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RSR ROBBINS Research - British Columbia Politics March 18, 2012
  Mar 18, 2012

Question #1
Of the following professional sports teams in Vancouver which is more important to you as a fan? {adjusted to meet 100%}
BC Lions Football Team {32.5%}    34 %
Vancouver Whitecaps Soccer Team {15%}    17.5 %
Neither of these Teams    40.5 %
Undecided/Can’t Answer    12.5 %
Question #2
In your opinion should Christy Clark’s BC Liberal government have accepted the $35 million from TELUS in naming rights for BC Place Stadium?
Yes    63 %
No    26 %
Undecided/Can’t Answer    12 %
Question #3
Which of the following 2 political parties doing business in British Columbia do you support more?
BC Conservative Party    15.5 %
Conservative Party of Canada    20.5 %
Neither of these 2 parties    51.5 %
Undecided/Can’t Answer    12.5 %
Twice as many respondents in this ROBBINS NewTrend poll say that the BC Lions Football Team is more important to them “as a fan” than say the Vancouver Whitecaps Soccer Team is important to them.
More than one third of respondents see the BC Lions as important to them; while less than one in five say the same of the Vancouver Whitecaps.
(72%) of respondents who see -either- the BC Lions or Vancouver Whitecaps- as important to them- are of the opinion (“Yes” question 2) that Christy Clark’s BC Liberal government ought to have accepted the $35 million offer from TELUS to rename BC Place, while (49%) of those who those who answered “Neither of those teams” (question 1) agree (“Yes”) to the $35 million TELUS offer, and (50%) of Undecided/Can’t Answer agree (“Yes”) with the offer.
(81%) of respondents who selected the BC Lions Football Team as “important to them (sic) as a fan” support the $35 million offer from TELUS. The BC Lions are the current Grey Cup Champions symbolic of football supremacy in Canada.
(59%) of respondents who support either the BC Conservative Party or Federal Conservative Party of Canada (question 3) see the BC Lions Football Team as ‘important to them’, while only (9%) of these ‘conservatives’ see the Vancouver Whitecaps Soccer Team as ‘important’. (74.5%) of BC Conservative-Federal Conservative Party of Canada ‘supporters’ (question 3) support accepting $35 million from TELUS (question 2).
There was plenty of controversy involving telephone giant TELUS this March (2012) and in particular - surprise at the Christy Clark’s BC Liberal government turning down $35 million from TELUS to rename BC Place Stadium. The issue began on March 4, 2012 when News 1130 (Online News) announced that BC New Democratic leader Adrian Dix “was centre stage at a big money announcement from TELUS.”
“Dix and Telus CEO Darren Entwhistle were all smiles at a corporate newser for Telus’s plan to spend $3 billion in BC over three years and hire 1,300 people.”
Just days later this from journalist Mark Hume of the Globe and Mail (Online News) (March 7, 2012):
“A $563-million renovation has given BC Place a new roof, more than 54,000 new seats and four giant new video screens – but there won’t be a new corporate name to help pay for it all.”
“In a surprise announcement on Wednesday, Pat Bell, the Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation, said the government has rejected what many thought was a done deal with Telus Corp., to rename the football and soccer stadium for $35-million.”
Then from journalist Jeff Lee of the Vancouver Sun in a March 10, 2012 article entitled: “Whitecaps, Bell red-carded by B.C. Pavilion Corp”, Pavco Chairman David Podmore sent the Vancouver Whitecaps (President Bob Lenarduzzi) and sponsor Bell (Globalmedia) a “cease and desist” order to stop “using the term Bell Pitch.” David Podmore the developer of the Vancouver Convention Centre and new roof for BC Place Stadium described the use of the term “Bell Pitch” as a “blatant ambush which usurps naming rights without compensation.”
According to the Vancouver Province as at today’s date (March 11, 2012) Christy Clark’s BC Liberal government offered Telus the opportunity to carry the Telus label so long as “they agreed to keep “BC Place” in the name.” Telus rejected this offer out of hand after paying “9 million in a naming rights agreement with Science World to rename the building “Telus World of Science.” According to the Province article the Telus money to Science World was “wasted” as everyone continued to refer to the building as Science World. (This information was not likely available to respondents in this ROBBINS NewTrend poll).
It is clear from this ROBBINS NewTrend poll that a clear majority (71%) of decided British Columbians residing in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia including Greater Vancouver, BC, are of the opinion that the TELUS of $35 million to rename BC Place Stadium should have been accepted by the Christy Clark BC Liberal government. The overwhelming majority of BC Lions football fans in the region and a clear majority of Conservative party supporters also support the deal.
Part of the controversy surrounds a conflict in naming rights between TELUS and Bell both telephone giants. There is evidence that the development company in charge of BC Place Stadium Pavco and its boss David Podmore was not enamored with Bell’s apparent attempt to impress its name recognition through the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer pitch without any consent to do so or without providing compensation.
BC Opposition and NDP Leader Adrian Dix was conspicuous in attendance at the huge TELUS announcement of investment and jobs, while Christy Clark Leader of the BC Liberal Party and Premier of the Province of British Columbia was more conspicuous because she was not. John Cummins, leader of the BC Conservative Party supported accepting the $35 million from TELUS.
A random sample of 802 respondents residing in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia conducted by ROBBINS NewTrend March 8-10 2012, using myTELUS phone book. This polls features a margin of error of 3.46%, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence.

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