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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics October 19, 2011
  Oct 19, 2011

Question #1
Which federal leader and party in Canada do you support most right now?
Stephen Harper and Conservatives    32.8 %
New Leader and New Democrats    33.5 %
New Leader and Liberals    26.3 %
Elizabeth May and Greens    3.2 %
New Leader and Bloc Quebecois    4.4 %
Undecided    17 %
Question #2
In your opinion is the Harper majority government performing better than the Harper minority government did prior to the most recent federal general election in May 2011?
Yes    30 %
No    62 %
The Harper Conservatives’ have narrowly fallen behind the leaderless federal New Democrats in this ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) poll.
Just less than one in three decided Canadians support Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party, however only 30% of all respondents are of the opinion that his majority government is “performing better” than his minority government did prior to the general federal election in May 2011.
The federal Liberals can feel some comfort as support for that party is rising well past the terrible showing in the last federal election in May 2011 nearly six months ago.
Conservatives have lost support in Ontario down to (37%) with the Liberals increasing their totals there to (30%), in a virtual tie with the New Democrats in that province. The New Democrats continue to dominate Quebec with (52%) support and have increased their popularity in British Columbia to (40%).
The Greens continue their downward spiral to nearly Other Party status while the Bloc Quebecois survives.
Canadians perception regarding whether or not the Conservative government is better now then when it was in minority status really tells the story. In Ontario (32%) believe the Conservatives are doing better in majority while (61%) do not. This drop is similar in British Columbia where only (28%) believe the Conservative majority is doing better than they did before. Though early in its mandate, this ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) is not good news for the Harper Conservative government at this time.
The steadiness of government sold by the Conservative Party is wearing thin with Canadians who appear uninspired by this Government. They sell an increase in employment line that most Canadians are doubtful about – seem pre-occupied with crime or things ‘Royal’-not that this doesn’t resonate with Canadians – it would seem to many however that the Conservative agenda is a little “lazy”.
Conservatives –province by province Q#1- BC (33%); Alberta (51%), Saskatchewan (57%), Manitoba (36%), Ontario (37%), Quebec (13%), Atlantic Provinces (combined) (33%).
New Democrats – Q#1- BC (40%), Alberta (25%), Saskatchewan (28%), Manitoba (33%), Ontario (29.5%), Quebec (51%), Atlantic Provinces (31%)
Liberals-Q#1 BC (24%), Alberta (23%), Saskatchewan (11%), Manitoba (27%), Ontario (30%), Quebec (16%), Atlantic Provinces (33%).
Methodology: A random sample of 1,250 Canadians throughout the ten initial Provinces in Confederation. This poll took place between October 9-16, 2011. Although responses received from British Columbia and Ontario were higher than the representation of their population as against the whole of the country, these numbers as well as the outcomes of responses from all other Provinces in Canada to reflect each provinces population relative to the country as a whole. Outcomes for gender were also adjusted to reflect the gender composition in each province. This Glen P. Robbins Pollster and ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) poll features a Margin of Error of 2.77%, 19 times out of 20 @95% confidence.
This poll was sponsored by an Honorarium from Jim Van Rassel (604) 942-2800, and 3 other parties, one company and two people who wish to remain anonymous.

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