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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics October 16, 2012
  Oct 16, 2012

Question #1
Which leader and party from those provided do you support at this time? (leader and party presented to 100%)
Alison Redford and Progressive Conservative Party    34 %
Danielle Smith and Wildrose Party    27 %
Brian Mason and New Democratic Party    21 %
Raj Sherman and Liberal Party    16.5 %
Other Party    1.5 %
Undecided    9 %
Question #2
Currently, there is a process underway to determine whether or not a pipeline should be constructed from Edmonton Alberta through Northern BC to the coast – for the purpose of transporting Alberta crude oil to China to be refined in that country. Do you support this effort and action?
Yes    38.5 %
No    47 %
Undecided    14.5 %
Question #3
In your opinion who should ultimately determine whether or not the pipeline from Edmonton to the Coast of British Columbia should be constructed? (Responses other than Undecided to 100%)
The People of British Columbia    36.5 %
The BC Government    28.5 %
The National Energy Board    17 %
The Federal Government    9.5 %
The Government of Alberta    5.5 %
The private pipeline company    3 %
Undecided    12 %
Other than within the context of conducting federal public opinion polls, ROBBINS – the most accurate pollster in the World – has spent little time in the Province of Alberta. The recent election of the Progressive Conservative government under Alison Redford made the polling establishment appear somewhat foolish. Most were predicting an upset win for Danielle Smith’s Wildrose party. We begin our journey in that province – with more of the same trouble.
Our question 1 on leader and party popularity in the cities of Edmonton of Calgary have the Progressive Conservatives down from their 2 city average of 43% attained in the most recent April 23, 2012 provincial general election to (34%). The Wildrose Party holds at (27%), while the upstart New Democrats jump from 13% to (21%), and the Liberals continue to increase from 14% to (16.5%).
Voters in the city of Edmonton Alberta are turning to the left.
The Progressive Conservatives have dominated government and politics in Alberta for decades and the most recent election did nothing to change that. But I don’t wonder if maybe the pollsters had it right all along – just not at that exact moment in time. Perhaps this ROBBINS poll – is the next step in the realization.
A majority of Albertans residing in Edmonton and Calgary answer “No” to shipping Alberta crude to China (53.5% decided). (72%) of New Democrats, (61%) of Liberals, (43%) of Progressive Conservatives and (27%) of Wildrose party supporters all respond “NO”.
(64%) of Albertans are of the opinion that either the Government of British Columbia or the People of British Columbia should “decide” if a pipeline passes through their province, while (27.5%) are of the opinion that the Federal Government or the National Energy Board should “decide”. (8.5%) of Albertans are of the opinion that the Alberta Government or the Pipeline Company should “decide.”
A random sample of 1,104 Albertans who characterize themselves as “voters” responded to this ROBBINS poll conducted October 2-12, 2012 – our premier poll in the Province of Alberta – (the birthplace of my dad Douglas Robbins). This poll feels like a million dollars! The poll responses were conducted in the cities of Edmonton and Calgary Alberta and feature a Margin of Error of 2.95% plus or minus @95% confidence – (19 times out of 20).

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