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RSR ROBBINS Research - British Columbia Politics January, 2012
  Jan 20, 2012

Question #1
The hearings for the proposed Enbridge pipeline transporting Alberta Tar Sands oil from Alberta across the continent of British Columbia to the coast for transport by Oil Tanker are being heard in British Columbia by a panel of three ‘experts’. Two of the experts are from Alberta and one is from Ontario. The Review panel does not feature anyone from British Columbia. Is this Review Panel as it is presently comprised with two people from Alberta and one from Ontario - acceptable to you?
Yes    21.2 %
No    49 %
Undecided/All Other    30.6 %
Question #2
From the following limited response choices which one BEST reflects your priorities with tax dollars?
Paying $300 million over 3 years to conclude contract renewal bargaining with British Columbia Teachers    43.3 %
Paying $600 million per year in subsidies to oil and gas companies operating in the Province of British Columbia    4.2 %
Neither of these    37.6 %
Undecided/All Other    14.3 %
Question #3
Which political party in BC politics do you support right now? (Up to 100% before Undecided)
BC NDP    35.6 %
BC Liberals    27.9 %
BC Conservatives    20.2 %
BC Greens    16 %
Undecided    16 %
Question #4
Which of the political leaders do you consider politically most attractive? (Up to 100% before Undecided)
Adrian Dix (BC NDP)    35.8 %
John Cummins (BC Conservatives)    29.4 %
Christy Clark (BC Liberals)    18.3 %
Jane Sterk (BC Greens)    16.3 %
Undecided    30.6 %
The Enbridge pipeline Review Panel is off to a poor start in this ROBBINS New Trend poll. A clear majority of British Columbians do not believe that having the Review Panel comprised of persons from Alberta (the source of the oil for transport) and Ontario (where the federal capital is located) (only) is “acceptable”. Many respondents in this poll anecdotally expressed extreme displeasure at this knowledge of Review Panel composition.
The BC Liberal government provides subsidies to oil and gas companies in the hundreds of millions every year. British Columbians in a massive and unequivocal majority do not approve. (Matching ROBBINS Sce Research groundbreaking “No” to selling the Coquihalla Highway). In comparison many more British Columbians are willing to provide the BC Teachers with the wage demands they want.
There is good news and bad news for the BC Liberals. The good news is that they have made up some ground on the BC New Democrats only 8 percentage points behind the front running Opposition party and 7 percentage points ahead of the BC Conservatives.
The bad news is that British Columbians don’t find BC Liberal leader Christy Clark “politically attractive.” BC Conservative leader John Cummins says little and remains relatively quiet while his personal ‘attractive’ numbers grow more than 10 percent higher than Christy Clark’s, and only 6 percent behind front runner Adrian Dix whose “politically most attractive” numbers are equal to his party’s (based on decided numbers).
Ms. Clark’s numbers are heading toward former Premier Gordon Campbell’s when he hit political bottom.
The number of Undecided on the political party question (3) is one half the Undecided on “politically most attractive” leaders in question (4).
ROBBINS New Trend researcher Jim Van Rassel declared BC Liberal leader Christy Clark as a “lame duck Premier” on August 26, 2011. This poll proves his assertion.
A ROBBINS New Trend poll of 504 British Columbians conducted January 15-18, 2012. This poll features a margin of error of 4.36% plus or minus, 19 times out of 20 @95% confidence.

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