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RSR ROBBINS Research - British Columbia Politics October 10, 2011
  Oct 10, 2011

Question #1
Do you see BC’s justice system in a ‘more positive’ or ‘more negative’ light?
‘More Positive’    42 %
‘More Negative’    41.5 %
Question #2
Do you support cameras in the courtroom for the trials of Stanley Cup rioters?
Yes    46 %
No    27 %
Question #3
BC Prosecutors are claiming a lack of resources is negatively impacting on the criminal process and the proper administration of justice in BC courts. Do you support additional resources for BC criminal Courts including prosecutors, Judges and support staff?
Yes    52 %
No    27 %
Question #4
Do you support former BC Attorney General and BC Supreme Court Judge Wally Oppal’s idea to bring back retired BC Supreme Court Judges to help deal with the backlog of court files.
Yes    48 %
No    38 %
Question #5
Do you support the recent increase in BC gas taxes to 2 cents per liter and a raise in property taxes of $35 per year to fund Translink to 1.2 billion dollars?
Yes    42 %
No    46 %
Question #6
Which would you prefer?
RCMP    38 %
BC Provincial Police Force    53 %
British Columbians in the lower mainland of the province are split on their perception of B.C.’s justice system. Many respondents acknowledge no real experience with the justice system, anecdotally those who had, or who knew someone who had an experience, or from watching the news -- responded “No”.
Those who answered “Yes” in question 1 appeared from anecdote to be distant in their perception of the justice system, no experience direct or indirect. In my opinion these are not positive numbers for BC Justice System even though the “Yes” attains a split, it falls far below (51%) majority and it appears that most with some type of contact either civil or criminal, or who are paying closer attention – are ‘more negative’ about BC’s justice system.
Though a majority of respondents do not support cameras in the courtroom for the future Stanley Cup riot trial, a very clear majority (63%) support this eye on justice/access to entertainment. BC Sheriffs make caution with regards to safety suggesting that cameras for the Stanley Cup rioter’s trial. A Separate court – not in Vancouver – say the Tri-City community courthouse where the event could be better managed - might be a good idea.
(Christy – can you hear me over the blow dryer?)
The Clark government is probably making a mistake not providing proper resources for BC’s court management system including money for prosecutors – and a bigger mistake announcing a costly effort to arrange proper the Stanley Cup rioter’s trial while so (Not) doing – leaving the system barren of resources at the same time more will be required for one specific set of trials while potentially more serious criminals – rapists – murderers, violent assault – fall by the wayside because the process has gone on too long owing to penny wise pound foolish government policy.
The cameras in the courtroom idea for Stanley Cup rioters may work out - it might go bust – but without properly funding the system-the potential for major problems is huge—and the ability for Christy Clark to be ‘in charge’ may be left in peril as a result.
Former BC AG and BC Supreme Court Judge – Wally Oppal’s idea to bring back retired Judges does not reach majority (51%) approval – but among decided respondents (56.5%) support it with most supporters saying “Why not if you need them - use them.”
One wonders what Dianne Watts and Gregor Robertson were thinking with their promotion and political support for the 2 cent a liter increase in gas tax and property tax. The delivery of these monies to Translink is a loser- and one wonders why it wasn’t extensively polled prior to the political commitment (or that’s what $9 an hour on the phone buys you—see Adbusters). Watts and Robertson cited Evergreen Line and other necessary transit augmentation as the rationale/excuse for the increase, however the public doesn’t like Translink – and - we didn’t link the Evergreen Line or rapid transit still on the drawing board to the question – because the tax policy only brings the money to Translink and the Evergreen Line has been used as a political red herring far too often.
Our question on the raise in gas and property taxes reflects the guts of the issue pre-spin.
Watts/Robertson support is bona fide for transit infrastructure for their respective cities of Surrey and Vancouver. However, their fundraising support benefits the intermediary organization Translink and is thus a weight on their efforts.
Politically, this announcement and effort is designed to jump start the early days of Christy Clark’s desire for her BC Liberal candidate to succeed in the New Year 2012 by-election in Port Moody Coquitlam where Ms. Clark’s old friend Joe Trasolini – and original ‘banker’ is bargaining for a seat even after admitting that “Campbell BC Liberals have blacklisted him”. Is John Cummins paying attention here?
(With ‘bona fide’ 22 year old Simon Fraser University graduate and charismatic Labour rights advocate Kellie Robbins eyeing the New Democrat nomination in Port Moody Coquitlam – and papa - progressive conservative legal rights advocate Glen P. Robbins* patrolling the same political landscape – this by-election promises to be interesting).
The horse is definitely out of the barn on the RCMP – BC Police force issue. Respondents had no difficulty taking a position here – and it isn’t good news for the RCMP in BC. Anti-Ottawa sentiment is beginning to brew in British Columbia/and bullying from the federal Conservatives on the RCMP contract – has set the temperature to near boil. No-one knows for sure how a BC Police force to replace the RCMP would ‘look’ they do know it would be “our own police force” – and that is good enough for a majority of decided British Columbians residing in the Lower Mainland (58%).
(Former PM mayor Joe Trasolini and potential BC NDP/BC Liberal candidate - does not support a BC Provincial Police force according to our interview with him last week). Would federal Conservative and gay rights advocate James Moore support his political enemy federal Liberal Joe Trasolini or will Christy Clark give up her more dubious future in Point Grey and return to her original home in Port Moody to (attempt to) save the situation?)
Methodology: A Glen P. Robbins – ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) “The Most Accurate Pollster in the World” political public opinion poll of government policy – news – trial balloons- votes etc. over the time period of October 7,8,9 2011. 1,025 respondents were interviewed by telephone using Telus phone books throughout the Lower Mainland of the Province of British Columbia. The Margin of Error for the outcomes provided for a poll of this size is 3.06% plus or minus, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence.
Funding for this poll was provided in part by Jim Van Rassel of New Trend Optical in Port Coquitlam British Columbia 604 942-9300 and 2 other parties who wish to not be named.
*Notice – ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) is a private public opinion polling firm with no ties to establishment organizations and no relation to “recognized public opinion organizations and cartels”. Here is some information about MRIA the club/organization to which all public opinion pollsters belong.
Nationally, the President of MRIA is Kimberlee Niziel Jones of Glaxosmithkline a huge pharmaceutical (are they recognizing your public interests?); President-elect is Sandra Jones of French polling giant Ipsos Reid; Vice-President is Anastasia Arabia of polling firm Trend Research Inc; another Officer and Director is Rich Hibbs of Leger Marketing; Ed Gibbs of CRC Research.
So nationally – the only public opinion firms recognized are those who are sanctioned by essentially those same public opinion firms—
In the BC Chapter of MRIA we introduce the President Edward Van Dam who is also Manager Research and Library Services for ‘BC Liberal Bank - BC Hydro’. The Secretary is Paige Shoenfeld of Ipsos Reid and the Communication Chair is Karen Milde of the one year old Reframe Marketing with offices in “some of the most expensive real estate in Vancouver.”
Anyone for starting a Made in BC organization of Independent Public Opinion Pollsters with no ties to corporations and other influence (hereinafter the ‘club’)?

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