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ROBBINS America - Big Numbers for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush
  Jan 26, 2012

Question #1
Do you support former Florida governor Jeb Bush entering the GOP Republican race for the nomination to compete against Democrat Barack Obama for President in November 2012?
Yes    35.6 %
No    37.5 %
Undecided/All Other    27.5 %
“Republican voters from the 2008 election for President of the United States” are split (based on sampling margin of error) on the possibility of former Florida governor Jeb Bush seeking the Republican nomination to run for President in 2012 - just prior to the Florida primary in the coming days.
Although the former governor of Florida, and brother of two term U.S. President George W. Bush has not declared his intentions as to whether or not he intends to run, or if he supports one of the four Republican candidates remaining in the race, the numbers here suggest that he has the support to seriously consider a run for the Republican nomination, or alternatively, has the credibility among Republican voters to potentially influence the outcome of the race as it is.
Of the two sampling regions, Florida and California, Governor Bush scores highest in Florida with a majority 44% “Yes” against 43% “No”. California’s outcome reflects 31% “Yes” for Governor Bush and 36% “No”.
Although the support for Governor Bush’s to enter the GOP Republican Party race is less than one half, it should be noted that some anecdote from “No” respondents suggests that they would prefer to see him run for President in 2016. This anecdote along with the relatively high Undecided certainly frames the strong possibility of Jeb Bush entering the race for the nomination.
This poll in context of the history of the 2012 Republican Party candidate nomination to date, reveals signs that the contest could end up being more ‘wild’ than the Barack Obama – Hillary Clinton contest for the Democratic Party nomination in 2008.
Methodology- A targeted sampling of 482 Republicans from the 2008 general election for President of the United States extracted from persons residing in the States of Florida and California – conducted January 18-23, 2012. Percentage outcomes were multiplied by the ‘College Factor’ from each state (55 California) – (27 Florida) to produce final totals. This poll features a Margin of Error of 4.46%, 19 times out of 20 at 95% confidence.

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