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RSR ROBBINS Research - British Columbia Politics April 12, 2012
  Apr 12, 2012

Question #1
Which BC provincial political party do you support in the by-election in your riding of Chilliwack Hope? (Party outcomes reflected in Decided percentages to approx 100% to half and full numbers)
BC New Democrats    36.5 %
BC Conservatives    35 %
BC Liberals    28 %
Undecided/Can’t-Won’t Answer/Other Party/All Other    24 %
Question #2
Is Premier Christy Clark doing a good job as Premier of British Columbia? ("Yes" and "No" response totals reflected in Decided percentages to approximately 100% in half or whole numbers)
Yes    20 %
No    79 %
Undecided/Can’t-Won’t Answer/Other Party/All Other    28 %
The by-election in the British Columbia riding of Chilliwack Hope will be won by either the “BC New Democrats” or “BC Conservatives” with the longstanding custodians of the provincial seat, the “BC Liberals” unlikely to retain the seat. Premier Christy Clark is not seen as “doing a good job” by a huge majority of voters from the 2009 general provincial election in Chilliwack Hope.
This woeful support for the Premier in conjunction will 3rd place support for the BC Liberal party affirms the final week as one which defines history for all three provincial parties, but could very likely mark the beginning of the end of the era of BC Liberal government in the Province of British Columbia.
A targeted survey of (net 404) Voters from the 2009 provincial general election in Chilliwack Hope – who remain eligible to vote in the riding of Chilliwack Hope in this April 2012 by-election. This Survey was conducted April 7-11 (not April 8th), 2012. It features a Margin of Error of 4.84% 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence.
Glen P. Robbins BA Political Science - Simon Fraser University Kellie Robbins BA Philosophy - Simon Fraser University Labour Studies Certification - Simon Fraser University

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