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RSR ROBBINS Research - British Columbia Politics May 9, 2012
  May 09, 2012

Question #1
Which political party in British Columbia do you support right now?
BC New Democratic Party-(252)    44 %
BC Conservative Party-(148)    26 %
BC Liberal Party-(114)    20 %
BC Green Party-(57)    10 %
Undecided- (72)    11 %
Question #2
Do you support the City of Vancouver’s bylaw proposal which would require Kinder Morgan oil transporters to have sufficient liability insurance to properly compensate for any negative impact of a pipeline or tanker spill, should one occur?
Yes    83 %
No    14 %
Question #3
BC Liberal turned BC Conservative John Van Dongen, has gone to BC Supreme court hoping to discover why the BC Liberal government paid $6 million in legal fees for two men who plead guilty in the BC Rail scandal, a decision contrary to conventional legal norms. Do you agree or disagree with BC Conservative John Van Dongen’s ultimate objective to have the two men pay back the $6 million dollars?
Agree    92 %
Disagree    4 %
Question #4
In your opinion is Christy Clark performing well as Premier of British Columbia?
Yes-(70)    11 %
No-(489)    76 %
Undecided-(84)    13 %
Question #5
The Province of Alberta is confronted with the choice of which direction to transport its crude oil by pipeline – east to the many refineries located there or west across British Columbia and by tanker down the BC coastline to locations abroad. If it were up to you which direction would you choose?
Transport the oil east from Alberta to locations in eastern Canada    74 %
Transport the oil west from Alberta across British Columbia and from our coast to destinations east and to the United States    19 %
The BC New Democrats have settled back to (44%) popularity from previous highs of (46%) among Voters from the 2009 provincial general election. The BC Conservatives have clearly jumped ahead of their competitor the BC Liberals for domination of minority centre right support in this ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) poll.
The BC Greens continue to hold onto double digit support similar to what they achieved when ROBBINS first ‘discovered’ the parties true support at the turn of this century.
BC Liberals are in very serious political trouble with one year to go until the next provincial election. Support for the BC Liberal government on Vancouver Island is (11%), three percent less than the BC Green Party, and (7%) lower than the BC Conservatives. Support for BC Liberals is (18%) in the lower mainland, while the BC Conservatives score (26%). The BC Conservatives are up (40.5%) from our May 1, 2012 random poll of British Columbians (18.5% to 26%). The BC Greens are down from 16.5% on May 1, 2012 (random) to (10%) in this poll of 2009 BC Voters.
Christy Clark attracts (question 4) (61.5%) as much support as the BC Liberal Party does (question 1), and (47.2%) as much as the BC Conservative Party does (question 1). Christy Clark attracts (22.8%) more than the BC Green Party does.
In question 2 there is overwhelming support for Vancouver city council’s proposal (85.5% decided) to demand sufficient liability insurance in the event of pipeline or tanker spills in around Greater Vancouver. Critics suggest that city council has no jurisdiction over federal matters, or alternatively that there is sufficient liability insurance in any event, but in public opinion perception matters the most – and this bylaw proposal reflects the concerns that British Columbians believe the big companies, insurers and lawyers and BC courts still have a lot of explaining to do – and even if this is only symbolism on the part of Vancouver city council – it is powerful symbolism nonetheless. Question 5 mirrors the concerns of question 2 among BC Voters in regard to Alberta oil transport. (79%) of decided respondents would prefer that Alberta oil be transported eastward.
The $6 million dollar payment of legal fees to two BC government employees who plead guilty in BC Supreme Court in relation to the BC Rail scandal continues to anger BC voters. Like the HST, it is a gift that will continue to keep on giving to BC Liberal enemies which now include the BC New Democrats and BC Conservatives – both parties now conspicuously more popular than the current government.
Christy Clark’s numbers are now as low as Gordon Campbell’s when he was forced to resign. The numbers against her are daunting, and the chances of her mounting any comeback in one years’ time would in the most positive sense be considered very slim. Based on anecdote, Voters in British Columbia do not believe Christy Clark is capable of “managing a leadership position at this level”, has “bitten off more than she can chew” and would probably “make a good city councilor”.
Methodology- A ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) targeted poll of 643 Voters from the 2009 provincial general election in British Columbia conducted May 5-9, 2012. Voters from that 2009 provincial election were followed from their Vote selections to their response selections in this May 2012 ROBBINS poll, one year prior to the next provincial election next May 2013. Voter responses were gathered from 4 regions of the province in relative comparison to population bases in those regions including: Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, and Northern and Interior. The BC NDP scored (57%), (47%), (37%), (36%). BC Conservatives: (18%), (26%), (32%), (30%). BC Liberals: (11%), (18%), (26%), (27%). BC Greens: (14%), (9%), (5%), (7%). The Margin of error of this poll is 3.86%, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence.
Thanks to Peter Kelly for the graphs - look forward to his commentary on our national poll.

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