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RSR ROBBINS Research - British Columbia Politics August 9, 2012
  Aug 09, 2012

Question #1
The BC Legislature is where elected MLA’s are supposed to debate issues and make law for British Columbians. The Legislature is currently made up of mostly BC Liberal and BC NDP MLA’s with the BC Liberals in possession of a majority of the seats there. Recently, B.C. Auditor General John Doyle indicated in his Audit of the BC Budget that he was not sure what, if any, of the information provided by BC Liberal Finance Minister Kevin Falcon, was true or not. In your opinion should BC Liberal Finance Minister Kevin Falcon resign? (‘spoiled ballots not included’)
Yes    71.5 %
No    22.5 %
Undecided    6 %
Question #2
BC’s Auditor General indicated that this Budget’s MLA expense documents were either incomplete or non existent. The Auditor General has indicated that the Legislature has had 5 years to get their act together on this subject. In our Parliamentary system, The Speaker of the House – BC Liberal Bill Barisoff is ultimately responsible for these documents. Should BC Liberal Speaker Bill Barisoff resign to be replaced by Deputy Speaker BC NDP Dawn Black as BC Conservative leader John Cummins has asserted should happen?
Yes    66 %
No    19 %
Undecided    15 %
Question #3
From the following leaders and parties in British Columbia which would you support if an election were held tomorrow? (Mainstream leaders and party designated by % to 100%).
(Former NDP Premier Glen Clarke Chief of Staff)- Adrian Dix and BC New Democrats    41.5 %
(Former Deputy Premier to Gordon Campbell, former Education Minister)- Christy Clark and BC Liberals    18 %
(Former Reform, Canadian Alliance and Conservative MP)- John Cummins and BC Conservatives    26.5 %
(Former Businesswoman and Environmental Activist)-Jane Sterk and BC Greens    11.5 %
Other Leader and Party    2 %
I would probably spoil my ballot    16 %
I probably wouldn’t vote    19 %
Undecided    10 %
Question #4
Principally speaking, are you FOR or AGAINST the Enbridge pipeline which proposes to carry Alberta crude oil by pipeline over the northern part of British Columbia and by tanker down the Coast of the Province to China and other parts of the world?
FOR    22 %
AGAINST    71.5 %
Undecided    6.5 %
Question #5
(To those who answer “Against”) Which part of the Enbridge pipeline proposal troubles you most?
The pipeline over the northern part of British Columbia    20.72 %
The tanker traffic down the Coast of the Province    32.72 %
Both the pipeline and the tanker traffic    26 %
The fact that not enough protections or benefits are in place    11.18 %
Other factors    9.5 %
Question #6
Kevin Berry is a 29 year old 6’4” 230 lb. Canadian Veteran of the War in Afghanistan residing in Port Moody B.C. He works as an advocate for Canadian Veterans Rights, and also assists people with drug and alcohol addiction. Mr. Berry is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal which exemplifies achievements as a Canadian. Politically, Mr. Berry has rescinded his membership in the Conservative Party of Canada over Stephen Harper’s mistreatment of Afghanistan War Veterans and his government’s effort to push Alberta crude oil through our provincial land and down our coastline to China. Is Kevin Berry the type of person you would like to see run for leader of British Columbia?
Yes    52.5 %
No    36.5 %
Undecided    11 %
Question #7
Premier Christy Clark attended a Christian network Television Show very recently that has been vocally against same sex marriages and gay rights. In your opinion was this a move on the part of your Premier that you support?
Yes    15 %
No    75 %
Undecided    10 %
Based on this ROBBINS poll, both BC Liberals Kevin Falcon and Speaker of The House Bill Barisoff should resign for not properly doing the jobs tax payers have entrusted them to do. The numbers in this poll through questions 1 and 2 remove legitimacy and credibility from both of them. These numbers reveal that either “descriptively” or “normatively” there can be no further support for the current government based on the history of the past few years and from the recent comments from BC’s Auditor General John Doyle, as those comments related to the provision of the Budget from finance minister Falcon, or as a consequence of BC Liberal Government numbers allegedly reflecting the Operation of Government on the part of MLA’s including both the Government (BC Liberals) and Opposition (BC New Democrats).
These numbers are also testament that there is not sufficient belief among BC voters to suggest there is credibility in the BC Liberal government (11.5%), however there remains an opportunity for some credibility to fill the existing political vacuum if the BC NDP were to take over as Government (26.97% net) support, if 10 BC Liberals crossed over to the BC Conservatives bringing the latter party up to a total of 11 seats, creating based on this poll a total of (17% net BC Conservatives) (11.5% net BC Liberals) and (27% net BC NDP) for a total of (55.5%) net support from 2009 BC voters, over (60%) decided – (slightly higher than the (58%) support embodied in the Kevin Berry positive persona (charisma) provided in question 6 (the variable standard).
According to British Columbians, the BC Liberals as Government are now clearly a spent political force in the Province of British Columbia and have no opportunity to win a fourth term—their gas tank is empty- clearly lame duck for another 9 months a period of time that is simply too long to pretend to function as legitimate government, and too long to expect a press that has earned a residual reputation - to carry them further. The BC Liberals are certain to finish no better than third behind the BC Conservatives who have kicked their way to a substantial lead over them.
The BC Conservatives are the only centre right party that NOW has any hope against the BC New Democrats, a party slightly bruised because of their perceived part in the Government’s transgressions surrounding the recent Auditor General’s Budget Report and general unaccountability of MLA’s. The BC NDP are seen by 2009 voters to be “too comfortable” with an incompetent and relatively “useless” foe in Christy Clark and BC Liberals.
The apparent benefits Christy Clark has brought to BC NDP political fortunes owing to her personal leadership incompetence, and her party’s dismal appeal to voters – is now beginning to hurt the NDP party by a type of coefficient of being in the Government bed with them – being “the same” as the BC Liberals – which is eroding slightly the BC New Democrat support from voters in the 2009 general provincial election either wanting to “spoil their ballots” or “sit out the next election” because “there isn’t anyone to vote for”.
Based on question 3 – leaders and party totals – BC Voters have indicated that at this point that approximately (33%) of the voting public currently has little or no confidence in the political system. Honestly – why would they? British Columbians are declaring the BC Liberals dead, have hoped for months and years now they would depart – are wondering if the BC New Democrats aren’t simply waiting to take over where BC Liberals leave off, pressing the ‘refresh button’ for friends and associates under a new set of football downs – with no real contract or mandate with BC voters other than the fact that they aren’t BC Liberals.
Certainly tremendous political opportunities exist for BC Conservatives and BC Greens to get their act together and make an impression of the BC public prior to the next provincial general election in May 2013 as the numbers in this ROBBINS Van Rassel (RVRS) Survey attest.
When is Prime Minister Stephen Harper going to grow up – stop playing games and make a decision as to which party – the BC Liberals or BC Conservatives - his Conservative Party of Canada intends to support? Is he a Liberal or a Conservative?
There is NO possibility that Enbridge can legitimately win over the BC public with its plan to produce a pipeline across British Columbia and down the Coast of the Province for shipment to China and elsewhere. Respondents who declare “Other Factors” include their professed dislike for BC Liberal Premier Christy Clark and Stephen Harper as reasons they “don’t want the pipeline”.
Advertising doesn’t matter – the people have conceptualized “future disasters” with Enbridge and are unwilling to give any benefit of the doubt to oil companies reluctant to provide significant financial assurances to worried British Columbians in the event of trouble which follows the company and its 99% A-Ok pipelines, a silly statistic to employ in the wake of a history (in pictures) of environmental debauchery. Rather the oil companies prefer to use their political associations with Calgary Canada’s Stephen Harper and his whimsical offerings and comforting salutations (referred to by the Prime Minister interchangeably as “science”), their vast bank accounts for public relations, rather than a frank and honest cards (and money) on the table to change minds. Even at that – liars can’t buy good people – and the good people of British Columbia see the oil companies and their pipeline associates as liars – they see the current government as liars – and they are fast realizing that the federal government are liars too – no other foolish actor can sing or dance a change of mind – the people have set their minds to “No way” to the Enbridge pipeline (and likely any other pipeline now).
Now it’s too late – like the haughty woman who poses herself as too beautiful to be humble – her inside ugliness is thus revealed – so has the ugliness of Enbridge been revealed to British Columbians. They have had their window of opportunity and have failed. Now - the BC Conservatives and leader John Cummins who apparently mustered sufficient energy to declare support for an oil pipeline that many of his supporters don’t want - are stuck with an issue which will likely serve to create an absolute political firewall for Adrian Dix. His opponent Christy Clark’s lifeless body has coveted the political position of half measures on Enbridge – sufficient to make her even less desirable to British Columbians who have waited two years for just a whisper of any capacity of leadership from her – with none forthcoming – and enough miscommunication to give the wrong impression to an oil company and its that British Columbians simply don’t want—like the employee in a jewelry store who professes concern about crime and then let’s her friends in the back door to rob the place.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrived in Vancouver during this polling period – possibly enough to influence some respondents – but probably more than enough for some respondents to question his comment about “science” over “politics” – “All he knows is politics”.
The introduction of our ROBBINS Van Rassel Variable Question (RVRQ) - a British Columbian (can’t you just hear the bagpipes playing?)- like Kevin Berry (Progressive Conservative) a potential fresh face in BC politics with his positive accomplishments and history – reveals that British Columbians are really looking for a leader to cheer about - rather than simply another talking head from ‘the old boys and girls club’ - to be disappointed in, something that we have endured in this province for well over 20 years now.
Will John Cummins have the good sense to use Berry family friend and BC Conservative MLA John Van Dongen to reach out to the potential future of the party –{and his mentor Colonel Tom} – and set him loose against BC Liberal turncoat turned BC NDP Port Moody Coquitlam MLA - Joe Trasolini – or might Jane Sterk and BC Greens seek out Kevin Berry as a candidate – instead of BC Green Party member and private survey financier Jim Van Rassel who desperately wants to consume Joe Trasolini—
and expel him as discharge afterward.
BC Liberal Premier Christy Clark has drowned politically; she drowned in her own ignorance, her own stupidity, her own special Made in BC - elitist attitude, her complete and unequivocal incapacity to handle the job of Premier, and the absolute disgrace her transparent incompetence and superficial personality bring to bear on BC voters tired of one bad actor – clearly now all England - sociopathic liar - followed by an actress of equal or worse ethical standard. Eventually they both got what they deserved – and good riddance.
Ms. Clark’s political career like that of her party is sinking like a stone faster than they can either acknowledge or admit to – and British Columbians are delighted at the prospect of making a clear statement to a political party that has long overstayed its welcome in this province.
The issue for the BC Conservatives now becomes whether or not British Columbians can be convinced by evidence of the recent MLA expense fiasco the NDP are or will be no different and no better than the BC Liberals, (difficult to do when the latter have owned the stage for 11 years) – and that wholesale changes are necessary to return the province to legitimacy and credibility with its citizens. The axiom being hang around with sleaze long enough and it takes one to know one.
John Cummins and his party core are likely a little too old and likely out of touch – so what is he going to do about this opportunity to show British Columbians a better future – make the possibility work or continue to piddle around? What does BC Green Leader Jane Sterk intend to do about the opportunity? – continue to use her party as a quasi – lobby in support of one federal Green seat – or become serious about building a bona Green Party here in British Columbia? The opportunity is clearly presented to both Cummins and Sterk in this ROBBINS Van Rassel Survey.
BC New Democrats (decided support by region): Vancouver Island (50%); Lower Mainland (43.5%); Langley and Fraser Valley (33.5%); North and Interior (32.5%).
BC Conservatives: Vancouver Island (22%); Lower Mainland (23.5%); Langley and Fraser Valley (34%); North and Interior (35%).
BC Liberals: Vancouver Island (10.5%); Lower Mainland (19%); Langley and Fraser Valley (24%); North and Interior (22%).
BC Greens: Vancouver Island (15.5%); Lower Mainland (11%), Langley and Fraser Valley (7.5%); North and Interior (10.5%).
Methodology: A survey conducted by Glen P. Robbins and Jim Van Rassel. This ROBBINS Van Rassel survey took place between August 5-8, 2012 and features 944 respondents from all regions of the Province of British Columbia including: Vancouver Island, The Lower Mainland, Langley and Fraser Valley, and North and Interior. Raw numbers are adjusted for gender on a best efforts basis to produce final outcomes. This ROBBINS Van Rassel survey features a Margin of Error of 3.19%, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence. The BC New Democrats lead the BC Conservatives by a high of (20.8%) to a low of (8.2%) with a 100% probability of lead. The BC New Democrats lead the BC Liberals by a high of (29.6%) to a low of (17%) with a 100% probability of lead. The BC Conservatives lead the BC Liberals by a high of (15.3%) and a low of (2.7%) with a 100% probability of lead. The BC Liberals lead the BC Greens by a high of (13.3%) to a low of under 1% with a probability of lead of 98%. Thanks to Van Rassel for Research support.
Thanks to 'Pistol Pete' Peter Kelly - for the graphs.

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