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RSR ROBBINS Research - British Columbia Politics November 19, 2011
  Nov 19, 2011

Question #1
Who do you support for mayor of Vancouver Election Day November 19, 2011?
Vision Vancouverís Gregor Robertson    44.8 %
Non Partisan Associationís Suzanne Anton    39.1 %
Question #2
Does the increase in bike lanes in the City of Vancouver work for you?
Yes    37 %
No    47.5 %
This Glen P. Robbins Vancouver Race for Mayor Poll reveals a race that is much closer than many may have expected owing in part to the high undecided rate. Incumbent mayor Gregor Robertson attracts 53.5% of decided voters to Suzanne Antonís 46.5%. Re-election for Gregor Robertson at this point in time is not a certainty.
Question 2 may provide some insight into the close race. 56% of decided respondents are of the opinion that bike lanes in Vancouver do NOT work for them, while 44% are of the opposite opinion. Many undecided anecdotally have no real experience with bike lanes in any capacity. Mayor Robertson developed the bike lane strategy and his challenger Anton is offering to revisit the bike lanes if elected.
Gregor Robertsonís positions can be found at Suzanne Antonís can be found at
Methodology- This is a Glen P. Robbins random telephone poll of 680 Vancouver residents October 1-7, 2011. The margin of error for this sample size is 3.76% plus or minus, 19 of 20 times @ 95% confidence level. This Race for Mayor of Vancouver was sponsored in part by Jim Van Rassel 604 942-9300. There was another donor helping in the production of this independent poll who wishes to remain anonymous.

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