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ROBBINS Sce Research 15th Year - New Years 2012 Poll of Republican nominees
  Jan 04, 2012

Question #1
Do you support a current Republican nominee for President of the United States?
Yes    40.5 %
No    47.9 %
Question #2
Which of the following Republican nominees would like to see become the party candidate for President of the United States? (Percentages to 100%).
Mitt Romney    23.1 %
Newt Gingrich    18.5 %
Ron Paul    18.5 %
Rick Santorum    15.7 %
Michelle Bachman    13.9 %
Rick Perry    10.2 %
Undecided/Can’t Answer    10.5 %
The chatter In American politicos – particularly those supporting the Republican Party is that Americans are sick of Barack Obama. Although this ROBBINS America poll does not disprove that assertion – is does provide the theory that the existing Republicans who want to replace President Obama still have their work cut out for them if they hope to realize on the chatter - as they enter primary races including the Iowa caucus concluded last night.
36.3% of Americans who voted in the 2008 U.S. Presidential elections support one of the 6 candidates for the nomination to lead the Republican Party at this time according to this ROBBINS America public opinion poll. One in four (Decided) ‘Republicans’ support the current leader Mitt Romney.
Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul remain in the hunt with national totals above his most recent Iowa caucus showing. Rick Santorum lost by 8 votes to Mitt Romney in Iowa with a showing in that caucus vote 60% above his national totals in this poll conducted prior to the Iowa caucus.
Michelle Bachman’s numbers look reasonable nationally – but she has since suspended her campaign for the Republican nomination since her last place finish in Iowa.
Rick Perry of Texas continues to hover around single/double digits – confirmed by Iowa.
This ROBBINS America poll asserts that between Michelle Bachman (suspended campaign) and Undecided – there are nearly one in four Republicans up for grabs for the remaining contenders.
Mitt Romney seems to like the front runner position but can’t seem to close. He needs to put a social conservative stamp on his political playbook without putting his Mormon background on display. Tougher sentences for sexual predators in position of trust would help as well as some energy put to the abortion question.
Newt Gingrich seems to choose to run for smartest man on the planet – rather than as a candidate in a political race for President – voters are not certain he wouldn’t make the best advisor to the President – and has damaged any possibility of Secretary of State – a job he is well suited for (if not President) – for his pro Israel statements.
Politics in America is about control – and Ron Paul’s Free America Now campaign is attractive to many Americans – he certainly can’t be considered for Vice President can he? – if his campaign stays strong after his good showing in Iowa –many establishment Republicans are going to need to reconsider all of the draft scripts they have authored to date.
Rick Santorum looks and speaks best if you are Republican and don’t know he is social conservative – hardcore. This political splinter personality – may make it difficult for him to naturally connect with (any) moderates. Was his close second to Romney a fluke or the real deal?
Michelle Bachman is a good looking bright social conservative – she evidently has national support – and her resignation following Iowa – should be parlayed quickly. Romney needs her and that phone call should take place now.
Method-2,052 respondents December 23-29, 2011 (telephone) Question 1 – Do you support a current Republican nominee for President of the United States? 832 “Yes” 984 “No” (47.9%) 260 “Undecided” (12.6%). 832 -- (40.5%) of total. (45.3%) of decided support.
Net 832.
Margin of error based on total respondents is 2.16% plus or minus, 19 times out of 20, 95% confidence.
Margin of error on Republicans (832) 3.4% plus or minus, 19 times out of 20, 95% confidence.

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