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RSR ROBBINS Research - British Columbia Politics September 10, 2012
  Sep 10, 2012

Question #1
Which of the following political brand names has the most credibility in your judgment? (Parties presented to 100%)
BC New Democrats    46.2 %
BC Conservatives    22.1 %
BC Greens    14.3 %
BC Liberals    19.7 %
None of these    17.4 %
Undecided    16.9 %
Question #2
(From those respondents who selected BC Conservatives in question 1)The BC Conservatives are currently considering a leadership review. The party’s current leader is John Cummins. There is evidence of support for current BC Conservative MLA John Van Dongen. Who would you prefer for leader from these two politicians?
Former Reform, Canadian Alliance and Conservative MP John Cummins    31 %
Former BC Liberal now BC Conservative MLA John Van Dongen    35 %
Question #3
(From those respondents who selected BC Conservatives in question 1)Who do you trust more: BC NDP or BC Liberals?
BC NDP    11 %
BC Liberals    6.7 %
Neither    69.4 %
Undecided    12.7 %
Question #4
Is Premier Christy Clark competent in the job?
Yes    13 %
No    75 %
Undecided    12 %
Question #5
Do you support the Enbridge pipeline shipping Tar Sands oil from Edmonton Alberta across British Columbia to the BC coastline to China?
Yes    25.5 %
No    68 %
Undecided    6.5 %
Question #6
To what degree does the fact that much of the oil proposed to be shipped across British Columbia and down its coastline is being delivered to China specifically (pause) disturb you about this proposal (pause) if 10 is a high degree of disturbance and 5 is a low degree of disturbance? (Rounded)
7    70 %
Undecided/Can’t Answer    23 %
Question #7
Would you like to see Justin Trudeau son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau become the next leader of the federal Liberal party and Prime Minister of Canada?
Yes    18.3 %
No    51 %
Undecided    29.5 %
Question #8
Do you consider yourself either a (a) spiritual or (b) a religious person?
Spiritual    18.30 %
Religious    26.22 %
This ROBBINS survey clearly reveals yet more evidence that the BC New Democrats are going to win in May 2013 (and win big). Their political label has 2.5 times more “credibility” from question 1, than that of the BC Liberal government.
The upstart BC Conservatives name label has slightly more credibility than the current government. (Question 1)
BC Conservative leader John Cummins was more or less insulated from a bona fide leadership race, a type of leadership appointment – and now has dissension in the ranks. It is unlikely that ignoring the apparent will of BC voters who currently support his party will bring rewards – and if the party elects to stick its head in the sand – it risks losing not only credibility – but opportunity as well. (Question 2).
Question 3 reveals that BC Conservatives trust BC Liberals less than they do BC NDP particularly in parts of the Fraser Valley and North and Interior. This latter assertion is also supported on the higher support for John Van Dongen over former federal Conservative John Cummins. John Van Dongen left the BC Liberals to sit as a BC Conservative.
The Enbridge pipeline issue is a huge weight on any political party that supports it. It guarantees to divide BC Liberals and BC Conservatives even further.
BC NDP supporters view China’s role in the Enbridge pipeline discussion the most negative at 8, the BC Liberals at 6, BC Conservatives 7 and BC Greens 7. Respondents who answered “None of these” in question 1 responded 7 average to this question.
(62%) of the number of British Columbian voters who support federal Liberal MP Justin Trudeau for Prime Minister of Canada, support Adrian Dix and BC NDP, while (46%) more BC voters support him than support the BC Liberal Party and (37%) more British Columbians support Justin Trudeau than find Christy Clark competent in the job. (89%) more BC voters support Justin Trudeau for Prime Minister than the number of total BC Conservatives who support John Cummins and John Van Dongen combined at this moment in time.
Like the BC Liberal Party label – leader Christy Clark apparently has very limited room to grow –too many BC Voters have simply had enough of both of them. Christy Clark and BC Liberals efforts to say we are different with a Cabinet shuffle and advance political announcements only make Voters ask “what the hell were they doing over the past six months?”
Christy Clark has only one real opportunity left. She must change her identification with voters. She must repudiate her connection to the Harper Conservatives and declare herself once again a federal Liberal – declaring her support for Justin Trudeau—beginning her way back with the addition of New Democrats, Greens and a few other voters currently fed up with politics in the province. Let the federal and BC Conservatives alone – Stephen Harper and federal Conservative support is sinking fast and there is no guarantee the BC Conservatives can field a properly organized team. This courageous decision –if undertaken would have some voters tripping over themselves to find new perches. Christy Clark must be clear to say that she wants to take the province in the way of compassion and caring – with respect for all people and respect for the environment. She must be fearless in this transformation of identification, ensuring the public not only see but feel that she is the one in charge of her own destiny – not just her handlers.
Methodology: A targeted ROBBINS Sce Research survey of 835 BC voters throughout the province. This survey was conducted between September 5 to 8, 2012. The margin of error is 3.39% plus or minus, 19 times out of 20 @95% confidence except questions 2 and 3 which feature a margin of error of 8.35% plus or minus. Jim Van Rassel sponsor.

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