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June 2003-Hello Campbell's at 32%-mainstream has him at 47%-what gives
  Jun 22, 2003

1,975 respondents participated in this survey between June 16 to 23, 2003 An equal number of respondents were obtained from each of the 79 ridings in the province. Adjustments were made relative to population to derive a final number, which reflects both the party popularity on a riding, by riding basis and its significance relative to the number of British Columbians who voted in each constituency in the last election in May 2001. Numbers are rounded. This survey features an error rate of 3.75%, 19 times out of 20, at 98% competency.

Question #1
Which political party did you vote for in the last provincial election?
BC Liberals    57. %
NDP    23. %
Green Party    12. %
Unity BC    03 %
Question #2
If an election were held tomorrow in the province of British Columbia, for which political party would you cast you vote?
NDP    36. %
BC Liberals    32. %
Reform BC    11. %
Green Party    11 %
Unity BC    06 %
Question #3
In your opinion have Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals performed the job they were elected to do?
No    68. %
Yes    27. %
Question #4
If Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell were persuaded to run for Premier of British Columbia on a ‘democratic’ ticket, would you vote for Larry Campbell and a New Democratic Party if an election could be held six months from today?
No    48. %
Yes    46 %
For months ROBBINS/SCE Research has polled extensively throughout the province and has confirmed that contrary to other opinion polls, the BC Liberals were not doing well in the Lower Mainland of the Province. Some ridings in Vancouver City and suburbs are showing support of over 40% for the New Democratic Party and as low as 26% for the BC Liberals. Premier Campbell has now dragged the BC Liberal party label down with him. His ‘second’ Gary Collins capable of matching his bosses arrogance, and third seed Education Minister Christy Clark missed her opportunity on same-sex books debate, using MLA Lorne Mayencourt as her shadow bully pulpit. The BC Liberals are missing leadership, and the public has figured this out.
Months ago ROBBINS/SCE Research revealed that the BC Liberals had ‘hit bottom’ in terms of commentary from respondents. Despite this, the BC Liberals have remained at 40%, despite weakening averages in rural ridings. The Lower Mainland, particularly Vancouver City, Burnaby, Tri-Cities, and Surrey are slipping away. Vancouver Island support is luke warm and the last vestiges of Campbell’s personal support in the North and Interior of the province have vanished.
The BC Liberals are up to their waist in political quicksand, and most of the mainstream press has been so busy propping up the 2010 Olympic games they have not seen this coming. As at this polling date, the BC Liberals under Premier Gordon Campbell are finished. I cannot see how they can recover; no matter the ‘media support Campbell seems to be receiving.
What happened? Premier Campbell seems to want to screw everyone he can. Seniors, disabled persons, BC Hydro, Coquihalla, same-sex books in classrooms, Joy McPhail’s resignation, battered women, and the final nail in the Campbell Liberal’s coffin, cuts to The Children’s and Families Ministry pathetically delivered as benevolent.
BC Liberals need to think long and hard about their future. Do they believe a successful 2010 bid will provide enough distraction for the BC Liberals to adjust over the next two years?
A successful 2010 bid puts a favourable wind at Mayor Larry Campbell’s back, not Premier Campbell’s. Right now British Columbians like Larry Campbell. Few British Columbians want to see Premier Gordon Campbell celebrating or being happy. The Majority of British Columbians do not like him or his government.

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