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Barack Obama v Mitt Romney - ROBBINS predicts second term for Barack Obama
Rain -- Uriah Heep  Feb 16, 2012

Question #1
Of the following two political candidates which one do you support at this time?
Barack Obama – Democrat    53.4 %
Mitt Romney – Republican    46.1 %
Undecided    8.42 %
Question #2
Will you support a presidential ticket featuring Republican candidates Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul – Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich? (Order alternated)
Yes    44.12 %
No    55.12 %
Undecided    12.11 %
This ROBBINS America poll suggests that if the race for President of the United States was held now -- Democrat Barack Obama would defeat Republican Mitt Romney.
This poll also reveals that Barack Obama’s success is based primarily on much higher support from non Caucasian ethnic groups. If Mitt Romney is selected as the Republican candidate to face Barack Obama it is unlikely he will win President.
The evidence of this is predicated on the following observations of the data:
Barack Obama has the support of (45%) of the Latino community in the United States, while Mitt Romney has the support of just (20%). Barack Obama has the support of (65%) of African American voters while Mitt Romney has the support of just (15%). Mitt Romney performs better among Caucasian voters than Barack Obama garnering (51%) to (46.5%) for the President. However, Barack Obama enjoys (62%) among ‘Decided’ ‘Other’ voters.
From question 2 the Republican Gingrich – Paul presidential ticket attracts (43%) of Caucasian support, (16%) of Latino support and (22%) of African American support.
Republican front runner Mitt Romney cannot defeat Barack Obama in a general election because the incumbent dominates the non Caucasian vote. African Americans are not going to change their mind and Latino voters aren’t going to accept a candidate whose religion is Mormon, as most Latino’s embrace the Catholic which has deep roots in their family heritage. The Mormon faith is a more made in American type of Christian faith – more closely associated in principle with the Protestant faith.
Romney is very successful with Caucasian voters only.
The Gingrich - Paul, Paul- Gingrich combination is interesting. If they possessed all of the support from Caucasian voters from 2008 that Mitt Romney attracts, and they do not, they would be much closer to 50%.
In addition, Gingrich is Catholic and Paul is Tea Party.
A targeted sample of 1,640 American “voters” from the 2008 U.S. Presidential election depicted on ethnic demographic and conducted in the U.S. states of California, Florida, Arizona, Texas, and Colorado between February 3-12, 2012. The Margin of Error is 2.42% plus or minus, at 95% confidence.

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