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RSR ROBBINS Research - British Columbia Politics July 27, 2012
  Jul 27, 2012

Adrian Dix’s BC New Democrats continue to hold a huge lead over the BC Conservatives and BC Liberals tied for third place.
(32.3% net) of total respondents who voted in last provincial election in British Columbia drawn from the 6 largest cities in the lower mainland of British Columbia - support the BC New Democrats, while (14.7% net) support John Cummins and BC Conservative; (14.6% net) support Christy Clark and BC Liberals; and (6.5% net) support Jane Sterk and BC Greens. BC NDP and BC Greens (middle to left ideologically) receive (57%) of overall support while BC Conservatives and BC Liberals (centre right) receive (43%) overall support.
Conservative MP James Moore – senior federal minister in British Columbia is slipping politically/to be sure / he has no lily pad in B.C. provincial politics- - showing up to Victoria to spend over $600 million along with the BC Liberal government and refusing to fight for the Kitsilano Coast Guard in Vancouver because of a meager 1 million dollar cost to keep it.
Only (71%) of the total number of respondents who support the BC Conservatives and BC Liberals support the Enbridge pipeline, while in total (68%) more respondents are opposed to the Enbridge pipeline than the combined total that support the BC NDP and BC Greens.
Mainstream media in recent days attempted to portray Christy Clark as a fighter for the Province against Alison Redford, but her position is portrayed as assuming the Enbridge pipeline as moving forward, when the clear majority of British Columbians for 7 consecutive months is solidifying as against it, which hurts Clark in this latest ‘exchange’ more than its help her. BC Conservative supporters believe that leader John Cummins “can negotiate a better deal as leader of a coalition”; though neither John Cummins nor Christy Clark receive much in the way of support from either BC Conservative or BC Liberals supporters as a potential savior to any potential centre right coalition prior to the next BC provincial election.
Among (43%) of total respondents in question 4, (68.5%) are BC Liberal or BC Conservative supporters from question 1. (50.5%) of this pool of respondents (73.5% of 68.5%) supports John Cummins or Christy Clark as leader of a centre right coalition against Adrian Dix and the BC New Democrats in May 2013. John Cummins leads Christy Clark from this minority group (54%) to (46%). Only 21.5% of ALL Voters from 2009 – about one in five – support either John Cummins or Christy Clark. Beyond this –of the Undecided pool (from question 1) asked the question only 9% support John Cummins while a pitiful 5.5% supported Christy Clark. BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix absolutely owns the road to the Premier’s Chair unless “The ROBBINS Miracle” ™ is introduced.
An overwhelming majority of British Columbians in this poll have “had it” with special treatment for elected and appointed officials including Judges in terms of the current lack of accountability – when these groups cause harm to others – and are granted immunity from lawsuits. The response to this question represents a wild backlash against elected and appointed officials including judges who are placed above the law in British Columbia – exempt from lawsuits – when clearly British Columbians believe they ought to be as wholly accountable for their actions as regular decisions. The response to this question makes the statement from British Columbians unequivocal – and the law of exemption should be changed immediately.
At least (62%) and more realistically (78%) of respondents support the ROBBINS maneuver of having sufficient BC Liberals and Independents cross over to the BC Conservatives – such that the BC NDP is the party with the most seats in the BC Legislature, Christy Clark resigns and Adrian Dix becomes Premier of a minority government. It’s bold – but necessary and satisfy’s the majority of respondents who are currently interested in party politics (hereinafter “The ROBBINS Miracle” ™).
Approximately (29%) of “No” vote in this question does not support any leader or party in question 1. After subtracting this (noteworthy) minority pool of respondents – it is fair to suggest that (78.5%) of decided British Columbians who support a leader and party from one of the four offered in question 1, support the concept provided in this question to have BC Liberals and Independent(s) cross the floor to BC Conservatives in sufficient number to create a Legislature where the BC NDP has the most seats by one, but not a majority of them. In this ROBBINS concept Christy Clark resigns to make way for Adrian Dix to become Premier. It is interesting that although the decided outcome nearly matches the Christy Clark and BC Liberal support that only (61%) of respondents who support Adrian Dix and BC NDP in question 1 support this concept, while (81%) of BC Conservatives (92%) of BC Greens also supports the concept. This ROBBINS polls clearly reveals that Christy Clark is no longer in charge of The Province of British Columbia. According to question 4 responses, neither John Cummins, leader of the BC Conservative nor Christy Clark leader of the BC Liberals have the capacity to galvanize a centre right coalition against the BC New Democrats who appear set to win upwards of 70 seats in the next BC provincial general election.
Thanks to Peter Kelly for graphs - look forward to him 'singing lead' in our next August 2012 poll.

Question #1
For which British Columbia leader and party would you vote if an election were held tomorrow? (Leaders and party presented as 100%)
Adrian Dix and BC NDP    46.6 %
John Cummins and BC Conservatives    21.3 %
Christy Clark and BC Liberals    21.1 %
Jane Sterk and BC Greens    9.6 %
Other leader and party    1.5 %
I do not currently support any of the leaders and party proposed    17 %
I am undecided about which leader and party I currently support    13.5 %
Question #2
Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government of Canada through Conservative MP James Moore, senior Conservative Minister for the Province of British Columbia, and BC Liberal Premier Christy Clark, have chosen on behalf of their respective federal and provincial governments, to jointly contribute $600,000,000 for a sewage treatment plant in Victoria BC. At the same time, the Harper government represented by MP James Moore has decided to shut down the Kitsilano Coast Guard which costs approximately one million dollars per year. In your opinion is this a fair distribution of your tax payer resources as between these two political decisions?
Yes    7 %
No    86.5 %
Question #3
The BC New Democrats and BC Greens oppose, and BC Liberals and BC Conservatives support -- the Enbridge pipeline scheduled to carry Alberta crude oil across the northern land mass of the province and down our coastline to exports markets in China and the United States. Whose side are you on in this debate? (Responses net of Undecided to 100%).
I support the BC New Democrats and BC Greens who oppose the Enbridge pipeline    50 %
I support the BC Liberals and BC Conservatives who support the Enbridge pipeline    25.5 %
I simply don’t support the Enbridge pipeline    21.5 %
I simply support the Enbridge pipeline    2.5 %
Undecided    8 %
Question #4
Who better to lead a centre right coalition against the BC New Democrats in the May 2013 general provincial election? (BC Conservative, BC Liberal and Undecided respondents ONLY from #1)
John Cummins- Leader BC Conservatives    27 %
Christy Clark-Leader BC Liberals    23.5 %
Neither of these two    44 %
Undecided    6 %
Question #5
In your opinion should elected and appointed government officials including Judges be exempt from lawsuits in circumstances where their actions cause harm to another person?
Yes    3 %
No    92 %
Question #6
Would you be willing to accept the following proposal THAT immediately 10 MLA’s from the BC Liberal Party and Independent ranks cross the floor of the BC Legislature to join the BC Conservative Party, Christy Clark resigns as Premier, and BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix is asked to form a minority government with one more seat than the BC Liberals have to become Premier of the Province? (% based on respondents who selected a leader and party or other leader and party from Q#1).
Yes    58.1 %
No    34.5 %
Undecided/Can't Answer    7.5 %
Methodology: From 6 largest cities in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia including: Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, Abbotsford, and Coquitlam. Outcomes as follows: BC NDP – Vancouver (45.5%); Surrey (48%); Burnaby (49%); Richmond (41.5%); Abbotsford (37.5%); Coquitlam (52%). BC Conservatives – Vancouver (17%); Surrey (21%); Burnaby (18%); Richmond (21.5%); Abbotsford (41%); Coquitlam (20%). BC Liberals – Vancouver (22%); Surrey (19%); Burnaby (17%); Richmond (24.5%); Abbotsford (23%); Coquitlam (17%). BC Greens – Vancouver (11%); Surrey (9%); Burnaby (13.5%); Richmond (4.5%); Abbotsford (3%); Coquitlam (8.5%). Other – Vancouver (3%); Surrey (3%); Burnaby (2%); Richmond (1%); Abbotsford (1%); Coquitlam (2%).
This ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) ™ private public opinion poll is predicated on a sample size of 1,570 respondents obtained from lists of BC Voters in the 2009 provincial general election and conducted between July 19 and 25th, 2012. This poll features a Margin of Error (M.O.E.) of 2.5%, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence. The statistical lead the BC New Democrats have over both the BC Conservatives and BC Liberals ranges between 19.2 and 28.8%.

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