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RSR ROBBINS Research - British Columbia Politics September 19, 2012
  Sep 19, 2012

Question #1
Which political party in BC would you mostly likely support if an election were held tomorrow? (Parties depicted on ‘net’ support and to 100% for comparison- NOT rotated)
BC New Democrats    48 %
BC Conservatives    19.5 %
BC Liberals    17.5 %
BC Greens    12 %
Other    1.5 %
I would probably spoil my ballot    6 %
I probably wouldn’t vote    11 %
Undecided    9 %
Question #2
Would you support an earlier general provincial election in British Columbia than May 2013?
Yes    56 %
No    18 %
Question #3
Do you support Free Trade between Canada and China?
Yes    28 %
No    54 %
Question #4
How do you rate Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s majority government?
Good    16 %
Fair    21 %
Poor    54.5 %
Question #5
Do you support the sale of Canadian companies who own large interests in oil and gas and other strategic natural resources here in Canada to Chinese interests?
Yes    15.5 %
No    78 %
Question #6
The Province of BC and the country of Canada are based on the concept of responsible government which means that elected officials for both are responsible to the citizens through their respective Legislatures in Victoria and Ottawa. In BC, the Legislative sittings for elected officials are normally in the fall and spring. The BC Liberal government has sat infrequently in the fall and current House Leader Mike de Jong has indicated they won’t sit this fall. How do you respond to this based on the three choices provided? (Responses not rotated)
Elected officials should debate in the Legislature every fall and spring    48 %
There should be a provincial election called immediately    34 %
I don’t care one way or the other/Undecided    18 %
The BC New Democrats are steamrolling toward a Super Majority in British Columbia – and there is nothing can be done to stop it. It is entirely possible that the BC NDP could win virtually every seat in the BC Legislature after the next provincial general election - based on this ROBBINS survey.
The BC Liberals and BC Conservatives have no chance of mounting of comeback and can only watch in horror as the BC NDP freight train comes screaming through their ‘house’.
The political bleeding at the center right of the spectrum - is so bad (how bad is it?) - That even some 2009 voters/respondents in this survey who support the BC Liberals are supporting an earlier election call – “get it over with already”. Others in regions like the Fraser Valley who have voted overwhelmingly for BC Liberals are looking to vote BC NDP “to have someone in the government.”
People in ridings who have had BC Liberal representation in government for over a decade, particularly in Cabinet, understand they are better off than those in ridings that have not supported the government. The New Trend is that many British Columbians don’t have much confidence in government, realize there is little they can do to change the situation – and ultimately don’t care who is in government, so long as their representative brings back the goods to the community. This is the best they can hope for.
Will the Chilliwack or Langley NDP MLA – get a Cabinet post?
The BC NDP are confronting a huge win in May 2013, one would think they would be delighted at their good fortune - they may want to be careful what they wish for.
A majority of BC 2009 provincial voters are against Free Trade with China – and dead against selling (strategic) Canadian oil and gas and natural resource companies to Chinese interests. The country of China is not attractive to British Columbians who don’t see them as being particularly interested in the welfare of the planet or people – with many seeing it as a “slave labour” or “smokestack” nation.
British Columbians don’t trust the Chinese government.
Stephen Harper’s Conservative government support is plummeting in BC. The Conservative brand was always a little more popular than the Prime Minister – and British Columbians supported him hoping the benefits of having a majority of federal seats from BC in Ottawa, but an ineffective senior minister (James Moore) not in touch with the people, more a ‘quisling’* for the PM – the killing of the Coast Guard, and Enbridge dictatorship makes Stephen Harper the new politician British Columbians love to dislike (even hate) – or if they don’t dislike - him have serious doubts about him as a leader for them. No passion---less steady than cunning.
Of respondents ‘who care’ (58.5%) support a fall sitting of the Legislature, while the remainder want a quick election and the rest don’t care. This ROBBINS survey represents the Death of Government in British Columbia. If you don’t want to work and be seen to be working than call an election – now.
In additional questions (52%) of BC respondents are willing to have the government “go into modest deficit to support health, education and community social programs”, while only (32%) support “raises for government workers”. British Columbians won’t admit at coffee shops that they want a return on their tax dollars – and not excuses – secretly hoping that they “tax the hell out of the rich”.
BC NDP- Vancouver Island (57%); Lower Mainland (52%); Fraser Valley (38%); North and Interior (37%)
BC Conservatives-Vancouver Island (14%); Lower Mainland (15%); Fraser Valley (31%); North and Interior (28%)
BC Liberals-Vancouver Island (9%); Lower Mainland (15%); Fraser Valley (24%); North and Interior (23%)
BC Greens-Vancouver Island(17%); Lower Mainland (15%); Fraser Valley (7%); North and Interior (9%).
A Targeted ROBBINS sample of 832 British Columbians who voted in the 2009 provincial general election in the province – are represented in this survey conducted between September 13-18, 2012. This survey features a margin of error of 3.4% plus or minus, 19 times out of 20. Based on this poll the BC New Democrats have a lead of 22.6% to 35.4% over the BC Conservatives and 24.7% to 37.3% over the BC Liberals.
Special thanks to Jim Van Rassel on research and most specifically question 3 to 5. If you’re having trouble seeing – visit Jim down in beautiful downtown Port Coquitlam – for some new glasses – or just a chat. Jim is coming up to 25 years in the eyewear business – congratulations Jim and thanks for all your help.
*Quisling – Jim Van Rassel’s word of the month.
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