question #1
From the following response choices which political figure do you prefer for President of the United States in 2012 based on your current opinion? (Obama/Romney numbers to 100%).
Democratic Party nominee Barack Obama    53.5 %
Candidate for Republican Party nomination Mitt Romney    46.4 %
Neither of these two candidates    7 %
Undecided/Cannot Answer    17 %
Question #2
Do you support former Alaska Governor and Republican Party vice-presidential candidate in 2008 Sarah Palin seeking the Republican Party nomination for President in 2012? (Palin “Yes”, “No” numbers to 100%)
Yes    37.5 %
No    61.5 %
Undecided/Cannot Answer    20 %
Question #3
Which response choice represents your priority in dealing with the debt crisis in America?(Response choice numbers ex Undecided to 100%).
Tax the rich    43 %
Reduce taxes on the middle class    24.5 %
Cut Government Spending    32 %
Undecided/Cannot Answer    12 %
Question #4
China utilizes inexpensive labour compared to the higher cost of U.S. labour in order to produce goods much of which they then export to the United States for consumption by U.S. citizens. In your opinion should the Obama administration place a tax on Chinese goods flowing into the United States?
Yes    47.5 %
No    45.5 %
Undecided    6.5 %
Amidst another High Noon debt crisis negotiation between U.S. President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party and various representatives of the Republican Party - in Congress and elsewhere - this ROBBINS poll establishes how well the Democratic nominee (President Barack Obama) and Candidate for Republican Party nomination Mitt Romney and potential Republican candidate Sarah Palin are doing-- in the opinion of American “Voters”.
This ROBBINS poll also compares specific candidate popularity to response outcomes relating to the current U.S. debt crisis and U.S. “Voter” perception of imports of Chinese goods and the use of economic tariffs as this concerns labour market advantages enjoyed by China with underlying inferences of reduced consumer prices on Made in China products sold in the United States (Economic Protectionism/Free Trade) and potential implications for income tax revenues from lower incomes from U.S. workers.
Barack Obama’s current lead over Mitt Romney is decisive but not overwhelming. Based on decided U.S. “Voters” his lead over Republican hopeful Mitt Romney is 7.1% - based on raw vote it is 5.4%. Obama holds 40.66% of all preferential support of U.S. “Voters”, while Republican Mitt Romney – arguably the top Republican at this point in the race for Republican nomination holds 35.26%.
Barack Obama leads Sarah Palin in raw vote by 8.6% while Mitt Romney leads Sarah Palin by 3.3% based on response outcomes from questions 1 and 2. Sarah Palin has a hold of 30% of all American voters who want to see her run for the Republican Party nomination for President in 2012 – with many common respondents who support her also supporting Mitt Romney (82% adjusted).
Of Sarah Palin’s total support to seek the Republican nomination 6% of that support is derived from Respondents who selected “Neither” or Undecided Cannot Answer in the Obama/Romney question (#1).
63.5% of Obama support wants to tax the rich, while 14.5% supports reducing Government spending, and 21.5% supports a reduction of taxes on the middle class. In contrast, 20.5% of respondents supporting Mitt Romney support a debt reduction policy of taxing the rich, 47.5% supports a reduction in Government Spending and 32% support a reduction in taxes to the middle class—23.5% of Sarah Palin “supporters” support taxing the rich, 50% support a reduction in government spending –
with 36% of Undecided support (approximately) supporting taxing the rich, 35% supporting an tax reduction to the middle class and 29% supporting cuts in Government Spending (adjusted for gender based on historical voting patterns by gender). Ex all averages with an emphasis on Undecided U.S. “Voters” 39-40% desire a tax on the rich, 30% want income tax reductions to the middle class, and 30% want cuts to Government Spending.
The taxation formula under illumination of the debt crisis based on American “Voter” opinion should be designed as follows: A factor of 41.5% increase taxation on the rich – 30% cuts to Government Spending, 28.5% cuts to taxes on the middle class—implementation of some type of tariff on Chinese imports.
Question 4 on China’s exports (USA imports) indirectly parallels question 3 on U.S. domestic taxation policy. The raw numbers for taxes on Chinese exports to the United States (imports) exceed raw numbers for support of U.S. Barack Obama vs. Republican Mitt Romney 54% to 46% (from adjusted), while the raw numbers against taxes on Chinese exports to the United States exceed raw numbers for support of U.S. Barack Obama 53% to 47% (lower Undecided totals).
59% of raw support for U.S. President Barack Obama (one quarter of American “Voters”) supports taxes on Chinese exports to the United States, while 41% of support for Sarah Palin and support taxes on Chinese exports to the United States, and 55% of Undecided (question 1) support tax on Chinese exports to the United States.
China perceived as economically “rich” is not seen by American “Voters” as paying their way Internationally (Afghanistan War/War on Terror) – just as many American “Voters” who are rich are seen as NOT paying their way – the latter particularly in light of the (still) recent economic recession and continued resentment of the American middle-class toward bail-outs which followed—with few Americans of the view that the wealthy have evidence supporting their claims of economic altruism. Rightly or wrongly – many American “Voters” in this ROBBINS poll draw a correlation between China’s wealth – and low offshore labour costs enjoyed by many American Corporations – a sentiment which cuts across all party lines – but ought to predominantly impress up on U.S. President Barack Obama – that American “Voters” are demanding a better “Square Deal” (see U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt) than they have in recent years.
Methodology: A “targeted” sample of 1,425 United States of America “Voters”* July 8-17, 2011. This Glen P. Robbins – ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) research poll features a Margin of Error (M.O.E.) of 2.6% (plus or minus) 19 times out of 20 - @ 95% confidence level.
This Glen P. Robbins – ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) research poll is produced primarily from independent resources unrelated to any of the interests defined or assumed from the construct of this poll. An honorarium was provided by longtime associate Jim Van Rassel of Coquitlam, (Greater Vancouver) Province of British Columbia, Canada – the man from “Chilcotin Holiday” self sufficient who extends an invite to his ranch in Burke Mountain, Coquitlam to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.
*”Voters” for purposes of this poll and the methodology described herein are deemed as such based on the fact that they are of “Voting” age and believe themselves to be eligible to “Vote” for President of The United States of America.
Glen P. Robbins
Margin of Error from American Research

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